January 27, 2012 Tortilla Tests

current remedy: Cuprum Metalicum 30C

date of last dosing: 1 21 2012 ( 6 Days)          

current CEASE clearing and dose:   Varicella round II  10M started on Monday 1 /  23 /12 second dose given 1 /26 /12

current supplements: Omega 3, Zinc, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Biotics IAG Prebiotic, Pediatric Custom Vitamin/Mineral Base Powder

returning old symptoms :   low speech, jumping on beds,  not using utensils when eating, noise sensitivity, W sitting, toe walking, screaming instead of talking, rigid movements and feeling, fluid in hands and arms, impatience  Note: all of the old symptoms listed are with less severity

significant positive behaviors:   very affectionate, verbally expressing herself with more words, coloring with  concentration for longer periods of time, engaging in imaginative play, staying on new tasks for longer periods of time, following numerous verbal instructions, hair is soft and shiny 

Hello All,

Lizzy by Ian Winter

Lizzy has been handling this varicella clearing without any complications. Call me crazy but this clearing does great things for her. It works better than her Saturday remedy (Cuprum 30C). She really is responding well. No exteriorizations or major issues at all. If anything I see her moving forward on a deeper level. Oh really? This was true until we started the 1M. All changed after that.

Case in point. Lizzy was accidentally given more than one dropper full of her 1M Varicella dose. Last Thursday( 1 19 12) at 11:11 am the alarm went off to give Lizzy her remedy or cell salt. We chose this time because it is the month and day of her birthday. Easy to remember and no confusion with other alarms or timers. The alarm sounded and Martin volunteered to give her the 1M dose. He accidentally gave her 1 teaspoon instead of 1 dropper full. OOPS!!!!!!

To say the least I was frustrated and angry. Not only with Martin, but more importantly, myself. I was not specific enough with Martin and my instructions were not completely clear. Martin and I talked it out and after calming down all was resolved. Until…

Within 15 minutes she was screaming and impatient. I waited another 30 min. to make sure it was not some passing thing. Well it did not pass until I gave her a dilution. The dilution was 4 drops of the 1M remedy in one cup of water and then 1 teaspoon out of the mixture. After one dose she was cool and good to go. Thank God! It did not affect her sleep or anything else. Yes!!!!!

Lizzy by Amelia 01 15 2012

I was so angry and upset. I felt bad for her. My negligence is causing her to suffer, again.  Just like the shots I agreed to so long ago. As I reflected on this I was more at peace with it than ever before. My remedy is helping considerably. The Kali Carb 200C is working very well for me now and the proof is apparent. I feel more like myself lately and not out of control. Homeopathy works wonders when one hits on the right remedy. Never ceases to amaze me.

Back to Lizzy. We were getting ready to prepare dinner and each night I have a different partner. (This round robin approach enables all 6 of the older kids to learn how to cook. Based on our calculations all 6 should be able to prepare 14 dishes by summer.) Gabriel was my team-mate tonight and we were preparing homemade organic enchiladas, brown spanish rice and refried beans. This is one of our family favorites. We use flour tortillas because corn is not tolerated well by people with blood type O. Since most of our household is this blood type we make our own flour tortillas and a red chili (chile colorado) with pork. They are quite yummy.

Our tortilla masters, Ian and Gabriel made the dough and prepared small balls to be rolled out. Lizzy spied what was going on and got the step stool and placed herself in front of the cutting board. Gabriel and I noticed and began to remind her how to roll out the tortillas. Last time she did this she rolled about 4 or 5 tortillas. This day ( 1 day after Varicella 1M) she followed every instruction to the letter and stayed there for one hour making tortillas. It was amazing!

Lizzy making tortillas

During the same session, another first occurred.  Lizzy got carried away with the flour and managed to get some in her eye and on her face. She needed to sneeze. She lifted her shirt, covered her nose with it and sneezed. Another awesome thing. Usually she just sneezes and all the contents of her nose come pouring out. Not this time. She made a conscious decision on her own. I was thrilled!!!

On Saturday (1/22) when I gave her the Cuprum 30C all of this changed. She slowed down and was not as interested in her environment.  This continues still.

On Tuesday (1/ 24/12 one day after Varicella 10M) I decided to do a comparison test and make tortillas again. Lizzy came into the kitchen and began rolling out tortillas on her own accord.  We only got 10 minutes today. Will have to wait and see what happens next time. Will do the same test again after the second 10M dose.

Lizzy's hands 1/26/12

This 10M is effecting her big time. She looks tired and has dark circles under her eyes. She is unreasonable for short periods and not willing to wait for anything.  Her hands are very red and she seems to be retaining fluid. The white spot pictured to the left is one second after pressing on her hand with my thumb. This happens when she does not feel well.  All of this old stuff is back. Same thing happened with the MMR 10M clearing.  Todd noticed it right away when he came home. He commented how “autistic” like her behavior is.

It saddens us greatly when we see her going through this. It is very heart breaking. She is out of it, for sure. This 10M really knocked her off-balance. I must say, this Varicella clearing brought about some great stuff and I am very anxious to keep going. Will have to wait to see what we will do next. My gut says we will do the Varicella one more time. Three times was the charm with the MMR and the pattern is similar. We will not give her the cuprum 30C this Saturday. Like before, we want to let this 10M ride out as long as possible. Wait two weeks and see what happens.

Lizzy's Tortilla

Back to the tortilla test. We made tortillas again today. (Friday 1/27/12 1 day after Varicella 10M #2)  Since it is rainy and cold outside, we decided to make quesadillas with organic hot cocoa. Lizzy entered the kitchen and stood on the stool, got herself a rolling-pin and began to roll out one of the balls of dough. She did not use flour so it stuck and she did not want to take directions at all. As she rolled out the dough she was making sounds and acting completely different from before. As she rolled she was squawking and carrying on like she used to. The 10M has her behaving completely different. Though I do not like to see her like this,  I am encouraged. These toxins are still an issue and the more we get them out the better she will be.  All in God’s time…

Lizzy is seeing a new homeopath after this clearing and I am anxious to see how it will play out. I am not sure which direction our new CEASE therapist will advise us to take. At this point in time I am at peace. Everything happens for a reason and changes take place when the time is right. It’s God’s time-table not mine. Funny though… This was the first CEASE therapist I contacted 18 months ago. She felt I was geographically closer to her associate so she referred us to the CEASE therapist/ND that recently closed her practice.  Timing is everything. Back to the beginning again.

Nosferatu by Todd

Another change that took place this month is Lizzy’s dad has a new job. He is still doing the same thing (art director) but for another company. The beauty of this is, Todd leaves later for work and gets home earlier. The kids, Todd and I are loving it!! This allows us to spend more time together and have more energy to enjoy the gifts God provides.  Todd’s train schedule has also changed. He gets to and from work quicker. It is such a blessing. All happens when the time is right. Lizzy is loving this for sure. I am sure it will help her recover even quicker. All is better when Todd is home more.

Will continue to observe her progress and share the results. Our constant hope and prayers are full recovery. Not only for Lizzy but for every child that is dealing with autism. May God grant us the strength, patience and endurance that we need to help our kids. It is just a matter of not giving up.

Blessings to all…

January 4, 2012 Varicella Round II

current remedy: Cuprum Metalicum 30C

date of last dosing: 12 31 2011 ( 4 Days)          

current CEASE clearing and dose:   Varicella round II  30 C started on Monday January 2,2012

current supplements: Omega 3, Zinc, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Biotics IAG Prebiotic, Pediatric Custom Vitamin/Mineral Base Powder

returning old symptoms :   screaming off and on, low speech, jumping on beds  not using utensils  for eating  Note: all of the old symptoms listed are with less severity

significant positive behaviors:  speech is with great clarity, very affectionate, verbally expressing herself with more words, coloring with  concentration for longer periods of time


Hello All,

Lizzy by Ian Winter

The holiday season has come to a close and we are hoping for more significant changes in 2012. Lizzy has been doing well for the most part and this new clearing will hopefully bring on more positive changes.

This Monday morning Lizzy was a little grumpy and screaming off and on. I knew  she had to begin her Varicella clearing so I reluctantly got her remedy ready. My thoughts wandered and I thought how her shots were administered so long ago. As I reflected on it, I remembered the nurse brought in the shots all ready to go.  What was done to the serum prior to it being placed in the syringe?

Since Lizzy’s autism I question every single thing and what the ingredients are. My husband Todd says that I complicate things and create more work for myself by adhering to this philosophy. Maybe so. But having to research, recover, endure and witness Lizzy’s autism is much more time-consuming than making food, soaps, shampoo and cleaners from scratch. Honestly, it angered me when he said it and it probably always will.  So I agree to disagree and continue to pursue new information and ingredients to keep my family healthy and happy. Can’t please everybody.

Back to the vaccine thing. According to the CDC, Administering Vaccines To Children pdf the vaccine should be shaken. I thought just flicking it would be enough but they instruct the person administering the vaccine to shake vigorously.  How does this effect the vaccine and its recipient? Sounds like a lot of energy being placed into something. So many factors to consider. Where does it end? I have to wait. One day at a time. If God guides me to research this further so be it. For now, I will stay in my passenger seat and focus on getting Lizzy through this next clearing. His hands are on the wheel and that is fine by me.

Within 45 minutes of Lizzy receiving her Varicella 30C she was calmer and drawing by herself. She seemed more focused than earlier.  I thought great! This is going to be a cake walk.  72 hours later it is for the most part. Some old behaviors resurfacing but nothing intense. Have to wait and see what happens with the 200C. That was the potency that brought about the exteriorization last time. It will be interesting to see what happens this time around.

2012 also brought us to a new CEASE therapist. We will be using a new homeopath as of February. Our beloved ND will be retiring from her practice in order to pursue other endeavours. I will miss her greatly. As I read her letter dated a few weeks ago I became sad. After letting go of my selfish thoughts I realized God always has a purpose. Our ND has other work that will change the lives of many others. Who am I to be the only one that has benefitted from her healing abilities? My thoughts, prayers and admiration go with her. Her knowledge, professionalism, wisdom and compassion will be greatly missed. May God bless her in all that she undertakes.

I said it before and I will say it again. God is leading us. Lizzy’s recovery and everything else in our lives. Nothing happens without a reason. We will continue with the Varicella clearing and by the time it is over we will have talked to our new CEASE therapist and be ready for the next step. I hope this Varicella clearing will do more work and get our baby girl in a healthier place. I love how she has come into her own. A little girl emerges more and more each day. For example: On New Years Day after cooking I sat down on our kitchen stool and dropped. Eight straight hours of cooking and cleaning had taken its toll. Lizzy came up to me and said “I love you, I love you.” As I tearfully thanked her, she smiled at me with her big, beautiful, blue eyes.  This stuff makes my soul smile. It was a wonderful moment indeed. Just when you thought you couldn’t go on…

My thoughts and prayers are constant for all families that are battling autism. May each day provide more healing and growth for us all.  Everything is possible if one has faith, hope and endurance.


12/19/11 Merry Christmas Gifts

current remedy: Cuprum Metalicum 30C

date of last dosing: 12 1 2011 ( 1 Day)          

current CEASE clearing and dose:  Finished Varicella round I on 12 15 2011. Will start round II on Jan 2  2012

current supplements: Omega 3, Zinc, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Biotics IAG Prebiotic, Pediatric Custom Vitamin/Mineral Base Powder

returning old symptoms :   low speech, pushing on lower abdomen, jumping on beds  Note: all of the old symptoms listed are with less severity

significant positive behaviors:  speech is with great clarity, using keyboard on pc by herself, imaginative play, using zipper on purse with strength and confidence, going to the bathroom all by herself

exteriorizations: none

current cell salt: Kali Mur 6X as needed for cold

Hello All,

Pretty Lizzy 12 2011

Lizzy has been doing well considering she still has a cold. On advice from her ND we will be giving Lauricidin to help fight off this bugger. Will be using it for the entire family at this point. We used it a while ago to fight off lyme disease for Gabriel. It had great results. Why I did not continue with it after running out I will never know. I will not do that again. This item needs to be in constant supply from this day forward. Lauricidin.com can give you all the information one could want. Here is a brief description.

  • An active ingredient found in Mother’s Milk, Saw Palmetto and other natural products.
  • A USFDA (Generally Regarded As Safe, GRAS) approved food additive.
  • 100% nontoxic pure nutrient to improve overall daily health and well-being.
  • Helps support the immune system
  • Helps regulate bowel function
  • Shown in laboratories world-wide to inactivate bacteria, viruses and fungi/yeast
  • Does not destroy the body’s friendly bacteria or form resistant organisms.
  • Biochemically balances the body for optimal health and self-healing
  • Can be taken with most other medications
  • Recommended by M.D.s and other health professionals around the world

Before receiving her 10M dose today Lizzy was using our pc all by herself. She uses the keyboard and manages to get herself to starfall.com and play movies for herself on the disc drive. Very cool indeed! I know that she has been watching and observing all this time. I believe that all of the information she has been storing will hit us like a tsunami one day. It is just a matter of getting all of this vaccine junk out of way. That day will be one of jubilee!!

Lizzy and Amelia

Amelia and Lizzy have been getting along better recently. Lizzy went up to Amelia last Saturday hugged her, and told her “I love you.” Amelia was elated. As Amelia tearfully shared her story with me we held each other and I congratulated her on her early Christmas gift. God always provides what one needs. I feel this latest development will help Amelia and Lizzy get closer again.  Amelia is still working through the grief of Lizzy’s autism and this tremendous display of affection provided some much-needed healing for her. Thank you God!

Lizzy has been fairly quiet recently. As we decorated for Christmas by making snowflakes, ornaments and painting windows she just observed. We tried to include her on the cutting exercises but she was not interested. She did not want to use the scissors when asked. She finally came around and used them like hedge trimmers again. Being in the middle of a clearing is not the best time to judge her ability to use scissors. So we will wait and see how it goes next week after she has her last dose.

Lizzy's portrait by Willy 2011

We tried to go without giving Lizzy her Cuprum. This would facilitate the Varicella 10M to keep working on her system. This gave us great results with the MMR so we hoped to do it again.  Lizzy was off the charts on Sunday 12 18 2011. She was screaming and throwing herself about so I gave her the cuprum 30C. Within one hour she was much better. Will have to let it ride next time.  We will wait until January 2nd and repeat the Varicella again. The exteriorizations from the Varicella 200C showed us that we must do it again. I am so excited about where this is going. I feel so confident about Lizzy’s progress. It is just a matter of time.

Lizzy with her purse

Lizzy has a different demeanor lately. She is such a little girl these days. Her biggest bro Ian told me recently, “It is nice to have a little girl in the house again.” This made me feel even more confident than I did before. I am not just seeing what I want to see, others see the changes in her too.  It is indeed a blessed time for our family. Lizzy has been engaging in more pretend play. Filling her purse with plastic scissors and stuff and going shopping is her latest.

Katie 10 2011

The only drag is, Katie wants in. The two of them engage in a tug of war like two crazed woman on Black Friday. It is very cute to see. They also exchange heated words. For all who do not know, Katie does not mince her words, even with Lizzy. Our 100lb Anatalonian Shepherd puppy follows every command from Katie. Amazing. So far Lizzy has told Katie to “shut up, stop that, no, and that’s mine.” Sibling rivalry. It is so wonderful to see Lizzy participating in such behavior. It is amazing what parents can take for granted. Your children bickering with purpose and verbally expressing themselves is one thing I have recently learned to cherish. I am sure I will not feel this way every time it takes place in our house, but for now it makes my heart smile.

Nativity Scene

I anticipate this Christmas is one that I will not forget. Gabriel had the idea to have a Happy Birthday party for Jesus. So that is what we are doing this year. We are preparing for the party. It is a wonderful feeling. Every day this week has been filled with homemade paper decorations and just hanging out with each other. I have not had this kind of peace for quite a while. When one is in the middle of financial triage it is very difficult to stay happy and upbeat. But this year I am. It is Jesus’ birthday this year and we are having a party. My heart is in a completely different spot.

Willy and Gabriel Decorating

We will have party favors for the guests but no gifts. Willy was very disappointed. I explained that we do not have the money this year. That was not enough for our tenacious little man. He was bummed. Before he went to bed I asked him to try to find it in his heart to remember the true meaning of Christmas. He gave me a hug and went off to bed. Next morning he was upbeat and happy. He shared how he thought about it and realized that he is just grateful for his family and that Lizzy is getting better. I was amazed! I thought he would pout for days on end. But not this time. The true meaning of Christmas is a powerful thing. It is the stuff that makes one’s soul dance.

Our Towns Christmas Tree

Another early Christmas gift was given by Lizzy the other night. I exited my room to remind Mattie and Katie to get back into bed. As I passed the bathroom door Lizzy opens the door sporting a sweet smile on her face. I said “Hi”, and snuck into the bathroom quickly. As I entered I realized that the room smelled like Lizzy’s bowel movements. I checked the trash can. Nothing. I remembered when she initially opened the bathroom door and exited I heard the toilet flushing. I thought no way, did she? I asked Amelia to check her pull-up and see if there was any residue. Sure enough. Our baby girl went to bathroom all by herself. She did not wipe but she was fully dressed and happy about her accomplishment. I quickly washed her hands and began to sob. What a wonderful thing!!! She gets it! Thank you Lord for this gift! After composing myself, I called all of those I love. What a miracle. Can’t wait to see if she will do it again soon. I have not been insisting on potty training with her recently. It was too much for her and me. So I let it go for a while and again she did it when she was ready. Go going Lizzy!!!!

Will continue to chart Lizzy’s progress and share. It is just a matter of time for her to be free of these toxins. Have to wait and see. For now I am going to sit back and enjoy the ride and marvel at all God provides.

Until next time…

12 9 2011 One Drop At A Time …

current remedy: Cuprum Metalicum 30C

date of last dosing: 12 3 2011 (6 Days)          

current CEASE clearing and dose: Varicella 1M aka chicken pox 

current supplements: Omega 3, Zinc, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Biotics IAG Prebiotic, Pediatric Custom Vitamin/Mineral Base Powder

returning old symptoms :   low speech, waking in the middle of the night, blowing bubbles with saliva  Note: all of the old symptoms listed are with less severity

significant positive behaviors:  speech is with great clarity

exteriorizations: none

current cell salt: Kali Mur 6X as needed for cold

Hello All,

Lizzy has been doing pretty well and she feels better than the other night. She has caught a cold/virus that half of the family has had. Her dad Todd, has been the worst case to date. Makes sense though. All of the work and traveling he does places him in a more vulnerable state. Lizzy does not seem too bad as of today. We are boosting up her vitamin c doses and giving her Kali Mur 6X for the congestion. I also have been giving her Cat’s Claw liquid to boost her immune system. If only I could get her to swallow some raw garlic. That has amazing results in this house. Will resolve that tonight by placing it on her feet after her bath and massage.

Christmas is approaching and all of the winter little ones are very excited. Matthew especially. He loves to sing. Lizzy was not interested in his 12th version of “Welcome Christmas” from How The Grinch Stole Christmas. She told him “Stop that! That’s enough!” She was not angry, she was simply expressing herself. I love when she does this. She said it with such confidence and certainty. Our little girl is on her way back. Praise God!

We have had more success with teaching Lizzy to relocate herself when noises bother her. When we have to use an appliance that irritates her we explain to her that she needs to go to another part of the house. I have one of the kid’s guide her and she is very compliant. The next step will be to get her to do it without someone else guiding her. All in good time, it will happen. One drop at a time you fill the bucket.

This weekend will include Christmas decorating and the like. I tend to wait because it seems more special to me that way. We will be making paper garlands, snowflakes, wreaths and garlands to make our house more festive. Plus it is a great chance to teach about gluing and cutting to Lizzy and her younger siblings. The older kids and I will be making wreaths and garlands from the numerous pine trees in the yard. The trees get trimmed and we have beautiful decorations to enjoy. Win, win!

I hope and pray that Lizzy will continue to heal and enjoy this weekends activities. May all who are experiencing autism be granted the patience, strength and endurance they need.

Until next time…

12 7 2011 1M Varicella Delivers More Results

Current Remedy: Cuprum Metalicum 30C

Date of Last Dosing: 12 3 2011 (4 Days)          

Current CEASE clearing and dose: Varicella 1M aka chicken pox 

Current Supplements: Omega 3, Zinc, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Biotics IAG Prebiotic, Pediatric Custom Vitamin/Mineral Base Powder

Returning Old Symptoms :  rash on buttocks, screaming instead of speaking, redness below right eye, impatient, irritable (hitting others), diminished speech, bedwetting, dark circles under eyes  Note: all of the old symptoms listed are with less severity

Significant Positive Behaviors:  imaginative play ie: placing her dolls her bed and tucking them in

Exteriorizations: right eye

Current Cell Salt: Nat Phos 6X as needed

Lizzy By Willy Winter

Hello All,

Another quick entry.

Lizzy has been very uncomfortable and has had an exteriorization  under her right eye. Her mood has been fair and her impatience is off the charts. Though her speech has diminished again, the one word she will use is “NOW”.  I am very impatient when I am not feeling well also so the gene pool is alive and well.

Lizzy is not feeling well at this point so I guess the 10M will not be better. Looks like we will be doing this clearing more than once. Poor baby girl!

Lizzy 12 7 2011

Lizzy is in for a rough couple of weeks. We will finish this clearing at the end of next week which gives her time to get better in time for Christmas. She is looking forward to it.

Prior to her not feeling well she would sing Hark The Herald. She has the cutest little voice. We are so glad that she is participating in singing along with her siblings. Have to catch it on film and share. To hear a 7, 4 and 2-year-old singing is an absolute joy.  She will start singing again soon. This always happens when we are doing a clearing. Will keep sharing as the info. arrives.

Until then…

200C Brings It Out Again 12 4 2011

Current Remedy: Cuprum Metalicum 30C

Lizzy's artwork 12 1 2011

Date of Last Dosing: 12 3 2011 (1 Day)          

Current CEASE clearing and dose: Varicella 200C 

Current Supplements: Omega 3, Zinc, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Biotics IAG Prebiotic, Pediatric Custom Vitamin/Mineral Base Powder

Returning Old Symptoms :  rash on buttocks, rash on right shoulder   Note: all of the old symptoms listed are with less severity

Significant Positive Behaviors:  coloring and drawing with concentration for longer periods of time, drawings with more detail, imaginative play ie: placing her dolls her bed and tucking them in, using action figures to act out stories, more detailed verbal expression

Exteriorizations: right shoulder

Current Cell Salt: Nat Phos 6X as needed

Varicella 200C exteriorization Hello All!

Quick entry today.

Lizzy has been doing well and we had an exteriorization on her right shoulder from the Varicella 200C CEASE  clearing. Same as before, itchy and raised lumps. Applied witch hazel and Sting Stop to alleviate the itching. The exteriorization displayed itself on the right side and Lizzy received the Varicella vaccine on the right side also. Definite pattern.

Within two days it changed from what you see on the left to the picture on the right.

Varicella 200C exteriorization 2 days later

We hope to see more displays such as this. This is a sheer indication that the toxins are working their way out of her system. This is exactly what we want to see. Lizzy’s sleep has improved and her previous noise sensitivity has left once again. When her younger brother Matthew was crying she did not have a melt down. Instead she asked “Why is he crying ?”  Another morning Lizzy came downstairs and I was in a playful mood. I clapped and said “Hey Lizzy, good morning to you!” She put both of her hands in front of her and motioned to me while saying “Stop that!” Very cool indeed!!

The 1M dose will begin tomorrow and hopefully we will have more movement from this clearing.

Will keep you posted. Take care and keep the faith. It is just a matter of time.

Until then…

11 27 2011 End of Week One Varicella Clearing

Current Remedy: Cuprum Metalicum 30C

Date of Last Dosing: 11 26 2011 (1 Day)            

Current CEASE clearing and dose: Varicella 30C first dose

Current Supplements: Omega 3, Zinc, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Biotics IAG Prebiotic, Pediatric Custom Vitamin/Mineral Base Powder

Returning Old Symptoms : bouncing on bed, hyperactivity in the evening,  diminished speech( always happens during a clearing), noise sensitivity, pushing on lower abdomen, rash on buttocks, bed wetting   Note: all of the old symptoms listed are with less severity

Significant Positive Behaviors:  coloring and drawing with concentration for longer periods of time, drawings with more detail, imaginative play ie: placing her dolls her bed and tucking them in, using action figures to act out stories

Exteriorizations: none

Current Cell Salt : Nat Phos 6X at night


Hello All!

Lizzy has tolerated her Varicella 30C clearing without too much difficulty. The most significant change we see is her hyperactivity at night. It starts at about 7pm and continues until 11pm or so. This is better than last week when she was up till 2am. Our little girl does not want to go to sleep. I thought maybe it was something in her diet but no matter what she ingests, she is still hyper. Must be part of what she is experiencing now. She was doing the same thing before we started the Cuprum and the Varicella. Thankfully  it is nowhere near what it was before. Her sleep issues are 90% better than when we started with CEASE.

Our latest approach with this is getting Lizzy to exercise more. I am not sure how to facilitate this need, just started researching it. My goal is to get her body moving in order to help her brain function plus it will tire her out. God knows I could benefit from more exercise so our entire family is going to get in on it. Between all of us we are going to take turns with her each day and get more active in a different way. Plus it can’t hurt the other kids. I bet it will help them concentrate more in school and sleep better. Being on a shoe string budget I found some exercises on You Tube to help improve brain function so we will start there.  We do not have any money for personal trainers or classes so we are figuring it out ourselves. Thank God I am on this journey with the help of the internet. I can’t imagine how much longer it would take to do this otherwise. Thank you God.

My attempt to observe Lizzy at the playground was rained out and we will have to try again next week while on 200C. Today was wonderful outside but I could not get her to the same playground as the last time. She is very eager to go play at the nearby school and I think we will have a great session today. I was not with her today so you decide. Check out the pics at the end of the blog and see for yourself.

Lizzy did not join us at church today due to her sleeping in. I do not wake her unless I have to. She is just like her mama and big bro Ian. We are not pleasant when we are awakened too early. Hopefully she will join us next week. It is the mood du jour with her and that’s okay with us. It wasn’t always this easy to understand. Like anything it took time, and I am so grateful for where we are now. Thanks to Lizzy’s ND and DO she is moving forward. They are awesome healers! We have had so much success to date and I feel it will only get better. It just takes time.

I hope and pray that all families dealing with autism have the patience, understanding, strength and perserverance they need to keep going.

Until next time…

Chicken Pox Clearing Day One 11 21 2011

Current Remedy: Cuprum Metalicum 30C

Date of Last Dosing: 11 16 2011 (5 Days)

Current CEASE clearing and dose: Varicella 30C first dose

Current Supplements: Omega 3, Zinc, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Biotics IAG Prebiotic, Pediatric Custom Vitamin/Mineral Base Powder

Returning Old Symptoms : bouncing on bed, hyperactivity in the evening,  diminished speech  Note: all of the old symptoms listed are with less severity

Significant Positive Behaviors:  coloring and drawing with concentration for longer periods of time

Exteriorizations: none

Current Cell Salt : none


Hello All!

Lizzy started her chicken pox vaccine clearing today and has been doing pretty well so far. We have not had any meltdowns and it looks like this 30C clearing might do it’s thing with out too much of an upheaval. Time will tell.

Here is an example of her latest artwork. Our little girl can not get enough of balloons. This version has a different feel and she is doing them very quickly and without too much effort. I find this very encouraging. The way she holds the marker and the fact that she is not switching hands constantly anymore is very encouraging. She is left-handed for sure.  Whether it be eating, writing, reaching for toys, shaking hands, she uses her left hand. Out of a household of 11 peeps she is the only one to use her left hand.

Lizzy, Willy, Howard, Amelia and I went to our church play yard yesterday and Lizzy had a blast! As you can see, she was using the telescope and engaging in imaginative play again. YES!!! This is always encouraging for me. Lizzy played like any other little kid. Note: this is before the CEASE dose she received today.

I am going to take her to the same place at the same time tomorrow to see if her behavior is any different while on the clearing. You never know what you can learn. I plan to observe her with and without the remedy this time with more accuracy. I plan to put her in the exact location and situation and see if there are any notable differences in her behavior, appearance, etc. We’ll see what happens.

Lizzy is still very hyper at night and not willing to stay in bed. Hopefully this will change for the better this week. If not, I better put on my armor of patience and deal with it. Lately she is up until 2 am. This is not bad in comparison to the past, but Howard and Katie are waking up early. So needless to say, I am not getting much sleep. We all know, Mama bear needs her sleep. If not, her fangs and claws will come out, and I have been told by many that it is not a pretty sight. So I better fix it NOW!

I took my Kali Carb 30C remedy again today. I needed it. The lack of sleep and my back pain was too much. So after a nap and the remedy I am ready to go again. Thanks to Ian, Amelia and Martin for the nap. They held down the fort while I slept for a few hours. There is nothing like good sleep. Thanks guys, you are the best!

Tomorrow is another day. With God’s help we will have more sleep, change, growth and progress. Until then, I wish you all sweet dreams.


When The Mom Is Upset… 11 19 2011

Current Remedy: Cuprum Metalicum 30C

Date of Last Dosing: 11 16 2011 (3 Days)

Current CEASE clearing and dose: none

Current Supplements: Omega 3, Zinc, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Biotics IAG Prebiotic, Pediatric Custom Vitamin/Mineral Base Powder

Returning Old Symptoms : bouncing on bed, hyperactivity in the evening,  licking of her fingers Note: all of the old symptoms listed are with less severity

Significant Positive Behaviors: speech clarity, reading more on her own, singing with clarity on her own, expressing her true self, performing daily tasks on her own, coloring and drawing with concentration for longer periods of time

Exteriorizations: none

Current Cell Salt : none


Hello All!

11 2011

We met with Lizzy’s ND/Homeopath and we discovered she will be needing Cuprum 30C as her Saturday remedy and her next CEASE clearing will be Varicella (chicken pox). Our ND feels that this clearing will not be as lengthy as the others we have done in the past.  Hopefully this chicken pox clearing will go quickly so we can keep going on detoxing her system.

The last three days with Lizzy have been very difficult. She is whinny, obstinate and stubborn. The 100 minute trip (each way) to the ND Tuesday was an absolute drag. Lizzy was unhappy no matter what you gave her. By the time we arrived at the doctor’s office we were all crispy critters. Our ND noticed how Lizzy was behaving and commented how different she was from the last visit. We have never gone 72 days without a remedy before. Boy did it show. We milked the last MMR dose and that was the plan from the beginning. Little did I know there was more to it.

After we finished with Lizzy it was my turn. Todd took her outside the office and I began to tell our ND what was going on with me. My dear cousin had passed away and the grief had a delayed reaction. My back was so painful I could hardly move. Our ND inquired further and realized that my back pain and Lizzy’s outbursts started on the same day.  She was picking up on my tension and grief.  Oh man!

I was given Kali Carb 30C and my back is slowly getting better. Amazing what one’s emotions can do to the body. My cousin’s death was a blow that I did not feel at first. I was numb about it. As news of his scheduled memorial arrived I started to feel it big time. He was not only my cousin, he was my friend. I loved him like a brother. Before he got ill we talked frequently on the phone. He would make me laugh down to my toes. He was a sweet, generous, witty man who I will miss terribly.

I had just finished nailing my grief of the past on the cross and now I have a new one. Through time and prayer this will be okay. I firmly believe it. The kids and I are going to have our own memorial service for my cousin. We might do it on Thanksgiving day. I am very grateful that I was allowed to share in his life. Thanksgiving will be the perfect day to remember that.

Lizzy had her Cuprum 30C at 2p.m.. Wednesday the 16th. Within 1 hour there was a big change in her and me. The Kali Carb is really helping my back and my emotions. A dear friend of mine always says, “When the Mom is unhappy, the whole house is unhappy.” He is right. We as moms do not want to manipulate the entire household but it happens nonetheless. Lizzy and I are getting better and hopefully by next Monday we will be ready for the chicken pox clearing.

Lizzy is very happy and smiles with all she’s got. She comes up to me, smiles and says, “Hello Baby”. I answer back and she gives me a hug. Very cute indeed! Today (Sat. 11/19) Lizzy is very verbal and her fits are practically gone. She did  start to fuss this morning and I asked her to stop. I proceeded to tell her that she does not need to scream in order to get what she wants. I reminded her to speak to us and we all know she can do it. She looked up towards the ceiling and sighed. The rest of the day went well. She communicated very well and was willing to take correction without any fuss or meltdowns. Thank God!!

12 2010 Big difference

For example, Lizzy has the habit of jumping down from her chair during mealtime and wanders off to do her own thing. I stopped her and reminded her that she has to ask to be excused from the table just like her siblings. I escorted her back to her chair and reminded her that she has to say “May I be excused please.” Again, she looked up and paused. I repeated the phrase again and gently placed her hands on the side of my face as I said it. “Can you feel that Lizzy? Just say it and you can get down from your chair.” Gabriel repeated the phrase also. She sat still and said, “May I be excused please?” YES!!!!!! We all cheered, clapped and gave her kisses. Sporting a big smile she skipped off. Cuprum 30C is doing its thing. I love when she does this stuff. It makes the few days prior worth it. Thank you God!

Some may think that my insistence with Lizzy is not important. I disagree. Lizzy’s siblings need to see that she is held accountable for her actions also. Would I ask this of her when she is not feeling well? No. When she is feeling better I do it for her benefit and her siblings. Lizzy’s brothers and sisters need to see her being called on the same things they are. Everyone is equal. When the other kids do not feel well they are exempt from chores, school and the like. I must try to keep things as fair as possible. Plus Lizzy’s younger siblings need to see that certain behaviors will not be tolerated. This is especially true for 2-year-old Katie. She is one strong-willed little girl. The last thing she needs is any encouragement regarding disobedience.

Lizzy’s autism is not a get out of jail free card. She can learn, do, speak and participate now more than ever. We keep all of our kids capabilities in mind and ask things of them that work within that parameter. It was hard to learn when to do this and when not to. Not to mention, I am more at peace with Lizzy’s autism than I was before. One’s broken heart leads to a lot of concessions also. You just feel bad for your baby and their plight. Todd is still having to stop himself. His little “Gal Pal” can still wrap him around her finger from time to time. All in good time. He spends less time with the kids than I get to. He is not privy to what they can do like I am.  And how could he be? The poor guy is always working his parts off.

5 2011

Lizzy’s sister Amelia is having a very rough time with Lizzy again. Amelia would rather do things for Lizzy instead of encouraging her to try. Amelia is impatient. While Amelia openly shared with Lizzy how she did not like her behavior Lizzy told her the same thing she told me. Wait, wait, wait. Amelia can’t wrap her heart around her words yet. She wants her back NOW!  Lizzy’s autism is a still a very painful part of Amelia’s life. We talk about it often, but grief is a process. I hope and pray that the two of them will get closer again soon. I too have to wait.

Now that Lizzy and I are back on track, I hope for a calm Sunday. Her dad will be working a lot before the holiday so hopefully she will do well and we can enjoy next weeks festivities. Through the grace of God it will happen and we will have more wonderful news to share. I am still very confident in Lizzy’s ND, CEASE therapy and homeopathy. I feel that we are on the right track and it is just a matter of cleaning up the mess and freeing our baby of these toxins.

Until next time…

11 14 2011 Changes

Current Remedy: Carcinocin 30C

Date of Last Dosing: 09 03 2011  (72 Days)

Current CEASE clearing and dose: none

Current Supplements: Omega 3, Zinc, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Biotics IAG Prebiotic, Pediatric Custom Vitamin/Mineral Base Powder

Returning Old Symptoms : bouncing on bed, pulling on mucus from her nose when crying, hyperactivity in the evening, noise sensitivity, bed wetting

Significant Positive Behaviors: speech clarity, reading more on her own, singing with clarity on her own, expressing her true self, performing daily tasks on her own, coloring and drawing with concentration for longer periods of time

Exteriorizations: none

Current Cell Salt : Kali Phos 6X


Hello All!

Lizzy has been doing well and we will be meeting with her ND tomorrow. We are still flying without any remedies or CEASE clearings at this point. Lizzy’s willingness to communicate and express herself is very encouraging at this time. She has been using her utensils while eating and specifically stating what she wants. While eating the other night she requested, “More beef please.” Plus, she asked for a potato. When Amelia started to cut up her potato Lizzy stated calmly “I don’t want it like that.” Lizzy wanted it cut in half so she could pull out the contents herself. VERY COOL! This is the stuff I love to see and hear. Our little girl is working her way back from the abyss.

Lizzy has been doing more drawing lately and here is her latest masterpiece. We

Lizzy's Rabbit 11 4 2011

painted two walls in our hallway with chalkboard paint and she goes to town. This also helps me when homeschooling the other kids. Lots of space and no worries if they decide to run off with the chalk.

Lizzy has been having some bouts with impatience and I am very excited to see that her true personality is coming out. For example, I placed my hand on her back to lead her upstairs from the basement and she told me ” Get your hand off of me.”  I reminded her not to talk to people like that, I reminded her to use the word please, and she repeated the same statement with a please. Very cool indeed!! The toxins that invaded her body almost seven years ago are being purged and our baby girl is on her way. Thank you God!!

Many of you are aware of the power outages last week and Lizzy did very well considering the fact that she could not use the pc or dvd player for 2 days. During the blackout she asked me, “Scooby Doo?” I told her that the power was out and she had to wait. She proceeded to say, “Scooby Doo dvd?” I repeated myself again and she asked for the third time, “Scooby Doo dvd please?” I answered her and she accepted the answer and went straight to bed. No fuss, no muss.

This week Lizzy has been cranky, wetting her bed, taking off her clothes and noise sensitive. She is nowhere near where she was years ago. Thank God for that. I am very anxious to get her on the next clearing and or remedy. It has been a very long time since we have given her anything besides cell salts and her recent behavior is an indication that she is ready to start a new phase of her recovery. Onward and upward.

10 28 2011 Nailing it on the cross

As for Todd and myself, I mentioned in a past blog that our pastor wanted to help me with all the emotions I have been dealing with. Lizzy’s autism was at the top of my list. After praying about it we decided to give it all to Christ and take part in  redemption ceremony with both of our pastors. We decided to have the ceremony on 10 28 2011 which was our 21st wedding anniversary. A perfect day for a new beginning and reminding each other how much we mean to one another.

We began with the redemption ceremony in order to remove all of the baggage Todd and I have been carrying around for the past 21 years of our marriage. We made a list of all the sins, pains, grief, bad decisions, what have you, on

Todd, Amy and Pastor Jodi 10 28 2011

pieces of paper and literally nailed them on the cross. We gave them all to Christ. It was the most moving experience I have ever had. I was nailing so hard that my pastor had to remind me to take it easy. I wanted to make sure that mine stayed there and the feeling of hammering all of that junk felt wonderful. After nailing our notes, our pastor removed them and burned them in a vessel. It was so powerful. Not only the nailing and burning but the process of reliving those thoughts for a couple of days prior to the ceremony was very cathartic. It changed my life.

I was doing a Tammy Faye Baker impersonation the whole time. Crying like crazy, mascara running and my heart pounding I gave it all to Christ. Lizzy’s autism, vaccines and anything I could think of during my entire life that caused me to be upset. They were all given to Him. I am free. Through the grace of God Todd and I are starting anew with Christ as the leader of our marriage and our lives. No longer a duo, now a trio.

Since that day, everything makes sense. All of the emotions that were clogging our thoughts were eliminated.  I do not have anything to toil over or occupy my thoughts when I am alone. I still have the problems but not the sorrow and worry. All nine of our kids joined in the ceremony along with my mom and her boyfriend. It was miraculous. The power of God is awesome!

Todd and Amy 10 28 2011

Lizzy did pretty well until she saw the bread for communion. That was enough for her to start saying “Bread, bread, bread.”  Even with all that going on I was focusing on God’s presence and my wonderful husband. That is exactly what life is like. No matter what, there is always something to distract you. I just need to keep my heart and mind on Christ. Through Him I can deal with it all. Autism included. Will I be perfect? No way! But I am going to try my hardest.  One funny thing Lizzy said towards the end was “Three”.  Was she referring to Christ, Todd and myself? We might never find out. But it made my heart smile and my soul sing.

I pray that Lizzy will continue to heal and become the person that God intended for her to be. After all, her name in Elizabeth which means consecrated to God. And that is exactly what I am going to remember. She and her 8 siblings belong to Him. Through Him they will all reach their full potential for His glory. It is just a matter of time, patience and love.

We are very excited about Lizzy starting her new round of CEASE next week. Hopefully, we will have more new wonderful things to share. My prayers go out to all families dealing with autism. May God grant us the strength to persevere and triumph over all challenging aspects of this condition.

Until next time….