Hello All,

This blog was created to inform and document the recovery of our autistic child. There are so many changes that happen each day and it is very difficult to share with everyone involved. So, this is the resolution. Pictures, films and daily notes will be shared by myself and my oldest daughter.

Why Queen Anne’s Lace? Well, it is our autistic daughter’s favorite and it also symbolizes the many details that make up our precious baby girl. From a distance it looks like any other pretty white flower. As one gets closer you can see the small details that make up the entire flower. That is our Baby Elizabeth!

Plus, the red spot in the center of the flower (according to description) was from Queen Anne who poked herself causing a drop of blood to fall on her beautiful lace.  That represents her pain and the pain of those who have fought to recover our precious girl.

So each entry will document her progress of  healing and the healing of the hearts that love her so.

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14 thoughts on “About

  1. a wonderful, heart felt site. it captures not only a mom struggle to help her daughter recover from autism but, the family as a hole. truly amazing!
    this will open many doors yet unseen and touch the heart of those who have one.

  2. We are from the Midwest and found your blog. We just started CEASE therapy for our 3-year old son. Thank you for blogging, because it gives us hope as we are about to begin our journey. We only have one child. I am amazed at the energy you have to do it all while having more than one child!

    • Hello and welcome. I am so glad to hear that our blog helps. Well some days I don’t have the energy but like you I will do what it takes to get my little girl back. We as moms keep plugging and going. Our love out weighs the fatigue and difficulty. Good luck to you and your precious one. Stay the course you are doing it!! We will get our babies well no matter what!

  3. I echo Brenda’s words! We are also from the Mid West and are about to begin CEASE for our only son, Dante. My personal journey using homeopathy gave me the energy and creativity to decide to blog. Soon later I discovered your blog! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. We all can learn so much from one another and, best of all, support each other in prayers and hope.

    • Mari,
      Thanks for reading. I hope our experiences help you and your precious little one. I am so glad that you have started CEASE therapy, it will provide all new information about your little angel. Wishing you strength for everyday of recovery.
      Email or comment anytime.

  4. Yes, thank you so much for taking the time to so beautifully describe your journey with Lizzie! I have 3 children with autism, my eldest daughter is 8 years old, severely affected. I am debating whether I can handle starting CEASE therapy for all three children at once… I must be crazy! However summer is traditionally the time I push detox the hardest, so it could be good timing. I eagerly await more entries on your blog. Know I am silently cheering for your family always… Blessings to you and Lizzie!

  5. Kim,
    You are quite welcome. I benefit greatly from sharing our journey. Wow three at once. I would be debating just like you. If you believe in your heart of hearts that you can do it, then do it. My thoughts and prayers will be with you. If you ever want to talk or anything contact me via email and we fill figure out the rest. Good luck and I too will be cheering for you and your wonderful kids.

  6. Hi, I noticed that you stopped blogging here, can you let me know honestly if the cease therapy was worth it? We love our son the way he is but if there is something to help him we owe it to him to try.

    • Sorry for the delay… Blogging takes a lot of time and that is something that is in short supply in my house. I love CEASE therapy. It has does wonders for our daughter. We are still using it to date. I highly recommend it. Good luck.

  7. Hi, we are considering Cease Therapy but we are not completely convinced by it. Can you please send me an email or a comment to let me know if its worth pursuing (honestly).



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