10/22/12 “Come Join You Lizzy”

Hello All,

Elizabeth is still on Pediarix 200C and Cuprum 30C for her Saturday remedy. We are seeing exteriorizations and progress. The exteriorizations are the same as the others. Itchy red bumps, warm to the touch.  I spoke with her homeopath on 10/12/12 and we both agree that we need to keep going with this potency. The 200C potency has done great things in the past so we will continue until it has finished its work on her system.

The most noteworthy change that has taken place recently is her ability to play. Though I have mentioned this in the past, it is improving more and more. Elizabeth is engaging in imaginative play with more detail and purpose. The scenarios she creates with her dolls, action figures and stuff around the house is very encouraging. For example, she sets our dining room table with plates, cups, a tea-pot and napkins for her dolls. She seats her guests and attends to their needs. Elizabeth proceeds to ask them by name if they would like “More tea”. It is adorable to watch. Our little lady is emerging and enjoying playtime with her toys plus her siblings.

Katie, Howard and Matthew engage in numerous sessions of play and it is wonderful to witness. Katie and Elizabeth go to and from each others rooms. Katie continues to encourage Elizabeth by saying “Come on Lizzy, let’s play”. One can see the joy Elizabeth is feeling as she skips and laughs back to Katie. They chase one another, slam doors and giggle. Typical kid stuff. Love it!! For the first time, in a long time I had to remind the two of them to be quiet and stop making so much noise. In all honesty I did not want to kill their groove, but Howard was taking his nap and they were getting crazy with each other.

Elizabeth also loves to sit in our 15 passenger van and pretend to drive. She turns on the lights, puts on my Prada sunglasses and travels around town. Typical kid stuff!! YES!!!!!! I am so happy to see her enjoy her playtime and her siblings. I love the fact that Matthew, Katie and Howard invite her to play when she is not with them. This keeps her from being alone while playing and encourages her to become part of a group more often. Thank God for Katie’s, Matthew’s and Howard’s invitations. They are an absolute blessing.  Matthew tells Elizabeth frequently, “Come join you Lizzy”. He is one sweet little dude. Yes they have moments of sibling strife but this too is a real blessing. The big sister Elizabeth emerges from time to time and reminds the three of them to “Be quiet, get in bed”. She says it with a sweet grin for the most part, but sometimes the trio gets loud and one can see that she really wants them to be quiet. Very cool indeed!

Halloween is around the corner and all of our kids are getting their costumes ready. Elizabeth has decided to be a 17th century princess. The costume looks wonderful on her. Her verbal expression of Halloween terms is wonderful. She identifies monsters, candy, trick or treat and the like. She loves to dress up. I am very excited about Halloween this year. Elizabeth is really aware of it this time. Our small town has trick or treating on Main Street which reminds one of a Norman Rockwell painting. It is old school Americana. Just how it used to be decades ago. Just clean, simple fun.

School has been going pretty well. The only difficulty I have with Elizabeth is she has been very stubborn about using her scissors correctly. She insists on using them like a hedge trimmer. Using both hands she wants to cut her assignments in this manner. When I try to show her a different way she pulls them away and says “No, mine.” This is going to take more time obviously so back to the drawing board for me. We have been teaching her and her younger siblings the concept of names. We printed out a pic of each member of the family and labeled it with a name tag. The visual reminder has given her the ability to name other things as well. Her toys, pets and other folks from shows and movies. She has done this in the past, but she really gets it now. In the past she would use colors or physical descriptions, now she gives the name of things and or people. More improvement, bigger scope.

I recently purchased Elizabeth a Merida doll from the movie Brave. She has not seen the movie yet so I was telling her about the doll. This particular doll is dressed in a gown and comes with a decorative comb for her hair.  As Elizabeth held the doll, I placed the comb on the back of the dolls head. Elizabeth looks at the doll and says “Oh, girl king”. I was so excited for her. The fact that she took two words on her own and put them in the proper context was very exciting. No one else in the house has used that term so it was her own deductive reasoning. YEAH!

Her verbal exchange with me has expanded and her inquisitive nature is emerging. For example, she comes in to my room and says “Hello Dear”. I respond and begin to talk about what I am doing. This time I was cleaning my room and reorganizing books and numerous journals. I told her I did not know where I was going to put all of these things. She turned her head with a puzzled look and said “What are you doing that for?” I elaborated on the need to keep them organized in order to find things and be able to access her info. and  info. on the rest of her siblings. She continued to observe and then she exited the room by saying “Good-bye Dear”.

These are a few examples of the progress we are seeing with Elizabeth. Though the process is slow, we are seeing great things from her everyday. Through the grace of God she will continue to emerge and be freed of the toxins that prohibit her from sharing her true self. May God continue to heal our baby girl and every child who is dealing with autism. It is just a matter of time, faith and patience. As my dear, sweet Aunt Bette used to say, “One drop at a time we fill the bucket.”

Blessings to All.