07 06 12 Pediarix 30C Week Three

Latest Information:

current remedy: Cuprum Metalicum 30C

date of last dosing:  06 30 2012
current CEASE clearing and dose:  Pediarix 30C week three

Completed CEASE clearings to date Hep B (2 rounds) , Dtap, MMR (3 rounds) Varicella ( 3 rounds)

beginning date of CEASE therapy:  June 21, 2010

aggravations: left side exteriorization – red itchy lumps on back

current supplements: Omega 3, Ascorbyl Palmitate , zinc 25mg

returning old symptoms :   impatience, noise sensitivity, hyperactivity

significant positive behaviors:   very affectionate, obeying when asked to do something, imaginative play, trying new activities, speech clarity, improved writing skills, maturity and independence

Hello All!

The last five weeks have consisted of a new clearing and lots of waiting. Elizabeth started a Pediarix (http://vaccineinfo.net/immunization/vaccine/dtap/pediarix.shtml) clearing three weeks ago and we have seen some great changes. The news with this clearing is, we are going to break away from our regular clearing protocol and stay on the same potency until we see no changes either positive or negative. This is an approach used in CEASE therapy but Elizabeth has never gone through a clearing in this manner before. In order to clarify let me say…

During her past clearings we would administer a different potency of the same remedy for one month. Week one 30C, week two 200C, week three 1M and finally week four would be the 10M potency. We would watch and wait and began the same clearing again or start a new one. This time we will milk each potency until we see nothing either positive or negative. We will continue to do this with each potency until we finish with the 10M. There is no set time with this approach. Elizabeth will be guiding us as always.

Elizabeth and Matthew with chocolate faces

I discussed it with our CEASE therapist and she gave me the choice to do this clearing in the manner I think Elizabeth would benefit most. I chose this protocol due to the fact this was a combo vaccine that Elizabeth received and I feel we need to be very watchful and efficient with this one. I feel this clearing will do wonders for her. No traditional scientific proof just mother’s intuition. Which for some, is the most accurate way to go. So there it is.


So far, we had some left side exteriorizations on Elizabeth’s back. The pediarix vaccine was administered on the left side also. Same itchy, red lumps that reduce in 2 days or so. What is interesting about these things is, a red mark remains for about 2 weeks. Best example I can give is chicken pox. Though the itching has subsided and the scabbing is gone (no scabs with exteriorization) the small red dot remains longer.  This has been true of all CEASE/ homeopathy  exteriorizations for Elizabeth. Though I do not like to see her uncomfortable, it is wonderful for me because we are getting closer to freeing her of these toxins. It is just a matter of time.

Elizabeth’s sleep has been interrupted also. Last Tuesday night (7/3 day after Pedarix 30C) she fell out of bed and hit her shoulder on the hardwood floor. Her scream led us into her room but after a few stokes of her head she was out again. Thank God! She did sustain a major bruise but all else is forgotten. Last week she wondered out of her bed and tried to sleep with her brother Gabriel. She gave that up and fell to sleep in her room on her area rug instead. At least she is not up screaming and uncomfortable, finding on her floor asleep is better for everyone. Thank you God!

Her restlessness has also been exhibited through her trying to go outside by herself. Thank God for all of my deputies and the brass locks on top of all the doors. She is so fast. As soon as she spies the door unlocked to take the dogs out she is trying to go out without accompaniment. Man, can she run fast. I mean, I am a pretty fast runner but this little chick hauls. She’s all legs! Fortunately, between William, Ian, Martin and myself she does not get too far.  But she does try. We give her a consequence for going outside without permission. I give her time outs in her room and she is very good about it. She gets the same consequences the other kids get for things that I know she understands. We also explained to her about safety and letting people know where she is. Since then, her attempts to go AWOL have waned considerably. Her maturity is very encouraging. We just need to work on the safety factors more and we will be golden. Yeah Elizabeth!!

Another interesting development when we started this clearing she was throwing a fit to get her way. As she was throwing her fit, I picked up my iphone and started to film what was taking place. Elizabeth noticed me filming and she instantly stopped. I did not say anything to her, she made a conscious decision to stop bad behavior. YES! She gets it. My guess is, she gets embarrassed when she sees herself acting out. She has been using my iphone constantly. She browses through my photo library, the aps, everything. She must have seen herself and thought yikes, this is not a good thing.  This little woman is in there.  She just needs to be shown that it is okay and safe to come out on all levels.

Elizabeth has had some speech clarity improvements also. The manner in which she says most things has improved drastically since the second week of this clearing. Her desire to be independent has changed also. This would explain her desire to be free to go outside whenever she pleases. For example: With confidence Elizabeth will go the frig, get herself a leftover hamburger. Close the frig door. Place the burger on the counter, proceed to the cabinet for a hamburger bun, place the burger in the bun, place it on the counter, return to the frig, get the mustard, close the door, ask for help with the “yellow” and watch as I do it to her liking. She proceeds to put the mustard back in the frig and get the ketchup “red” and watch as I place it on her burger. She ends it with getting a plate and sitting at the table. This blew me away yesterday. She is maturing more and more. It is wonderful to see. All of these little things make my day!! Way to go Elizabeth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth is very interested in reading again. I have been using basic readers with her until now. She is no longer interested in the basic text. She brings me biographies on John Quincy Adams, The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm (762 pages) and The Twelve Labors of Hercules to name a few. At first, I would explain to her that these are difficult, lengthy books. Last week I decided to try to read to her from the books she is bringing to me. Books without pictures do not last for more than 2 minutes. To my surprise she sat with me and listened for 40 minutes or more. UNHEARD OF FOR HER!!! This is the stuff we are seeing lately.

I must remember to indulge her with all requests and allow her to show me what she is ready for. My biggest concern is to unintentionally keep her from excelling, growing and evolving. I pray that God will bless me with the discernment I need to see what she is ready for and encourage her when she is ready. This is the same prayer I have for all 9 of my kids. As parents we all want them to be happy, productive and safe. Elizabeth is no exception.

Our last change has been regarding her bowel movements. Elizabeth passed some yellow, nugget shaped items. Todd said they looked like garbanzo beans, I thought they looked more like large kernels of unpopped popcorn. Her excessive belching is another factor. This little girl belches from her toes. It is amazing.  Elizabeth has not ingested anything that like either of the fore mentioned items. Go figure! Another mystery. Whatever they were, her behavior and sleep improved after she passed them.

Another note. Elizabeth’s bowel movements were smelling a little yeasty. This is very common with autistic kids due to candida. I buy raw yogurt from our local dairy but she will not eat it. I love the stuff. I use it to make tandoori chicken, dressings, etc. Since she is not completely toilet trained, I spread this wonderful stuff in her center of her pull up and she can take it in that way. Within two weeks the odor disappeared. Best way to get all that great bacteria in her system without causing stress. Only drag, it is cold. Burr!!!

Elizabeth, Katie, Amelia and I went to our local florist to send my mom some flowers for her 80th birthday. Elizabeth loves to walk to the shop and check out their entire plush animal section. She is collecting puppies at this point in time. She decided this on her own. So far, she has named her puppies Pugo, Buster and Scruffy. It is very cute to see her doing all of this little girl stuff. Check out this video to see what happened that day. God bless Terrence from Roaring Oaks Florist, he made her day and mine.

I am very grateful that this clearing has not been too difficult. Believe me, she is not difficulty free. In comparison to what took place in the past this is nothing. I hope it continues this way until I feel better. All of the stress, lack of sleep and just life has taken its toll on me. My adrenals are shot and my TMJ pain is off the charts. Word to the wise. Get all of the sleep you can. Autism is a sleep thief and your adrenals suffer. The amount of stress on the body can not go on forever.  There are great books out there on the subject. My favorite is Adrenal Fatigue. He tells you how it happens and how to help yourself.


I end this entry with this prayer.

Dear God grant all of us the strength, faith, wisdom, discernment and hope that we need during our children’s recovery process. May we grow, change, heal and evolve right along with our precious children. May our families be at peace once again and allow autism to lose it’s hold on our children and our hearts. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.