05 20 2012 Vaicella Round 3 “Pink Moon Bath”

Quick post.

Great results on the “Pink Moon Baths” !

I followed the process listed on our last entry and we had some great results. Elizabeth, Todd and Martin each took a bath in the pink Himalayan salt. All three were very relaxed and happy afterwards. Elizabeth did not give me any verbal feedback but her behavior was very calm initially. Within 3 hours she became a little hyper. She was very content and happy just active and awake. Hopefully she will crash and sleep really well. Her sleep has not been an issue for quite some time so I am hoping it will not become an issue again. Just hoping to help get rid of the junk in her system.

Todd (Elizabeth’s dad) was so relaxed and mellow. I have not seen him like this in a very long time. His response was “We need to do this all of the time. I feel wonderful! You and I work really hard and we need this kind of stuff more often. When can we do it again?” Sounds like a happy customer. If Lizzy does not benefit from it, he sure has. There is always a purpose for things.

Martin said, “Mom, I have not felt this good in a long time.” His entire demeanor was one of contentment and relaxation. For those of you who do not know Martin, he can be very tense and withdrawn from time to time plus he is 17. So this kind of cleansing can do wonders for him. Two out of three got great results. Can’t wait to try it myself.

We will test the waters (pun intended) when the next full moon comes around which is June 3. I will do it with the same three as today but we will also get feedback from Ian and Amelia. Being age 20 and 19 they can provide me with more info. I was going to do it tonight but Todd and Martin seemed to need it more than I. Triage. Will have to do it another day and report my feelings as well.

dovetailElizabeth has been doing well and she has exteriorizations on her right side again. This time they are on her lower back. Hmmmmm? Could be because she saw her osteopath the same day I gave her the second 1M dose. I did this intentionally. Wanted to see what happened.  Her treatments with him always kick the clearings or remedies into high gear. These two modalities dove tail each other perfectly. They are a great fit!

Thought we would be finished with this clearing but I feel we should do it one more time to be sure. Need to discuss it with her homeopath but my gut says one more time. She was given the shot twice, and it is a live virus. I am not saying that one has to do a clearing twice because one had the shot twice, but these buggers are nasty. These live virus clearings seem to require more attention than the others. Will have to wait and see what her homeopath and I come up with.

Monday May 21st we start Varicella 10M. Hopefully, it will not be too intense for Elizabeth. Either way it has to be done. We must free her system of these toxins that plague her. So here we go. Always hoping, always praying.

May God grant all of us the strength, patience and endurance we need each and everyday. Through Him all things are possible!

Blessings to all.

2 thoughts on “05 20 2012 Vaicella Round 3 “Pink Moon Bath”

  1. Hi, thank you again for sharing. My son had a couple of baths with bentonite clay, it’s supposed to be amazing for detox too.

    I was intrigued to read that you are taking Elisabeth to the osteopath during the detox. My son Oliver has had 4 or 5 appointments with an osteopath and I believe he has benefited a lot from it. I would like to keep taking him there but the homeopath who is guiding us on his CEASE detox told us to stop the osteopath for a while because (it seems) it can also cause aggravations, and if it does, you will not be able to tell if it was the vaccine (to understand whether we need to repeat the round or not) or the osteopathy.

    Have you heard any of it?

    All the very best to Elisabeth, you and your family!

    • Julie,
      There have been times when Elizabeth was off the charts after seeing her D.O. during some of her clearings. We stopped going during those times. Our D.O. did not want it to become a negative experience for her. If your son was reacting strongly to your osteopaths treatments it would be wise to wait until he is calm again. Elizabeth did not go for months, it was only recently that she changed. I am very keen on getting a clear picture of what is going on when on a clearing. I do not add new things unless I am sure about what I/we are seeing. My experience has been, too much at once becomes confusing and I can not dicern what is really taking place.
      Hope this answered your question,
      All the best to you and your precious Oliver. (I love that name!)

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