May 18 2012 Varicella 1M Round Three

current remedy: Saccharum Officinale 30C  (remedy made from fresh stem of the sugar cane)

date of last dosing:  05 12 2012
current CEASE clearing and dose:  Varicella Round 3 1M as of 05 17 2012

Completed CEASE clearings to date Hep B (2 rounds) , Dtap, MMR (3 rounds) Varicella ( 2 rounds)

Beginning Date of CEASE therapy:  June 21, 2010

current supplements: Omega 3, Ascorbyl Palmitate, milk thistle  400 mg

returning old symptoms :   blowing of saliva, craving salt

significant positive behaviors:   very affectionate, obeying when asked to do something, imaginative play, trying new activities

current cell salt:  Nat Sulph 6x, Calc Phos 6X


Hello All,

Elizabeth’s Umbrella 5/15/12

Elizabeth has been doing well on this clearing. We have seen some great advances with affection, patience and communication. She had a visit with our osteopath on Thursday 5 17 12. She was very engaging and wanted a kiss from him. She presented her cheek to him and waited for a kiss. It was very sweet. The entire session was filled with patience and willingness. I am so glad she is willing to undergo this treatment again. If you remember, the last few sessions have been a nightmare. Since she is willing and open to the treatment again, we will be seeing our D.O. every two weeks.

One day after her treatment (5 17) she was more verbal and her writing improved drastically. Today she wrote the alphabet all on her own and in order. The letters were all upper case and very legible. Her drawings have improved also. Maybe she will be like her dad and become an artist. Time will tell.

Elizabeth has also been learning how to use a bat and ball. We place the ball on the top of an orange construction cone, show her how to place her hands on the bat, how to place her feet, bend her knees slightly, count to three and SMACK. Off it goes. She is not hitting it too hard yet. But she is willing and will repeat the actions by herself. THIS IS VERY ENCOURAGING!! I am going to make her a mat as a reminder of where to place her feet. Also, we will be placing colored tape on the bat to remind her where to place her hands correctly.  My hope is, eventually we won’t need the reminders at all.  One day at a time…


One thing we have been doing to combat the effects of this live virus clearing is cleaning our rooms with essential oils, a white candle and indoor plants. We placed large brass hooks on the outside of the doors, high out of reach. This enables me to keep all little people out of the room while the floor dries and the candle is burning.  After 20 years of parenting I always assume that they will touch it. So, safety first.

Below is the process we use every other day or so.

Open the windows

Place a lit white candle in the room.

Add indoor pollution fighting plants

Fill a bucket with water, 3 drops of lavender oil and 3 drops of mint oil

Wipe down the furniture, doors and floor


Close the door and let the floor dry. The candle, fresh air and plants do the rest. I wait at least thirty minutes before reentering the room. We extinguish the candle, remove the plants ( I have to because the “littles” might mess with them) and we are good to go. The whole room feels so much better! It removes all of the funk, fatigue and what have you. This enables one to start over with a clean slate. Some poo this, but it has done wonders for our household.

Elizabeth and I will be starting a new regimen coming this Sunday. Elizabeth showed me that she is craving salt again. Last week she was licking our salt shaker, so I researched it and found out some great stuff. Instead of using Epsom salt for her baths we will be using pink Himalayan salt instead. Will try it also so I can get an idea of what really happens. We purchase this in bulk for cooking now so we have an additional use for it. Plus, it looks very decorative sitting in a glass jar in the bathroom.  Love multi purpose purchases!

pink Himalayan salt

I placed pink Himalayan salt in her bath last week and she loved it.  She submerged herself in the water and just hung out. NO wonder she liked it. The info I found online states that if one uses 2.5 pounds of pink Himalayan salt to take a bath during the new moon and the full moon (thalassotherapy) the detox ability is increased. One does not dry themselves off afterwards. You air dry and let the salt do it’s thing. The article suggests that one should not apply anything to the skin. Plus you need to go and lay down for a bit because one will feel a bit loopy from the detox. The first “pink bath” Elizabeth had, I did not use that much salt or follow the other directions. Since I found this new info. I will be following the regimen the article suggested with her on Sunday 5 20 (new moon) and the next few full or new moons that come our way.

Elizabeth used to be very sensitive to the full moon cycles, so I am hoping this will help her detox faster. Using this salt for baths is very popular in spas and the like. I can not afford to indulge in such relaxing activities so we are doing our version of it at home. We will use a candle and essential oils in the bathroom as she bathes. I never leave her alone in the tub so no need to worry about the candle. Can’t wait to see what happens this Sunday night and the following morning. Every bit helps.

A lot of healing has taken place since our last entry and I hope it continues. Elizabeth leaned over while sitting next to me a few days ago and said “I love you very much”. This is the stuff we are seeing lately. More detail, more expression, more maturity, more of all the great things that make our hearts smile. Our little girl is emerging more and more. I hope and pray this will continue next week. 10M is a very strong potency so with God’s help we will have more healing and more knowledge of how to help Elizabeth feel better. It is just a matter of time.

May God grant all of us the healing, hope, strength and endurance that we need to get through the day.  Hope and blessings to all.

Until next time…

7 thoughts on “May 18 2012 Varicella 1M Round Three

  1. We had so much improvement (myself and my boys) after using the pitcoin detox. We saw improvements with everything, but for us the pitocin and saccharum were just marvelous! I’m so grateful to the CEASE therapists out there who are helping others! We use Dr. Lilly Partha in Illinois. Is that who you are using? Thank God for Tinus Smits book and google:) for helping me find a practitioner. So wonderful to hear about your daughter’s improvements!

    • Hi Debbie. What kind of results have you seen for yourself? Have been keeping this one in the back of my mind, maybe it is time to check it out. We are using a CEASE therapist/ homeopath in New York. I had pitocin with 7 of my kids. My guess is it would benefit all of us, especially Elizabeth. She got more than the others. Should of, could of, would of. Can’t undo the past, can only fix it in the present and future. Hope and pray for continued healing.

      • Hi there:
        Interestingly, it’s been memory improvements! I always had a good memory and I would have to search for a word. I’m back to normal now. It’s been wonderful. We’ve done a number of healing modalities and a lot of them have really helped. CEASE helped with my memory and with my children’s behavior – amazing with their behavior. Also, changing their diets really helped.

        Never give up hope!

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