March 13 2012 New Remedy, New Homeopath, New Awareness

current remedy: Saccharum Officinale 30C  (remedy made from fresh stem of the sugar cane)

date of last dosing:  03 08 2012     
number of current remedy doses to date: 2    
dates of remedy dosing: 03 14 2012         03 08 2012          

 current CEASE clearing and dose:  n/a

Completed CEASE clearings to date Hep B (2 rounds) , Dtap, MMR (3 rounds) Varicella ( 2 rounds)

Beginning Date of CEASE therapy:  June 21, 2010

current supplements: Omega 3, Zinc, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Biotics IAG Prebiotic, Pediatric Custom Vitamin/Mineral Base Powder, milk thistle  400 mg

returning old symptoms :   impatience, blowing of saliva, jumping on trampoline often, fussing and not communicating initially, craving chocolate, requesting baths daily

significant positive behaviors:   very affectionate, desire to learn to write and read, more advanced speech in context, obeying when asked to do something, imaginative play is excellent!

current cell salt:  Nat Sulph 6x, Kali Phos 6X


Hello All,

Lizzy's drawings after Sacc Off 30 CLizzy has been doing well with her new remedy and we have seen some subtle changes. Her willingness to communicate has increased and her clarity of speech is very encouraging. For example, when I call for her to come here she replies “Coming”. Her ability to obey and answer us more frequently is very good news.

Lizzy’s drawing skills have improved along with her writing. The only problem we have is after she wakes up. She comes down stairs and is very engaging. Suddenly she becomes impatient and squawks. I noticed that the veins on her temples are very visible. That is a deficiency of Silica. I gave her Silica 6X (cell salt)  and put a headband on her. Amazing how calm she became.  Though these things are not the cure, they help me to understand what she needs and help her ride out the uncomfortable feelings she is experiencing.

Another instance, she can be  fussy upon waking and not willing to communicate what she needs. She will hit people and be very difficult. I told her to take a sip of her pineapple juice because it helps calm one down. (Hypoglycemic tendencies?)  She proceeded to walk away from me and went to take a sip of her juice. She ate something and all was better. I love this ability/willingness to listen and interact more. This is wonderful news. Just being able to help her is so uplifting. Thank God!

A couple of days ago I was cooking one of Lizzy’s favorites, organic spaghetti with meatballs. She spied the spaghetti on the counter and watched what I was doing. Recently she is fascinated with knives while we are cooking. These knives are not in plain sight or available to her otherwise but she has a new interest in them.  Regardless of the safety precautions it is  a major concern for any parent of an autistic child. You never what they might do.

Lizzy reached for our Kyocera knife and I quickly told her no. I proceeded to explain that she could cut herself if she was not careful. Plus these knives are delicate and if one drops them they can chip and break very easily. I  moved the knife to a safe zone and she accepted that. This little girl needs tangible reasons for the answer no. She is more cooperative when she understands why.

As she continued to observe what I was doing,  I turned away from the counter and started to talk to Amelia. As I gave Amelia advice, Lizzy looked at me dead center with a huge smile, placed both hands on my chest and said “Mommy”. I was blown away by her sincerity and realization. She understands what a Mommy is!  All of the things she sees me doing every day is making sense now. I am her mommy!! 

This remedy’s work is very subtle and our constant observations of her are crucial in order for us to get an accurate picture of what is going on.  So this is what we will be doing. Before receiving the Sacc Off 30 C we went to see our D.O. It  was no fun to say the least. Lizzy could not wait to get to his office and within 5 minutes she was fighting him all the way. When this happens I know that she needs some special attention from him again. We lasted the entire 15 minutes but the rest of the day off and on was ridiculous. Impatience, screaming, the whole enchilada.

Todd was with Lizzy and I when we went to see our D.O. and Lizzy always acts up more when Todd is around. Bottom line. He is a real softy when it comes to Lizzy. As we left the office, Todd took Lizzy to the car and I finished up the administrative ends of the appt. When I entered our car she was requesting “Chicken fries.” I told her no, and Todd did not tell her that before I arrived. He chickened out! Apparently, she was repeating her request to him and he did not give her a clear answer. Oh Brother! After 20 years of parenting strong-willed kids (plus being one myself) I have learned that any gray area is perceived by them as maybe. Having to lay down the law I told her we could get her an ice cream treat but no chicken and fries.

Lizzy was satisfied with what I said and we proceeded down the road to get her ice cream. As I drove, Lizzy was singing in the sweetest little voice I have ever heard. Her annunciation of the lyrics was amazing. She was completely content again.

Until …

We passed a red and yellow restaurant that serves chicken and fries. She requested  we stop and I told her she could not eat that because it was not good for her.  All was fine. Lizzy was singing songs again.

Todd decided to quickly go into a drug store and she spied the restaurant in the distance. I repeated to her that “We are not going to have chicken and fries”. That was all it took. She went nuts! Kicking, screaming, drooling, the whole thing. I repeated myself one last time and told her the answer was “No”. Todd returned to the car, I looked at him and he read my eyes. He told Lizzy the same thing I did, no. By that time, she was full-blown and nothing was going to change it. I told her she can continue to be upset but the answer is no!! Lizzy continued for 15 minutes.

When we arrived home, I took her by the hand and escorted her to her room. I told her she can come back downstairs when she stopped crying. She continued for 5 more minutes in her room and eventually she came downstairs on her own.  This is what we do with all of our kids when they throw a fit. Sometimes there is nothing like a good cry. The plus side is these fits of hers would last longer than this one. Again,  old symptoms less severity.

After that was over Todd and I were wiped out. We were as crispy as the chicken and fries she wanted so badly. It has been quite a while since she was that upset. I was completely caught off guard. No wonder I used to be in a constant state of hyper vigilance.  How the heck did we survive this happening everyday 4 years ago? Those were some real tough times. I am so grateful to God that it occurs once in a while instead of all day, everyday.  It is amazing what one will endure for love.

Since this took place we will be waiting longer between visits to see our osteopath. Our new homeopath feels that he is getting her cerebral fluid moving around and that is the reason for her behavior after treatment. Plus, I want to get a clear picture of what the remedy is doing for her. If I have too many things going on at once I can not get a clear picture. So we will continue this way until Lizzy shows us something else.

This is a very slow, subtle time. We will let Lizzy guide us to what we need to do next. She might stay on this remedy for a bit and then go back to another CEASE clearing, We have to wait and see. Lizzy’s new homeopath is very knowledgeable and I like her style. She seems to “Get it” and I look forward to meeting her in person.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to every family dealing with autism. May each passing day get us closer to full recovery.

Until next time…