January 27, 2012 Tortilla Tests

current remedy: Cuprum Metalicum 30C

date of last dosing: 1 21 2012 ( 6 Days)          

current CEASE clearing and dose:   Varicella round II  10M started on Monday 1 /  23 /12 second dose given 1 /26 /12

current supplements: Omega 3, Zinc, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Biotics IAG Prebiotic, Pediatric Custom Vitamin/Mineral Base Powder

returning old symptoms :   low speech, jumping on beds,  not using utensils when eating, noise sensitivity, W sitting, toe walking, screaming instead of talking, rigid movements and feeling, fluid in hands and arms, impatience  Note: all of the old symptoms listed are with less severity

significant positive behaviors:   very affectionate, verbally expressing herself with more words, coloring with  concentration for longer periods of time, engaging in imaginative play, staying on new tasks for longer periods of time, following numerous verbal instructions, hair is soft and shiny 

Hello All,

Lizzy by Ian Winter

Lizzy has been handling this varicella clearing without any complications. Call me crazy but this clearing does great things for her. It works better than her Saturday remedy (Cuprum 30C). She really is responding well. No exteriorizations or major issues at all. If anything I see her moving forward on a deeper level. Oh really? This was true until we started the 1M. All changed after that.

Case in point. Lizzy was accidentally given more than one dropper full of her 1M Varicella dose. Last Thursday( 1 19 12) at 11:11 am the alarm went off to give Lizzy her remedy or cell salt. We chose this time because it is the month and day of her birthday. Easy to remember and no confusion with other alarms or timers. The alarm sounded and Martin volunteered to give her the 1M dose. He accidentally gave her 1 teaspoon instead of 1 dropper full. OOPS!!!!!!

To say the least I was frustrated and angry. Not only with Martin, but more importantly, myself. I was not specific enough with Martin and my instructions were not completely clear. Martin and I talked it out and after calming down all was resolved. Until…

Within 15 minutes she was screaming and impatient. I waited another 30 min. to make sure it was not some passing thing. Well it did not pass until I gave her a dilution. The dilution was 4 drops of the 1M remedy in one cup of water and then 1 teaspoon out of the mixture. After one dose she was cool and good to go. Thank God! It did not affect her sleep or anything else. Yes!!!!!

Lizzy by Amelia 01 15 2012

I was so angry and upset. I felt bad for her. My negligence is causing her to suffer, again.  Just like the shots I agreed to so long ago. As I reflected on this I was more at peace with it than ever before. My remedy is helping considerably. The Kali Carb 200C is working very well for me now and the proof is apparent. I feel more like myself lately and not out of control. Homeopathy works wonders when one hits on the right remedy. Never ceases to amaze me.

Back to Lizzy. We were getting ready to prepare dinner and each night I have a different partner. (This round robin approach enables all 6 of the older kids to learn how to cook. Based on our calculations all 6 should be able to prepare 14 dishes by summer.) Gabriel was my team-mate tonight and we were preparing homemade organic enchiladas, brown spanish rice and refried beans. This is one of our family favorites. We use flour tortillas because corn is not tolerated well by people with blood type O. Since most of our household is this blood type we make our own flour tortillas and a red chili (chile colorado) with pork. They are quite yummy.

Our tortilla masters, Ian and Gabriel made the dough and prepared small balls to be rolled out. Lizzy spied what was going on and got the step stool and placed herself in front of the cutting board. Gabriel and I noticed and began to remind her how to roll out the tortillas. Last time she did this she rolled about 4 or 5 tortillas. This day ( 1 day after Varicella 1M) she followed every instruction to the letter and stayed there for one hour making tortillas. It was amazing!

Lizzy making tortillas

During the same session, another first occurred.  Lizzy got carried away with the flour and managed to get some in her eye and on her face. She needed to sneeze. She lifted her shirt, covered her nose with it and sneezed. Another awesome thing. Usually she just sneezes and all the contents of her nose come pouring out. Not this time. She made a conscious decision on her own. I was thrilled!!!

On Saturday (1/22) when I gave her the Cuprum 30C all of this changed. She slowed down and was not as interested in her environment.  This continues still.

On Tuesday (1/ 24/12 one day after Varicella 10M) I decided to do a comparison test and make tortillas again. Lizzy came into the kitchen and began rolling out tortillas on her own accord.  We only got 10 minutes today. Will have to wait and see what happens next time. Will do the same test again after the second 10M dose.

Lizzy's hands 1/26/12

This 10M is effecting her big time. She looks tired and has dark circles under her eyes. She is unreasonable for short periods and not willing to wait for anything.  Her hands are very red and she seems to be retaining fluid. The white spot pictured to the left is one second after pressing on her hand with my thumb. This happens when she does not feel well.  All of this old stuff is back. Same thing happened with the MMR 10M clearing.  Todd noticed it right away when he came home. He commented how “autistic” like her behavior is.

It saddens us greatly when we see her going through this. It is very heart breaking. She is out of it, for sure. This 10M really knocked her off-balance. I must say, this Varicella clearing brought about some great stuff and I am very anxious to keep going. Will have to wait to see what we will do next. My gut says we will do the Varicella one more time. Three times was the charm with the MMR and the pattern is similar. We will not give her the cuprum 30C this Saturday. Like before, we want to let this 10M ride out as long as possible. Wait two weeks and see what happens.

Lizzy's Tortilla

Back to the tortilla test. We made tortillas again today. (Friday 1/27/12 1 day after Varicella 10M #2)  Since it is rainy and cold outside, we decided to make quesadillas with organic hot cocoa. Lizzy entered the kitchen and stood on the stool, got herself a rolling-pin and began to roll out one of the balls of dough. She did not use flour so it stuck and she did not want to take directions at all. As she rolled out the dough she was making sounds and acting completely different from before. As she rolled she was squawking and carrying on like she used to. The 10M has her behaving completely different. Though I do not like to see her like this,  I am encouraged. These toxins are still an issue and the more we get them out the better she will be.  All in God’s time…

Lizzy is seeing a new homeopath after this clearing and I am anxious to see how it will play out. I am not sure which direction our new CEASE therapist will advise us to take. At this point in time I am at peace. Everything happens for a reason and changes take place when the time is right. It’s God’s time-table not mine. Funny though… This was the first CEASE therapist I contacted 18 months ago. She felt I was geographically closer to her associate so she referred us to the CEASE therapist/ND that recently closed her practice.  Timing is everything. Back to the beginning again.

Nosferatu by Todd

Another change that took place this month is Lizzy’s dad has a new job. He is still doing the same thing (art director) but for another company. The beauty of this is, Todd leaves later for work and gets home earlier. The kids, Todd and I are loving it!! This allows us to spend more time together and have more energy to enjoy the gifts God provides.  Todd’s train schedule has also changed. He gets to and from work quicker. It is such a blessing. All happens when the time is right. Lizzy is loving this for sure. I am sure it will help her recover even quicker. All is better when Todd is home more.

Will continue to observe her progress and share the results. Our constant hope and prayers are full recovery. Not only for Lizzy but for every child that is dealing with autism. May God grant us the strength, patience and endurance that we need to help our kids. It is just a matter of not giving up.

Blessings to all…

3 thoughts on “January 27, 2012 Tortilla Tests

  1. Hope lizzy feels better as this clearing continues. We’ve seen great things with the varicella clearing also, the 1M was super tough on Alex. He had a very high fever for about 2 days and just laid around the house wanting to be held. I’m anxious to see what the 10M will do, we will for sure do this clearing again. Our homeopath doesn’t know if we will take 1 or 2 weeks off. I guess we will decide after this last potency. I have a great feeling this clearing will be HUGE for Alex, hopefully for Lizzy as well.

  2. Hey Mom,
    Sorry for not replying sooner mom. These were some really interesting times between Lizzy’s tortilla success to her autism climbing up. Yes, it sure is all in God’s timing I forget that at times it’s just us earthly ding dongs who want it right NOW ! I should know I’m member of the ding dong club.
    Also mom I know you really struggle with your blog at times but, remember that your words will spread across the earth when God says it’s time. Keep the faith mom.
    Love, Ian

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