12 9 2011 One Drop At A Time …

current remedy: Cuprum Metalicum 30C

date of last dosing: 12 3 2011 (6 Days)          

current CEASE clearing and dose: Varicella 1M aka chicken pox 

current supplements: Omega 3, Zinc, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Biotics IAG Prebiotic, Pediatric Custom Vitamin/Mineral Base Powder

returning old symptoms :   low speech, waking in the middle of the night, blowing bubbles with saliva  Note: all of the old symptoms listed are with less severity

significant positive behaviors:  speech is with great clarity

exteriorizations: none

current cell salt: Kali Mur 6X as needed for cold

Hello All,

Lizzy has been doing pretty well and she feels better than the other night. She has caught a cold/virus that half of the family has had. Her dad Todd, has been the worst case to date. Makes sense though. All of the work and traveling he does places him in a more vulnerable state. Lizzy does not seem too bad as of today. We are boosting up her vitamin c doses and giving her Kali Mur 6X for the congestion. I also have been giving her Cat’s Claw liquid to boost her immune system. If only I could get her to swallow some raw garlic. That has amazing results in this house. Will resolve that tonight by placing it on her feet after her bath and massage.

Christmas is approaching and all of the winter little ones are very excited. Matthew especially. He loves to sing. Lizzy was not interested in his 12th version of “Welcome Christmas” from How The Grinch Stole Christmas. She told him “Stop that! That’s enough!” She was not angry, she was simply expressing herself. I love when she does this. She said it with such confidence and certainty. Our little girl is on her way back. Praise God!

We have had more success with teaching Lizzy to relocate herself when noises bother her. When we have to use an appliance that irritates her we explain to her that she needs to go to another part of the house. I have one of the kid’s guide her and she is very compliant. The next step will be to get her to do it without someone else guiding her. All in good time, it will happen. One drop at a time you fill the bucket.

This weekend will include Christmas decorating and the like. I tend to wait because it seems more special to me that way. We will be making paper garlands, snowflakes, wreaths and garlands to make our house more festive. Plus it is a great chance to teach about gluing and cutting to Lizzy and her younger siblings. The older kids and I will be making wreaths and garlands from the numerous pine trees in the yard. The trees get trimmed and we have beautiful decorations to enjoy. Win, win!

I hope and pray that Lizzy will continue to heal and enjoy this weekends activities. May all who are experiencing autism be granted the patience, strength and endurance they need.

Until next time…

5 thoughts on “12 9 2011 One Drop At A Time …

  1. It’s great to hear that Lizzy is feeling better. I will pray that her cold symptoms pass, before the Christmas celebrating begins. Your children are being given great lessons in patience, from Mom.
    May the new year bring your family great healing miracles.

  2. Hey Mom,
    I totally agree with you fill the bucket one drop at a time that’s the way to groove with life ! That’s how to work and flow with it ! That’s how Lizzy is doing it as well as yourself so keep holding it don’t drop it !
    Love, Ian

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