11 27 2011 End of Week One Varicella Clearing

Current Remedy: Cuprum Metalicum 30C

Date of Last Dosing: 11 26 2011 (1 Day)            

Current CEASE clearing and dose: Varicella 30C first dose

Current Supplements: Omega 3, Zinc, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Biotics IAG Prebiotic, Pediatric Custom Vitamin/Mineral Base Powder

Returning Old Symptoms : bouncing on bed, hyperactivity in the evening,  diminished speech( always happens during a clearing), noise sensitivity, pushing on lower abdomen, rash on buttocks, bed wetting   Note: all of the old symptoms listed are with less severity

Significant Positive Behaviors:  coloring and drawing with concentration for longer periods of time, drawings with more detail, imaginative play ie: placing her dolls her bed and tucking them in, using action figures to act out stories

Exteriorizations: none

Current Cell Salt : Nat Phos 6X at night


Hello All!

Lizzy has tolerated her Varicella 30C clearing without too much difficulty. The most significant change we see is her hyperactivity at night. It starts at about 7pm and continues until 11pm or so. This is better than last week when she was up till 2am. Our little girl does not want to go to sleep. I thought maybe it was something in her diet but no matter what she ingests, she is still hyper. Must be part of what she is experiencing now. She was doing the same thing before we started the Cuprum and the Varicella. Thankfully  it is nowhere near what it was before. Her sleep issues are 90% better than when we started with CEASE.

Our latest approach with this is getting Lizzy to exercise more. I am not sure how to facilitate this need, just started researching it. My goal is to get her body moving in order to help her brain function plus it will tire her out. God knows I could benefit from more exercise so our entire family is going to get in on it. Between all of us we are going to take turns with her each day and get more active in a different way. Plus it can’t hurt the other kids. I bet it will help them concentrate more in school and sleep better. Being on a shoe string budget I found some exercises on You Tube to help improve brain function so we will start there.  We do not have any money for personal trainers or classes so we are figuring it out ourselves. Thank God I am on this journey with the help of the internet. I can’t imagine how much longer it would take to do this otherwise. Thank you God.

My attempt to observe Lizzy at the playground was rained out and we will have to try again next week while on 200C. Today was wonderful outside but I could not get her to the same playground as the last time. She is very eager to go play at the nearby school and I think we will have a great session today. I was not with her today so you decide. Check out the pics at the end of the blog and see for yourself.

Lizzy did not join us at church today due to her sleeping in. I do not wake her unless I have to. She is just like her mama and big bro Ian. We are not pleasant when we are awakened too early. Hopefully she will join us next week. It is the mood du jour with her and that’s okay with us. It wasn’t always this easy to understand. Like anything it took time, and I am so grateful for where we are now. Thanks to Lizzy’s ND and DO she is moving forward. They are awesome healers! We have had so much success to date and I feel it will only get better. It just takes time.

I hope and pray that all families dealing with autism have the patience, understanding, strength and perserverance they need to keep going.

Until next time…

4 thoughts on “11 27 2011 End of Week One Varicella Clearing

  1. Hey Mom,
    I love your blog site ! It just keeps getting better every time I read it ! Keep up the writing and let the blood flow through the hands while writing !
    Love, Seltzer boy

  2. Hope Lizzy continues to improve! Graet idea with the youtube exercise. Have you found any specifically good ones? Please share.

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