When The Mom Is Upset… 11 19 2011

Current Remedy: Cuprum Metalicum 30C

Date of Last Dosing: 11 16 2011 (3 Days)

Current CEASE clearing and dose: none

Current Supplements: Omega 3, Zinc, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Biotics IAG Prebiotic, Pediatric Custom Vitamin/Mineral Base Powder

Returning Old Symptoms : bouncing on bed, hyperactivity in the evening,  licking of her fingers Note: all of the old symptoms listed are with less severity

Significant Positive Behaviors: speech clarity, reading more on her own, singing with clarity on her own, expressing her true self, performing daily tasks on her own, coloring and drawing with concentration for longer periods of time

Exteriorizations: none

Current Cell Salt : none


Hello All!

11 2011

We met with Lizzy’s ND/Homeopath and we discovered she will be needing Cuprum 30C as her Saturday remedy and her next CEASE clearing will be Varicella (chicken pox). Our ND feels that this clearing will not be as lengthy as the others we have done in the past.  Hopefully this chicken pox clearing will go quickly so we can keep going on detoxing her system.

The last three days with Lizzy have been very difficult. She is whinny, obstinate and stubborn. The 100 minute trip (each way) to the ND Tuesday was an absolute drag. Lizzy was unhappy no matter what you gave her. By the time we arrived at the doctor’s office we were all crispy critters. Our ND noticed how Lizzy was behaving and commented how different she was from the last visit. We have never gone 72 days without a remedy before. Boy did it show. We milked the last MMR dose and that was the plan from the beginning. Little did I know there was more to it.

After we finished with Lizzy it was my turn. Todd took her outside the office and I began to tell our ND what was going on with me. My dear cousin had passed away and the grief had a delayed reaction. My back was so painful I could hardly move. Our ND inquired further and realized that my back pain and Lizzy’s outbursts started on the same day.  She was picking up on my tension and grief.  Oh man!

I was given Kali Carb 30C and my back is slowly getting better. Amazing what one’s emotions can do to the body. My cousin’s death was a blow that I did not feel at first. I was numb about it. As news of his scheduled memorial arrived I started to feel it big time. He was not only my cousin, he was my friend. I loved him like a brother. Before he got ill we talked frequently on the phone. He would make me laugh down to my toes. He was a sweet, generous, witty man who I will miss terribly.

I had just finished nailing my grief of the past on the cross and now I have a new one. Through time and prayer this will be okay. I firmly believe it. The kids and I are going to have our own memorial service for my cousin. We might do it on Thanksgiving day. I am very grateful that I was allowed to share in his life. Thanksgiving will be the perfect day to remember that.

Lizzy had her Cuprum 30C at 2p.m.. Wednesday the 16th. Within 1 hour there was a big change in her and me. The Kali Carb is really helping my back and my emotions. A dear friend of mine always says, “When the Mom is unhappy, the whole house is unhappy.” He is right. We as moms do not want to manipulate the entire household but it happens nonetheless. Lizzy and I are getting better and hopefully by next Monday we will be ready for the chicken pox clearing.

Lizzy is very happy and smiles with all she’s got. She comes up to me, smiles and says, “Hello Baby”. I answer back and she gives me a hug. Very cute indeed! Today (Sat. 11/19) Lizzy is very verbal and her fits are practically gone. She did  start to fuss this morning and I asked her to stop. I proceeded to tell her that she does not need to scream in order to get what she wants. I reminded her to speak to us and we all know she can do it. She looked up towards the ceiling and sighed. The rest of the day went well. She communicated very well and was willing to take correction without any fuss or meltdowns. Thank God!!

12 2010 Big difference

For example, Lizzy has the habit of jumping down from her chair during mealtime and wanders off to do her own thing. I stopped her and reminded her that she has to ask to be excused from the table just like her siblings. I escorted her back to her chair and reminded her that she has to say “May I be excused please.” Again, she looked up and paused. I repeated the phrase again and gently placed her hands on the side of my face as I said it. “Can you feel that Lizzy? Just say it and you can get down from your chair.” Gabriel repeated the phrase also. She sat still and said, “May I be excused please?” YES!!!!!! We all cheered, clapped and gave her kisses. Sporting a big smile she skipped off. Cuprum 30C is doing its thing. I love when she does this stuff. It makes the few days prior worth it. Thank you God!

Some may think that my insistence with Lizzy is not important. I disagree. Lizzy’s siblings need to see that she is held accountable for her actions also. Would I ask this of her when she is not feeling well? No. When she is feeling better I do it for her benefit and her siblings. Lizzy’s brothers and sisters need to see her being called on the same things they are. Everyone is equal. When the other kids do not feel well they are exempt from chores, school and the like. I must try to keep things as fair as possible. Plus Lizzy’s younger siblings need to see that certain behaviors will not be tolerated. This is especially true for 2-year-old Katie. She is one strong-willed little girl. The last thing she needs is any encouragement regarding disobedience.

Lizzy’s autism is not a get out of jail free card. She can learn, do, speak and participate now more than ever. We keep all of our kids capabilities in mind and ask things of them that work within that parameter. It was hard to learn when to do this and when not to. Not to mention, I am more at peace with Lizzy’s autism than I was before. One’s broken heart leads to a lot of concessions also. You just feel bad for your baby and their plight. Todd is still having to stop himself. His little “Gal Pal” can still wrap him around her finger from time to time. All in good time. He spends less time with the kids than I get to. He is not privy to what they can do like I am.  And how could he be? The poor guy is always working his parts off.

5 2011

Lizzy’s sister Amelia is having a very rough time with Lizzy again. Amelia would rather do things for Lizzy instead of encouraging her to try. Amelia is impatient. While Amelia openly shared with Lizzy how she did not like her behavior Lizzy told her the same thing she told me. Wait, wait, wait. Amelia can’t wrap her heart around her words yet. She wants her back NOW!  Lizzy’s autism is a still a very painful part of Amelia’s life. We talk about it often, but grief is a process. I hope and pray that the two of them will get closer again soon. I too have to wait.

Now that Lizzy and I are back on track, I hope for a calm Sunday. Her dad will be working a lot before the holiday so hopefully she will do well and we can enjoy next weeks festivities. Through the grace of God it will happen and we will have more wonderful news to share. I am still very confident in Lizzy’s ND, CEASE therapy and homeopathy. I feel that we are on the right track and it is just a matter of cleaning up the mess and freeing our baby of these toxins.

Until next time…