09 13 2011 When It Rains It Pours

Current Remedy: Carcinocin 30C

Date of Last Dosing: 09 03 2011  (10 Days)

Current CEASE clearing and dose: MMR Round 3,  Week 3,  1M potency

Current Supplements: Omega 3, Zinc, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Biotics IAG Prebiotic

Returning Old Symptoms :  screaming off and on, low speech, red circles under eyes, hitting, pale

Exteriorizations:Left eye

Current Cell Salt : Ferrum Phos 6X

CEASE Clearings Completed To Date: Hep B (2 rounds) , Dtap, MMR (2 rounds)


9 13 11

Lizzy started her 1M potency MMR clearing and we have seen some major movement. Her left eye got an exteriorization and her speech dropped off again. She has been screaming, hitting, she has a low-grade fever and her face is pale. Man, what a couple of days it has been.

This little girl does not feel well. She is not as active, not too interested in playing, just lounging about. Poor little chick. I hate when she has to go through this stuff. It effects everyone in the house. Todd took his final vacation days to stay home and help. Plus the poor guy is so stressed out he can’t even see straight. The past few days have been horrible. I too have been feeling the stress and am emotionally all over the place. Our oldest daughter Amelia was really feeling it also. When Lizzy acts like this she gets very upset. Amelia told me that it reminds her of where Lizzy used to be and she is afraid that she will lose Lizzy again. Boy, do I know that feeling. Fear is so crippling.

Not only is Lizzy going through this, but our yard was flooded due to our neighbor who was draining her flooded basement. All of her water was dumped into our yard and made a huge mess and that kept the kids from going outside to play. Thanks a ton. $#@% !!

To make lemonade we decided to take the little one’s to play at a nearby park. When we arrived, the gate was locked. Lizzy accidentally got her fingers caught in the car door and our stress level climbed even higher. After calming ourselves somewhat we moved on. We walk across the field instead of driving and within minutes of Lizzy sitting on the swing, she is attacked by mosquitos. I am batting the dumb things away and decided to leave this place and never come back. How much effort does it take to put down cedar chips on the playground to cut down on the bugs? What a joke! Willy was sitting right next to Lizzy and was not attacked like her. She is a mosquito magnet!

We all leave while Matthew is throwing a fit because of our departure, which in turn sends Lizzy into a head slapping fit. After that was over, we went to get ice cream for everyone and all of the little ones were happy. Todd and I on the other hand were ready for sedation. When it rains it pours.

After we arrived home, I was folding rags and asked why all of them were not washed. Amelia pointed at Martin, Martin pointed at Amelia and round and round it went. That was enough for me to throw the rag down and walk out the door. I walked out on to our street and up Main Street. Todd followed, caught up to me and I told him I needed to be alone. I continued to walk and came to our osteopaths office. Upon entering I made an appointment for myself and continued on down the road. I came upon a group of benches and sat down in the shade. Did not know what I was going to do but I just sat and exhaled. I watched cars pass, admired the beautiful potted flowers next to me and just chilled. It was very therapeutic. Twenty minutes later I headed for home and back into the trenches.

To change gears I decided to prepare Pad Thai and Pork Stir Fry for dinner. Our eldest Ian helped and it was a complete success. Thank God! We all needed some good food and distraction from the stressful events that took place earlier.

After cleaning up to some Motown tunes Todd, Ian and I left for our weekly prayer meeting at church. This is my second time attending and it was a great experience. I was still very uptight but I managed to pray quietly to myself and it worked out. Right after the meeting we had an appointment with our pastor. Todd made the appointment for himself and asked me to join them. The next 2 hours were spent sharing all of our stresses, fears, uncertainties and concerns. Todd and I felt better when we left and headed on back home. Upon entering the house Amelia was still upset and as soon as Howard heard my voice he began to cry. He was fine until I got home.  I sprang into action and gave Howard some teething aids and he finally was back to sleep. Just as we were starting to feel better the rain started again. The plus in all of this was Lizzy was content and sleeping. Thank God the MMR remedy has lightened up and she is feeling a little better. This was music to my ears.

Thank God the day has ended and we get another chance tomorrow. I hope and pray we will have a better day and Lizzy will feel even better. God only gives you what you can handle so I guess we handled it as best we could. May we continue to handle and deal with all of life’s trials and difficulties with patience, love and understanding.

Until next time…

10 thoughts on “09 13 2011 When It Rains It Pours

  1. Amy, my heart goes out to you and Todd and your family. I can’t describe how much I admire your ability to cope and to love. I’m thinking about you.

  2. Hello,
    we’re doing the “cease” to our little boys in Italy
    Congratulations on your wonderful family!
    How to administer the remedies? Dissolve in water or directly sucked into the mouth?


    • Hello Anny,
      Thanks they are a wonderful bunch. Our homeopath had me mix the tabs in water in a small dropper bottle and preserve with 2 drops of alcohol. Wish you luck with your treatment. It will not be easy from time to time but, you will see results. The more information you can provide to your homeopath the better. I will be thinking of you. Ask anytime!

  3. Sorry to hear that, I will keep you in our prayers. It has been raining and pouring here too. God always has blessings for us on the other side!

  4. I’m so sorry your whole family is going through that. I feel that as our kids get better, the harder it is to see a setback. I think it is more frustrating now. FEAR creeps back. Stay strong and don’t let it take over. I’m happy to hear you took a break – that is so needed. We all need to catch our breath and our hope when the wave is high. God give you all the strength, courage and love to keep going.

  5. O Amy I hope that everything starts to fall back in place for you all, lizzy specially. Things at our house have been hectic also, setbacks are no fun after you’ve tasted great days and improvements. The fear is crippling as you say, all we can do is hope and pray fir the healing to continue and for happiness and health for our families. You’re so strong Amy, you can do this!!!!

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