09 29 2011

Current Remedy: Carcinocin 30C                                      

Date of Last Dosing: 09 03 2011  (26 Days)

Current CEASE clearing and dose: none

Current Supplements: Omega 3, Zinc, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Biotics IAG Prebiotic, Pediatric Custom Vitamin/Mineral Base Powder

Returning Old Symptoms :  jumping on bed, blowing saliva from mouth, difficulty falling asleep

Exteriorizations: none

Current Cell Salt : Bioplasma 6X

CEASE Clearings Completed To Date: Hep B (2 rounds) , Dtap, MMR (3 rounds)


Lizzy 09 23 2011

Lizzy has been doing better since our last entry and thank God for that. Her exteriorizations are gone and she is a happy girl again. Her behavior since Monday has been great and she is behaving like a little girl who is not uncomfortable. Her speech has kicked in and the time she spent with her Dad last week paid off big time.

Lizzy’s dad is an artist and his talents have paid off in a totally new way last week. Lizzy loves to bring us paper and markers, verbally requests what she wants us to draw or write and we all accommodate her. My drawing skills are far from noteworthy but she had a super talent to show her the way last week.

Lizzy had Todd drawing all day everyday. The poor guy was changed to his seat and she watched everything he did. She loved it! Poor guy thought he would get a break but Lizzy had something else in mind. The taskmaster cracked her whip (smile) and off Todd went to do her bidding. Lizzy had the luxury of having her sweet daddy home and to learn from a guy who has been drawing for decades.

With all of us home we decided to make a big “linner” (late lunch early dinner) and eat outside. We moved our dining table outside and set it with all of the things that make a table lovely. Linen table cloth and napkins, flowers, candles the whole deal. After making homemade egg rolls, samosas, and other items to munch on we all sat down outside to eat and have a blast together. The meal went well and the kids played outside while I cleared the table. Usually we all help, but I felt like doing it alone today. So off I went and Todd came in to find me doing it alone. “Why are you doing this by yourself? Let me help you?” The chore was shared along with uninterupted conversation and we enjoyed it very much.

Lizzy's balloon 09 20 2011

Until… The taskmaster came in with her markers and paper. Lizzy expressed her expectations and Todd finally said, “Not now Lizzy, I am helping Mommy.” She gently insisted and Todd told her she had to wait or do it herself. So off she went and we continued with the dishes. Back she comes holding a piece of paper extended and says “Balloon”. Todd’s back was to Lizzy and he says, “Lizzy you have to wait!” He turns around to look at her and sees what is in her hand. Her own drawing of a balloon. We both went crazy with pride, tears and compliments.  Thank you God! We needed that big time!! Lizzy is on her way once again.

Lizzy has been very verbal on the MMR 10M so far and she received her second dose 09 22 2011. We spoke with her ND on Tuesday the 20th and we both agreed that we are going to give her body a break for about three weeks after this clearing is complete. The waiting period will enable us to see what this clearing has done. We also talked about the mosquito magnet factor with Lizzy and our ND decided to put her on some b vitamins.  There has been a lot of controversy regarding using vitamin B to prevent mosquito bites. I know that the multi vitamin powder could only help Lizzy. If it helps with the mosquitos that will be great too. Everyone is different.

We are very anxious to see what Lizzy will show us over the next three weeks. Last week was very difficult and I am sure we are in for more weeks like that in the future. Todd and I have learned to embrace these moments and know that are not without purpose. Though we are not very good at this sometimes we manage to get through it and talk each other off the ledge. Thank God for my Toddo. I could not do it without him. Are we perfect? Heck no! But we try very hard and that is what counts with us. All we can do is wait..

Until next time.

09 13 2011 When It Rains It Pours

Current Remedy: Carcinocin 30C

Date of Last Dosing: 09 03 2011  (10 Days)

Current CEASE clearing and dose: MMR Round 3,  Week 3,  1M potency

Current Supplements: Omega 3, Zinc, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Biotics IAG Prebiotic

Returning Old Symptoms :  screaming off and on, low speech, red circles under eyes, hitting, pale

Exteriorizations:Left eye

Current Cell Salt : Ferrum Phos 6X

CEASE Clearings Completed To Date: Hep B (2 rounds) , Dtap, MMR (2 rounds)


9 13 11

Lizzy started her 1M potency MMR clearing and we have seen some major movement. Her left eye got an exteriorization and her speech dropped off again. She has been screaming, hitting, she has a low-grade fever and her face is pale. Man, what a couple of days it has been.

This little girl does not feel well. She is not as active, not too interested in playing, just lounging about. Poor little chick. I hate when she has to go through this stuff. It effects everyone in the house. Todd took his final vacation days to stay home and help. Plus the poor guy is so stressed out he can’t even see straight. The past few days have been horrible. I too have been feeling the stress and am emotionally all over the place. Our oldest daughter Amelia was really feeling it also. When Lizzy acts like this she gets very upset. Amelia told me that it reminds her of where Lizzy used to be and she is afraid that she will lose Lizzy again. Boy, do I know that feeling. Fear is so crippling.

Not only is Lizzy going through this, but our yard was flooded due to our neighbor who was draining her flooded basement. All of her water was dumped into our yard and made a huge mess and that kept the kids from going outside to play. Thanks a ton. $#@% !!

To make lemonade we decided to take the little one’s to play at a nearby park. When we arrived, the gate was locked. Lizzy accidentally got her fingers caught in the car door and our stress level climbed even higher. After calming ourselves somewhat we moved on. We walk across the field instead of driving and within minutes of Lizzy sitting on the swing, she is attacked by mosquitos. I am batting the dumb things away and decided to leave this place and never come back. How much effort does it take to put down cedar chips on the playground to cut down on the bugs? What a joke! Willy was sitting right next to Lizzy and was not attacked like her. She is a mosquito magnet!

We all leave while Matthew is throwing a fit because of our departure, which in turn sends Lizzy into a head slapping fit. After that was over, we went to get ice cream for everyone and all of the little ones were happy. Todd and I on the other hand were ready for sedation. When it rains it pours.

After we arrived home, I was folding rags and asked why all of them were not washed. Amelia pointed at Martin, Martin pointed at Amelia and round and round it went. That was enough for me to throw the rag down and walk out the door. I walked out on to our street and up Main Street. Todd followed, caught up to me and I told him I needed to be alone. I continued to walk and came to our osteopaths office. Upon entering I made an appointment for myself and continued on down the road. I came upon a group of benches and sat down in the shade. Did not know what I was going to do but I just sat and exhaled. I watched cars pass, admired the beautiful potted flowers next to me and just chilled. It was very therapeutic. Twenty minutes later I headed for home and back into the trenches.

To change gears I decided to prepare Pad Thai and Pork Stir Fry for dinner. Our eldest Ian helped and it was a complete success. Thank God! We all needed some good food and distraction from the stressful events that took place earlier.

After cleaning up to some Motown tunes Todd, Ian and I left for our weekly prayer meeting at church. This is my second time attending and it was a great experience. I was still very uptight but I managed to pray quietly to myself and it worked out. Right after the meeting we had an appointment with our pastor. Todd made the appointment for himself and asked me to join them. The next 2 hours were spent sharing all of our stresses, fears, uncertainties and concerns. Todd and I felt better when we left and headed on back home. Upon entering the house Amelia was still upset and as soon as Howard heard my voice he began to cry. He was fine until I got home.  I sprang into action and gave Howard some teething aids and he finally was back to sleep. Just as we were starting to feel better the rain started again. The plus in all of this was Lizzy was content and sleeping. Thank God the MMR remedy has lightened up and she is feeling a little better. This was music to my ears.

Thank God the day has ended and we get another chance tomorrow. I hope and pray we will have a better day and Lizzy will feel even better. God only gives you what you can handle so I guess we handled it as best we could. May we continue to handle and deal with all of life’s trials and difficulties with patience, love and understanding.

Until next time…

09 05 2011 Good News

Current Remedy: Carcinocin 30C

Date of Last Dosing: 09 03 2011  (3 Days)

Current CEASE clearing and dose: MMR Round 3,  Week 1 ,  30c potency

Current Supplements: Omega 3, Zinc, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Biotics IAG Prebiotic

Returning Old Symptoms :  screaming off and on

Exteriorizations: welts on left foot

Current Cell Salt : Ferrum Phos 6X

CEASE Clearings Completed To Date: Hep B (2 rounds) , Dtap, MMR (2 rounds)


MMR exteriorization 09 02 2011

Hello All,

Lizzy had a wonderful exteriorization on 09 02 2011. These are the same welts that took place with our last MMR clearing. The wonderful news is that it was on her foot instead of her shoulder. This means that it is working its way out of her body. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before the exteriorization was found she was cranky off and on. I let it ride until Saturday when I gave her the Carcinocin 30C. She was great after that. As of now, her speech is very clear. Thank you God. When I saw her scratching her foot I thought now what. Boy, was I happy when I found that exteriorization. Warm to the touch, scratchy, raised and red. Very very cool. This was just the 30C so we will have to see what happens with the rest of the clearing. Maybe more will follow, we have to wait and see.

I met with one of my pastors last Friday and she helped me tremendously. I have some studying and soul-searching to do. Once Todd and I have finished our research I feel we will be in better place than we are now. I am so excited for our entire family.  The ripple effect is a powerful thing. Thank God for both of our pastors they are very caring, wonderful people. Will provide more details as they present themselves.

I took Lizzy to met one of our pastors and she had a great time. Lizzy greeted our pastor with gibberish and interest. Lizzy was especially moved by the sanctuary. She sat in the front row and looked around in amazement. I firmly believe she knew where she was and what happens in this building. A feeling of true comfort and belonging was on her face. I was so happy. We are going to take her to the church during the week so she can acclimate to the environment and all of the wonderful people who spend time there. Hopefully this will enable her sit through the entire Sunday service. I might be crazy, but when I saw the look in her eyes I knew that she is in for a huge change and awareness. Not to mention, our entire family.

We started the 2nd week of the MMR clearing today. I am anxious to see what happens again with the 200C, if anything. We are very comfortable and confident that Lizzy will move forward even more with the passing weeks. We will share what happens as we go. Through the grace of God more healing will take place.

The three-day weekend always helps Lizzy. We are all able to spend more time together as a family and Todd loves any extra time he gets with us. Like I have said so many times time before, we all do better when Todd is home. He is away working most of the time and the kids miss him dearly. Gabriel and Willy especially. Todd has been teaching the two of them how to draw and all that he knows about story. He has been incorporating history and geography along with it. It has been a great help. Todd is bringing a breath of fresh air into the homeschooling aspect of our family and I am so glad. I have been doing it for 15 years and lately I have lost my freshness and enthusiasm. So thank God for Todd and all that he is willing to share.

May this week continue to provide much needed change and growth. God knows we need both. It is just a matter of time. Wait, wait, wait.

Until next time.

09 01 2011

Current Remedy: Carcinocin 30C

Date of Last Dosing: 08 19 2011  (13 Days)

Current CEASE clearing and dose: MMR Round 3,  Week 1,  30c potency

Current Supplements: Omega 3, Zinc, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Biotics IAG Prebiotic

Returning Old Symptoms :   noise sensitivity, chewing on her shirt, scalp tenderness, drooling when upset and crying, screaming off and on

Current Cell Salt : Ferrum Phos 6X

CEASE Clearings Completed To Date: Hep B (2 rounds) , Dtap, MMR (2 rounds)

Hello All!

Lizzy has been doing fairly well and we are very excited about this third MMR clearing. The only significant symptom Lizzy has been displaying at this time is scalp tenderness and noise sensitivity. When the scalp tenderness happened during our last clearing I gave her Silica 6X. This cell salt helped her very much and within minutes it was over. This time when the sensitivity displayed itself I gave her Ferrum Phos 6X instead. She was displaying other symptoms of needing Ferrum so I tried it. It worked even faster and better than the Silica 6X. I am not saying that Ferrum is better than Silica for this. What I am saying is that it worked for Lizzy this time around. Ferrum Phos 6X is made from iron phosphate and I am not surprised that she would benefit from it. I was anemic after having Lizzy and had to take iron tabs for weeks. Wish I would have known about cell salts then. I would have felt better faster.

Lizzy is still fairly cooperative but this waiting thing is hard. I know that her advice to me is sound and with purpose but it is still difficult. I have to slow down and wait for her.  Now, with 9 kids, 3 dogs, 2 cats , research, household stuff and home schooling we are flying for most of the day. When we have to wait 5 minutes for Lizzy to do most things it eats into the day. So we need to change gears, slow down and wait.  I know that all of us will eventually get used to it and Lizzy in time will react quicker and do it on her own. Just like eating, playing and all of the other things she is accustomed to doing on her own. It just takes time.

Lizzy’s appointment with the osteopath was scheduled for this afternoon. Amelia, Lizzy and I walked to his office and all was fine, until we passed a construction site that was using a circular saw. She did not like this at all. The sound is very irritating to most and Lizzy is no exception. Everything is times 100 with her. My guess is, this was the moment that pushed her over the edge. (The same thing happened the last time, only it was a crying boy) When we arrived at the office she was screaming off and on til we entered the treatment room. Upon entering the room she said, “Sit down, shoes off.” I thought, great this will be better than our last visit. WRONG!!! It was a repeat of the same thing that happened two weeks ago. She fussed, screamed, wiggled and drooled. This stuff really wears on everyone concerned. The MMR is bringing old stuff to the surface and this is all old behavior, so it is not in vain.

After our doctor  finished we talked about what we should do. We decided to wait longer between visits and see him again after this clearing is over. That is fine with me. I  want to do what she needs not what I need. I am in no hurry to recover Lizzy. I know that this is going to take a considerable amount of time, work and patience. I firmly feel that we are on the right path. I am more than willing to do all three. Though the heart is willing the flesh is weak and we do become impatient. Through the grace of God, we will have the strength that is needed to be patient, hard-working and accepting.

Our osteopath mentioned that he could feel the tension in me as I helped him with her. “Maybe you should make an appt. for yourself”, he added. I totally agreed. Again, I have failed to put on my “oxygen mask” first. I am referring to the instructions one is given when traveling on an airplane. The parent needs to put their oxygen mask on first and then help their child. That is what I have forgotten again. When will I learn? I get so caught up in helping others that I loose sight of my own needs. Not only my needs are neglected but I will be more helpful to others when I am running on full power. Next week I am off to the osteopath for some much-needed help.

I was placed on a new remedy a few weeks ago. I am on Causticum 200C. To name a few, this remedy helps with grief, those who give too much to others, social injustices, those who wish to see drastic change, the patient is inclined to have strong views and ideas. Sounds like me alright. The remedy has helped tremendously. My prior remedy Carcinocin, provided the clarity that we needed to see what remedy I needed next. Between the remedy, supplements, cell salts, herbs and emotional purging I am doing better. After a trip to our osteopath I am sure I will feel even better. Through the grace of God Lizzy and I will be in a better place real soon. Time will tell, just have to wait and see.

Today was stressful and Lizzy’s behavior at the D.O. did not help. Right now I am very tense. All of the personal growth and awareness  I have experienced is still in place but I have more work to do. It is a lot of stuff and I need help.

I received a surprising phone call yesterday. It was from one of the pastors at our church. She and I spoke a few weeks ago and she called yesterday to talk about helping me even more. So we are going to get together and share ideas on how to help me even further. The Lord will provide. God always amazes me! He knows what I need and He provides constantly. I am confident that my meeting tomorrow will help with even more healing. It is just a matter of waiting for the call and  picking up the phone.

May God grant us the strength, perseverance, wisdom and patience we need to become the best we can for His glory.

Blessings to you all. Until next time…