08 09 11 to 08 15 11 ” Wait, Wait, Wait”

08 09 2011 Lizzy Joining In

Hello All!

As you can see by the photo on the left Lizzy is feeling better. The swelling has gone away and her mood has been good. Her willingness to use her voice has improved plus her participation with her environment has been better also.

Lizzy’s been very difficult about going to sleep again from time to time. Some nights she finally gave up by 1230am. Thank God because I am ready to pass out anyway. Yikes!

Lizzy’s need to chew on things has not lessened, it has increased. I have been told by other moms that their children behaved in the same manner while on the MMR clearing. The sensory issues are a constant with these little people. In order to save her shirts and lessen our laundry load I gave her an infant baby food feeder today. I purchased this for her baby brother Howard and we never needed it. He took to using a spoon immediately. The mesh end is used for baby food and it is made of fabric. My thought is, if she wants to chew on fabric then why not try this.

I explained to Lizzy why I wanted her to try it. I handed it to her and she said, “Baby.” I replied, “No you are not a baby, if you need to chew on something try this instead of your shirts.” It worked for a couple of days until our 6 month old puppy got to it. Bye, bye to the chewy for now, Klaus chewed it up and off to the trash it went. Will try to find something else to curb her needs. Maybe a knotted item for her would work just like our puppy. Sounds like a great idea for someone who has the time to make it happen. Organic soft fabric would be a great choice.

Lizzy went shopping with the gang on Wed. and it went pretty well. She was shopping. She picked up things, looked at them and put them back if it was not what she liked. When we hit the DVD section she spied a movie she liked. She said, “Oh cool” and held her selection in her arms. It was very cute.

While Lizzy was browsing, a fellow shopper was upset. By the sound of his cry he was tired and needed to leave. His mother just kept shopping and dragged him by the hand through the store. The two of them came closer and closer to Lizzy. She looked at them and I quickly placed my hand on her shoulder and reminded her it was okay. Lizzy said, ” Go, go, come on, go”, and walked away from where the child was. YES!!!

We have been encouraging her to relocate herself when things in her environment become too much for her. She did it! After that moment she was less cooperative and Martin had to take her to the car. All the while Katie, Matthew, Willy and I paid for our selections. No biggie it worked out. As I stood in the checkout area I thought about how kids are so easily over stimulated in places like this. Autistic or not they are too much for little people.

Upset Lizzy

Todd and I have always been the type of parents that removes their children from a public place when they are fussing or crying. No need to subject every other person in the establishment to this meltdown. Common courtesy.

Retail stores and some restaurants are so over stimulating for little ones. Especially those on the autism spectrum. Infants are the most vulnerable being in a car seat and having to look straight up into blinding lights. I cover the top of the our infant carrier so they look forward at me instead of those zombie lights. One can only imagine what they do to Lizzy and others like her. The vibrant colors, signs, packaging, music, etc. are too much for Elizabeth. These are zones Lizzy can handle for 40 – 45 minutes at the most. Which is okay by me. I am a hunter not a shopper. I see what I need, get it and leave.

After our shopping was completed we went to see our osteopath. Lizzy was eager until we reached the examination room. Same as last time. Kicking, screaming, protesting, squirming, the whole deal. I did remind Lizzy to trust the doctor and he was trying to help. That worked for about 5 minutes and then back to the same stuff. At the end of the session I was wiped out and emotionally drained.

We came home, put away our purchases and played for a bit. Lizzy was sitting on my lap singing songs to me. As I looked at her beautiful face, I became very emotional. I earnestly asked her, “Lizzy what can I do for you. How can I help you?” She paused, looked at me with those big, beautiful eyes and said, “Wait…,  wait…, wait….” I hugged her and agreed that I would. She knows better than us what needs to take place. Apparently, we are on the right track, it is just a matter of time.

Once again this little girl is willing to share her thoughts with those around her when they are completely real with her. She knows the difference, there is no fooling her. I felt very humbled by her response. Patience is not one of my strong points. But I am sure it will be eventually, thanks to Lizzy. God knew that I needed some real connection with her today and this was it. Thank you God! And thank you God again for choosing Lizzy to teach me. I feel she knows more than I can even imagine at this point.

Lizzy continued to do well, but her sleep has been off from time to time. She is waking up early again. About 5 am she comes alive and is hyper and eager to do something. I have not given her the Carcinocin yet. This could be the reason. Will wait until Thursday after I talk to our ND. I want this MMR clearing to really count, and do as much work as possible. If that means her getting up a little earlier than usual, so be it.

Wait.., wait…, wait. What else can we do? I know that she is in a very good place now and her few set backs are worth it. With every clearing we are getting closer. Whether it is CEASE protocol or a single homeopathic remedy we are on the right track. It is just a matter of time. I promised Lizzy I would wait. So I shall.

Through the grace of God I will be patient and remember that our precious little girl knows more than me at this point. God is guiding her and I must remain the student and follow the teacher.

Until next time.

2 thoughts on “08 09 11 to 08 15 11 ” Wait, Wait, Wait”

  1. Patience, a very powerful word, easier said than done but o so necessary. Patience is something we all need to learn to have, life chose a very unique way yo teach us about it, and we graciously are learning as we go. For all it’s worth, we are doing a great job at this Amy, a tremendous and admirable job!

    Lizzy is in great hands, the chosen hands from god. I’m happy to see that the MMR clear is helping her, one step at a time, one day at a time, all in gods times. Keep mOving forward lizzy, the Partida family is rooting for you 🙂

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