08/06/11 p.m. and 08/07/11 An Odd Couple Of Moments

08 06 2011 Lizzy and Todd

Hello All!

After last night’s entry Lizzy became very agitated again. She did not want to go to sleep or be left alone. Todd brought her into our room for a bit and she wanted to watch The Odd Couple. So they did.

I came up to her and asked her how she felt and she grunted at me. I started to rub her leg and felt her calves. They where rock solid. As you can see in the picture on the right she was very rigid.

I began to massage her calves one by one firmly with  cream and she slowly began to relax. I also gave her 4 Kali Phos 6X tabs. Plus spending time with her daddy always helps her get better faster. Lizzy and Todd continued to hang out together for two episodes of the The Odd Couple and off to bed she went without any problems.

Today a.m. swelling and redness

Lizzy slept for about 12 hours and woke up in a fairly good mood. Her face is still swollen and the redness of the exteriorization was more pronounced than the previous night. I was premature in stating that this exteriorization was quicker than the last.  It did level off a little quicker than the others but it is very present at this point.

Lizzy had a pretty good day and she went to the park with her big sister Amelia. Amelia informed me that Lizzy was screaming while on the swings and Amelia asked her to stop. Lizzy asked Amelia, “Are you alright?” Amelia said she was angry.

Amelia then proceeded to share with Lizzy that she did not like Lizzy screaming and that she is sorry for not being around very much lately. Amelia also asked Lizzy to forgive her for not playing or being there for her like she used to. Amelia explained how much she loves her and that she will try harder. Lizzy replied “It’s okay, I’m sorry. ” Again, Lizzy always responds and is present when one’s emotions are being shared in a completely real manner. Amelia was very real with her today and Lizzy accepted and acknowledged it.  Good going Lizzy and Amelia!

Lizzy’s appetite is fair and she is still placing her fingers in her mouth. She is also screaming from time to time but nothing too serious. We have to wait this out and see what the next couple of weeks shows us. We hope and pray that more healing will continue and God will give us the strength and endurance we need to finish this race. We have come a long way in the last three years and we still have a lot of work to do.

Tomorrow is new day and another chance to learn, love, observe and witness God’s glory. May we all remember these factors as we continue on our path of recovery.

Until next time …

2 thoughts on “08/06/11 p.m. and 08/07/11 An Odd Couple Of Moments

  1. Oh poor Lizzie, I hope she feels better soon. That’s great that she is so engaged and involved emotionally though! I hope and pray that Lizzie starts to feel better soon, and that the swelling goes down and she is more comfortable. I hope her and Amelia develop an even deeper relationship as they grow and heal together. We are in the final week of the 4th MMR clear, thank God, it has been a bad one for us again. Jacob also has been sticking his hands in his mouth. Take care

  2. Thanks for your well wishes. Lizzy is doing better and I hope we can last without giving her the Carc. for another week. I want this MMR clearing to stay in the foreground as long as possible. I bet we will be doing this clearing 4 or 5 times. This bugger is nasty!

    Amelia and Lizzy are getting closer again. Autism and anger go hand in hand. Amelia and Lizzy are fighting this right now and through the grace of God they will embrace it soon. After that, they can embrace each other and remember what they really mean to one another.

    May you, Jacob and your husband be healed.with each passing day. I pray that you will see some great changes from this round. My thoughts and prayers are with you daily. In God’s time the healing will be complete.

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