08 31 2011 Repeats and Uncharted Territory

Hello All!

Lizzy has been doing pretty well and we have seen a lot of the same. Some old symptoms have come to the surface and that is what we want to see. With these symptoms changing day by day we will be listing all of her current information at the beginning of the each entry. It is easier for me and her ND so back we go to the old format.

Current Remedy: Carcinocin 30C

Date of Last Dosing: 08 19 2011  (12 Days)

Current Supplements: Omega 3, Zinc, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Biotics IAG Prebiotic

Returning Old Symptoms : Licking of items in her environment, bouncing,  noise sensitivity,  waking up earlier  (530 am), taking longer to get to sleep

New Symptoms: twirling hair with her finger

Current Cell Salt : Kali Phos 6X  or Mag Phos 6X

CEASE Clearings to date: Hep B (two rounds) , Dtap, MMR (2 rounds)


After speaking with Elizabeth’s ND today we have decided to do the MMR clearing again. We started on Monday August 29th and will take it to completion. Each clearing takes 4 weeks so around October 1st we will be able to see what needs to happen next. I am glad that we are going to do the MMR again. I feel that this bugger did a lot of damage to her system and we need to address it as many times as necessary.  So here we go again.

With the new school year approaching I have been researching curriculum for Lizzy. I am not sure where to go yet. Her speech is better and she knows her letters, numbers, sounds, numerous nouns, verbs and adjectives. I really want to work on her hands this year and improve her grip. She wants to write these letters and words that she knows. She has written some letters in the past but recently her ability has changed. No surprise. We have to go back to go forward so I am not going to stress myself and her about it.  I have been trying to get her to use her hands more and understand what it feels like to grip and hold her pencil when writing.  This is one of the goals we have for our 2011/2012 school year. I will be creating a goal sheet for her and hopefully we can give her a new sense of freedom and expression.

Lizzy 08 23 2011

The new swing set at our neighboring school helped with this very thought. As she played at the playground today we started on the swing and she asked to go on the slide. She slid down a few times and then went to a climber that she had never used before. She gripped with her hands and placed her feet in a manner I have never seen her do before. She was so confident and sure in her footing. She was using her hands and her feet with such ease. Every move was deliberate and with purpose. It was wonderful to see.

After play she was hungry. While waiting for her prized pizza to arrive she began to scream and fuss. I had to remind her 3 times that she had to wait. I explained that it takes time and it will arrive soon. Lizzy finally gave up and waited until it arrived. She enjoyed her meal and was content hanging with the rest of the kids. 30 minutes later she went to her room got in bed and went to sleep. No fussing or carrying on, she was tired. Waking up at 530am wears on anyone after a while and after all of the play she engaged in today it was no surprise.

Hopefully, I will find a curriculum that suits her needs and abilities. I need a consultant for this. My sister Cynthia shared some information on a woman that helps coordinate curriculum for an annual fee. She will talk you through every step of the way. This woman has an autistic child of her own and she understands so much about their needs. I want to learn how to teach Lizzy in a very personal way and this lady sounds like just the person to help me do this. I want a program that has been designed just for her.  One that takes into consideration every aspect of who she is. Through the grace of God the funds will be made available so we can make this happen. All in good time. Wait, wait, wait.

Until then, I am going to research all that I can about cognitive therapy and neuro developmental programs that I can do with Lizzy. The Lord will provide and He has. My wonderful sister Cynthia has graciously volunteered to help me with this. She is the research queen. She has been working with her special needs daughter and homeschooling her kids for 15 years so she has a lot of experience. She is the one who encouraged me to home school our kids many years ago. Between the two of us I am sure we will figure it out. Thanks Cyn!

One thing that has helped when teaching Lizzy is to wait for an answer  when we ask her something. In the past I would become impatient or assume that she was not going to answer us so I would decide for her or just give up. After Lizzy gave me her solid advice the other day I started to think about this again. We must wait, wait, wait. When we do follow this advice we get a better yield from her and ourselves. If we know we have to wait then we are less apt to become impatient and rushed. Is it working? Yes and no. Sometimes she answers and sometimes she doesn’t. But if we wait a bit longer without saying a word she is more willing to comply. Also she is doing it because she truly wants to not because she wants to move on to something else.

These CEASE clearings make teaching more difficult for me because Lizzy is busy doing other things. Most of her energy is being used up by trying to get better. How efficient is anyone when they are not feeling well? Not very. So we must keep this in mind when working with her. It is the mood du jour with this little person and sometimes she does not want to do it. Period. So we have to discern whether she is being stubborn or just not feeling well. After three years of this we have a pretty good understanding, but it is still difficult. What isn’t difficult when one is dealing with things like this?

The next four weeks will be filled with another clearing and new territories for all of us. I have a lot of research to do and through the grace of God I will be led to the correct curriculum for Lizzy. Charting unknown territory is never easy and I can not allow myself to get lost in the fear of the unknown. I must faithfully embrace all repercussions and remember that we have gotten this far by praying, observing and persevering. It is just a matter of time. 

Wait, wait, wait.

08 09 11 to 08 15 11 ” Wait, Wait, Wait”

08 09 2011 Lizzy Joining In

Hello All!

As you can see by the photo on the left Lizzy is feeling better. The swelling has gone away and her mood has been good. Her willingness to use her voice has improved plus her participation with her environment has been better also.

Lizzy’s been very difficult about going to sleep again from time to time. Some nights she finally gave up by 1230am. Thank God because I am ready to pass out anyway. Yikes!

Lizzy’s need to chew on things has not lessened, it has increased. I have been told by other moms that their children behaved in the same manner while on the MMR clearing. The sensory issues are a constant with these little people. In order to save her shirts and lessen our laundry load I gave her an infant baby food feeder today. I purchased this for her baby brother Howard and we never needed it. He took to using a spoon immediately. The mesh end is used for baby food and it is made of fabric. My thought is, if she wants to chew on fabric then why not try this.

I explained to Lizzy why I wanted her to try it. I handed it to her and she said, “Baby.” I replied, “No you are not a baby, if you need to chew on something try this instead of your shirts.” It worked for a couple of days until our 6 month old puppy got to it. Bye, bye to the chewy for now, Klaus chewed it up and off to the trash it went. Will try to find something else to curb her needs. Maybe a knotted item for her would work just like our puppy. Sounds like a great idea for someone who has the time to make it happen. Organic soft fabric would be a great choice.

Lizzy went shopping with the gang on Wed. and it went pretty well. She was shopping. She picked up things, looked at them and put them back if it was not what she liked. When we hit the DVD section she spied a movie she liked. She said, “Oh cool” and held her selection in her arms. It was very cute.

While Lizzy was browsing, a fellow shopper was upset. By the sound of his cry he was tired and needed to leave. His mother just kept shopping and dragged him by the hand through the store. The two of them came closer and closer to Lizzy. She looked at them and I quickly placed my hand on her shoulder and reminded her it was okay. Lizzy said, ” Go, go, come on, go”, and walked away from where the child was. YES!!!

We have been encouraging her to relocate herself when things in her environment become too much for her. She did it! After that moment she was less cooperative and Martin had to take her to the car. All the while Katie, Matthew, Willy and I paid for our selections. No biggie it worked out. As I stood in the checkout area I thought about how kids are so easily over stimulated in places like this. Autistic or not they are too much for little people.

Upset Lizzy

Todd and I have always been the type of parents that removes their children from a public place when they are fussing or crying. No need to subject every other person in the establishment to this meltdown. Common courtesy.

Retail stores and some restaurants are so over stimulating for little ones. Especially those on the autism spectrum. Infants are the most vulnerable being in a car seat and having to look straight up into blinding lights. I cover the top of the our infant carrier so they look forward at me instead of those zombie lights. One can only imagine what they do to Lizzy and others like her. The vibrant colors, signs, packaging, music, etc. are too much for Elizabeth. These are zones Lizzy can handle for 40 – 45 minutes at the most. Which is okay by me. I am a hunter not a shopper. I see what I need, get it and leave.

After our shopping was completed we went to see our osteopath. Lizzy was eager until we reached the examination room. Same as last time. Kicking, screaming, protesting, squirming, the whole deal. I did remind Lizzy to trust the doctor and he was trying to help. That worked for about 5 minutes and then back to the same stuff. At the end of the session I was wiped out and emotionally drained.

We came home, put away our purchases and played for a bit. Lizzy was sitting on my lap singing songs to me. As I looked at her beautiful face, I became very emotional. I earnestly asked her, “Lizzy what can I do for you. How can I help you?” She paused, looked at me with those big, beautiful eyes and said, “Wait…,  wait…, wait….” I hugged her and agreed that I would. She knows better than us what needs to take place. Apparently, we are on the right track, it is just a matter of time.

Once again this little girl is willing to share her thoughts with those around her when they are completely real with her. She knows the difference, there is no fooling her. I felt very humbled by her response. Patience is not one of my strong points. But I am sure it will be eventually, thanks to Lizzy. God knew that I needed some real connection with her today and this was it. Thank you God! And thank you God again for choosing Lizzy to teach me. I feel she knows more than I can even imagine at this point.

Lizzy continued to do well, but her sleep has been off from time to time. She is waking up early again. About 5 am she comes alive and is hyper and eager to do something. I have not given her the Carcinocin yet. This could be the reason. Will wait until Thursday after I talk to our ND. I want this MMR clearing to really count, and do as much work as possible. If that means her getting up a little earlier than usual, so be it.

Wait.., wait…, wait. What else can we do? I know that she is in a very good place now and her few set backs are worth it. With every clearing we are getting closer. Whether it is CEASE protocol or a single homeopathic remedy we are on the right track. It is just a matter of time. I promised Lizzy I would wait. So I shall.

Through the grace of God I will be patient and remember that our precious little girl knows more than me at this point. God is guiding her and I must remain the student and follow the teacher.

Until next time.

08/06/11 p.m. and 08/07/11 An Odd Couple Of Moments

08 06 2011 Lizzy and Todd

Hello All!

After last night’s entry Lizzy became very agitated again. She did not want to go to sleep or be left alone. Todd brought her into our room for a bit and she wanted to watch The Odd Couple. So they did.

I came up to her and asked her how she felt and she grunted at me. I started to rub her leg and felt her calves. They where rock solid. As you can see in the picture on the right she was very rigid.

I began to massage her calves one by one firmly with  cream and she slowly began to relax. I also gave her 4 Kali Phos 6X tabs. Plus spending time with her daddy always helps her get better faster. Lizzy and Todd continued to hang out together for two episodes of the The Odd Couple and off to bed she went without any problems.

Today a.m. swelling and redness

Lizzy slept for about 12 hours and woke up in a fairly good mood. Her face is still swollen and the redness of the exteriorization was more pronounced than the previous night. I was premature in stating that this exteriorization was quicker than the last.  It did level off a little quicker than the others but it is very present at this point.

Lizzy had a pretty good day and she went to the park with her big sister Amelia. Amelia informed me that Lizzy was screaming while on the swings and Amelia asked her to stop. Lizzy asked Amelia, “Are you alright?” Amelia said she was angry.

Amelia then proceeded to share with Lizzy that she did not like Lizzy screaming and that she is sorry for not being around very much lately. Amelia also asked Lizzy to forgive her for not playing or being there for her like she used to. Amelia explained how much she loves her and that she will try harder. Lizzy replied “It’s okay, I’m sorry. ” Again, Lizzy always responds and is present when one’s emotions are being shared in a completely real manner. Amelia was very real with her today and Lizzy accepted and acknowledged it.  Good going Lizzy and Amelia!

Lizzy’s appetite is fair and she is still placing her fingers in her mouth. She is also screaming from time to time but nothing too serious. We have to wait this out and see what the next couple of weeks shows us. We hope and pray that more healing will continue and God will give us the strength and endurance we need to finish this race. We have come a long way in the last three years and we still have a lot of work to do.

Tomorrow is new day and another chance to learn, love, observe and witness God’s glory. May we all remember these factors as we continue on our path of recovery.

Until next time …

Lizzy, Are You Feeling Swell? 08 06 2011

Lizzy exteriorization 08 06 2011 MMR 10M

Lizzy exteriorization 08 06 2011 MMR 10M

Hello All!

Today Lizzy and the gang were playing outside and she came inside.

As you can see she was very upset. We decided to give her a bath to calm her down and wash off anything that might have possibly irritated her.

Lizzy more swelling within 10 minutes

The swelling continued. At first I thought they were bites, but no. Another exteriorization.

Lizzy exteriorization 08 06 2011 MMR 10M

After playing in the bath for 30 minutes or so. Her speech kicked in with great clarity. She became very engaging and happy.

Lizzy exteriorization 08 06 2011 MMR 10M After Bath

A couple of hours passed and the swelling diminished even more.

Lizzy exteriorization 08 06 2011 MMR 10M 2 Hours Later

Lizzy exteriorization 08 06 2011 MMR 10M 2 Hours Later

Lizzy is doing well and she is feeling much better. It comes as no surprise that this clearing would be difficult. According to RENSE.com the ingredients of the MMR vaccine are “Measles, mumps, rubella live virus, neomycin sorbitol, hydrolized gelatin, chick embryonic fluid, and human diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue.”

We have had several exteriorizations while on homeopathy. The CEASE clearings have changed this round by not lasting as long as before. Last year it took a day or two to see significant reduction. Today, it took hours.

06 27 2010 Exteriorization from Hep B clearing and Cuprum

We hope and pray for more movement from the MMR clearing. After seeing this today, my guess is that we have to do this clearing again. There are a lot of toxins we need to eliminate from her system in order for her to be free.

May God grant us protection plus the wisdom and discernment we need to stay safe and healthy.

08 01 2011 Old Stuff Revisited

Hello All!

Here is an old exteriorization that has come to the surface again. The photo on the right of Lizzy’s hand has some fluid gathering in it. The left shows just how much fluid after touching it. This happened before and it used to be on her arms and now it is her hands. Interesting. I am not sure what it means exactly but it has shown up before. What I glean from it is her body is working something out again. This time it is on her hands instead of her arms and it is moving down and hopefully out of her body.

Lizzy 08 01 2011 Silica deficiency veins

Another old symptom that has resurfaced is Lizzy not liking her hair being combed. This used to be an action that would send Lizzy into a screaming fit! Now she is protesting via her “Godzilla” scream with less severity. While bathing her tonight I noticed the veins on the side of her head are very visible. This is a Silica deficiency.

I washed her hair and she protested like she used to. A Silica deficiency can cause scalp tenderness and pain. Having experienced it myself I know that it is very uncomfortable and a weird feeling. I gave her some Silica 6X (cell salt) after washing her hair and she played in the bath tub for another 15 minutes or so. I had to see if she still had the same sensitivity so I decided to put her hair into mini pony tails. I combed and parted her hair with minimal protesting from her. Viola! Let’s see if the veins diminish tomorrow and if her sensitivity lessens even more. These cell salts are awesome. Thank you God!

Lizzy holding her tongue 2010 Hep B clearing

Lizzy is not licking things anymore but she is holding her tongue with her fingers. Will have to ride it out and see what happens tomorrow. Every day is another chance to learn and facilitate more healing. We will have to see what symptom du jour will come up next. Lizzy had her MMR 10M dose today and this could be what brought about the tongue holding again. She has done this in the past and the first Hep B clearing was the first time it really kicked in. Those vaccines, what a toxic cocktail they created.

Lizzy’s grunting was discouraged today and she was speaking in clear sentences when prompted. This is not new but very cool to hear. She has the cutest voice. I am eager to see more clarity from her speech and with each clearing it gets better and better. It just takes time. We have a lot of damage to undo so patience is a must. Is it always easy? No way.

The trip to the osteopath last week always helps kick homeopathic treatment into high gear. I love this! Hopefully we will see more healing over the next two weeks. We have a phone appt. with our ND tomorrow so she can clarify our observations and advise us even further.

We are very confident and content at this point with Lizzy’s progress. Yes, we have gone back from time to time but less severity is always an encouraging sign. Will keep you posted to what transpires over the next couple weeks and through the grace of God we will have more good news. May this journey continue to be filled with lessons of trust, hope, faith and healing.

Sweet Dreams To All!

07 28 2011 The Art of Trust

Happy Lizzy having lunch with Mom and Amelia 07 28 2011

Happy Lizzy Watching TV 07 28 2011

Happy Lizzy Watching TV 07 28 2011

Hello All !

As you can see from the picture on the right Lizzy is feeling good.

We had our girl’s biweekly lunch date and she had a wonderful time. Lizzy used her manners and spoke to the waitress each time she came to our table. The recent picture shows that she was full of joy. The second picture is of Lizzy one year ago. She was watching a dvd and enjoying the moment. What I see and observe from these two photos is that in the most recent picture Lizzy is joyful. The look in her eye as she looked at me is pure joy. This is something that we have hoped and prayed for. Lizzy is feeling joy and pleasure on a new level. Plus, notice her hands in the pic from 2010, she was still holding back and not completely relaxed. Though Lizzy will still be tense from time to time during the clearings it is no longer constant like a year ago. Another plus!

After our lunch date we ran a couple of errands and she did pretty well. Later in the afternoon she went to see her osteopath. Her D.O. had an intern working with him and asked if she could join us. I happily agreed and we started the session. The intern had met Lizzy before and she seems to have a connection with her. Our osteopath is wonderful and I admire this man greatly. Together with the intern, Lizzy did have a very good session.

Though the  session finished well it did not start that way. Lizzy was tense at first and did not want to lay on the table as usual. She had received her last MMR 1M dose a few hours earlier so that could be the reason. Regardless, I shared with the two healers that we have been talking to Lizzy about trust and how important it is. Our D.O. picked up the baton quickly and told Lizzy that she needs to trust him so he can help her. As soon as the words left his mouth she cooperated.

The cooperation did not last for too long and she was squirming and looking at his shoe laces and all kinds of stuff. She did not scream or protest though which was a lot. Our osteopath just held on and moved right with her. This guy is wonderful with her. The two healers working together really managed to get some good movement and they are very curious to see what happens over the next two weeks, as am I.

Lizzy came home and all was fine. She went to bed but not too easily. Godzilla screams were part of the evening until midnight when she finally crashed. She slept for 11 hours and woke up in a good mood. The rest of the day was filled with off and on bouts of screaming and lack of cooperation. Amelia tried to give her a zinc tablet and she started to squawk. Amelia adamantly stated “Lizzy you need to trust me this is going to help you.” Again Lizzy cooperated and let Amelia place the capsule in her mouth and took a drink of water. That was it!

7 30 2011 Todd Balloon Master of the Universe

The rest of Saturday 7/30/2011 was spent outside with balloons, water and running about. Todd was balloon master today and I picked up the slack when he was busy. Today Lizzy was so confident with the process, she was grabbing them out of our hands before we could tie a knot in them. A  few popped and no big deal she would go get another.

Matthew was bringing them to me also and as I handed it to him he said, “That is for Lizzy.” How cute is that? He looks out for her and was helping the cause. Way to go Mattie!

Lizzy's Balloon Collection 07 30 2011

The day went well but Lizzy was not too cooperative when it was time to sleep. Todd and I had to remind her several times that it was bedtime and she had to wait until tomorrow to do anything else. Godzilla was visiting again and he did not leave until 11pm. It is getting better with each day. So that is something. The wonderful part is, she is sleeping for long stretches. The osteopath always helps her to sleep better.

Lizzy had her Carcinocin on Saturday 07 30 2011. I asked her if she needed it and she smiled at me. I decided to give it to her because next week is the final week of MMR round 2 and we do not want to interrupt the 10M dose. Our ND advised us to let the 10M ride out as far as it can, so we can see any changes with clarity.

We are going to continue with the trust reminders, supplements, play, Starfall, Speak A Boos and hopefully finish Lizzy’s room this week. We are very anxious to see what comes about over the next few weeks. The waiting will show us what the clearing did and where we will go next. We just need to trust in God and stay the course.

Until next time…