07 24 11 MMR Round 2 Just When You Think You’ve Got It Licked

Lizzy the hairdresser 07 22 2011

We will be starting our 3rd week of our second MMR clearing on Monday. Our second attempt has been going pretty well. One old behavior that has come to the surface is licking. Lizzy has been licking her hands and arms off and on for the past three weeks. This behavior started before the MMR so the Carcinocin brought it to the surface before we began our second round.

The licking had tapered off completely until her second dose of the 200C MMR. Her first tooth is finally out, so that is not the cause for sure. Here we are changing her shirts throughout the day and trying to channel her need to lick things. Toys, organic lollipops, chewy items are not enough to fill the need. But on the other hand, Lizzy is doing well and her speech clarity has returned. So it is all good. We have to go back in order to go forward. That is a constant.

Lizzy has recently started to engage in more imaginative play. Pretending to be a hairdresser is the latest. Thanks to a recent Simpsons episode she has been pretending to cut Gabriel’s hair and mine. It is so cute. Go Lizzy go!

Lizzy was recently asked to say grace before dinner. She placed each of her hands on the persons next to her and thanked God for our meal. Some of her words were muddled but the look on her face was one of true sincerity. Another adorable moment. Without these little gems this journey would be much more difficult. Thank you God. It is the little things throughout the day that fuel an autistic child’s loved ones to keep going. Without them we would be lost in a sea of despair.

We all have been playing outside and all is well with the masses. Lemonade, sprinklers, water balloon fights you name it we’re doing it outside. After the long winter we experienced being outside is the place to be. Lizzy is fascinated with balloons and water balloons are no exception.

Lizzy 07 24 2011 Balloon triumph

Lizzy will bring me a balloon to blow up and then she will walk away and squawk. She  sounds like Godzilla when she does it. That is her way of saying she is not sure, or she needs help. (Another old behavior)

Lizzy is not sure what will happen with the balloon. These balloons are very thin and they pop easy so after the 8th or 9th time of blowing them up for her, she stopped being uncomfortable and trusted the process. With every balloon I blew up she came closer and closer to me. I hold out the balloon and wait for her to come and get it from me. I want it to be her decision not mine.Trust is a big one for her. How can she feel safe when her environment has been one of loud noises, pain and confusion? When trust is finally embraced by Lizzy we are going to see another big shift in her. How true this is for all of us. Trust is huge part of who we are. It can either make us or break us.

When we started using homeopathy I just wanted her to feel better. No more pain, sleepless nights, screaming for hours. All of these things were a part of her everyday life. Now it is only from time to time and with less severity. She is feeling better since we addressed the parasite issue and now it is time to address her spirit. We are all mind, body and spirit and I feel that Lizzy is reaching out to the spiritual part of life. She will be going to see her osteopath this Thursday and he is always able to get her more in touch with herself. I might be wrong, but it feels like this is the direction she is going in at this point. If we are wrong, she will show us and we will shift gears if necessary.  Either way I am so glad that she is feeling better. Our poor baby girl. There is nothing worse than having your child ill and no one knows what to do for her. That all changed with homeopathy and osteopathy. It is what works for her and I am so grateful to God that we found what she needs.

Willy and Lizzy 2010

Lizzy has recently acquired a room-mate. She and her brother Willy are sharing a room. Willy has a great natural ability to engage and teach. He treats her like any other kid. This is exactly what she needs now. He is inventive, fun and willing to accommodate her without enabling her bad habits. Thanks Will, you are an awesome bro!

Last year we painted Lizzy’s room a wonderful pale green and now she is in need of something new. Color therapy is wonderful. Having less stimulating saturated colors are perfect for her and us. I never realized its profound impact until I researched it. We have to be very careful when choosing colors for our home and clothing. Their impact can be very calming or too stimulating. Last thing we need is another over stimulating thing she has to wrap her head around.

Willy and Lizzy’s room will be painted with pale lavender and pale yellow with deep orange accents. Purple is used to get in touch with one’s spirituality and I find that it calms her when she is exposed to it. Yellow is a cheerful color and orange encourages social behavior and creativity. All good stuff. Plus this room gets a lot of wonderful cleansing sunlight. I will attempt to have a couple of blooming planters in the room also. Lavender plants or something else that is calming and pleasant to smell. So on a shoestring budget we are repainting and reusing stuff we already have. Hopefully by the end of next week their new room will be finished. Change is always good, I need it or I can become very bored or uninspired. Todd and the rest of the kids agree, it is time for a change.

Howard 07 15 2011

Baby Howard has moved into her old room and is sleeping 12 hours a night. THANK YOU JESUS!!! This little guy needs to be alone. He can sense when anyone is in the room so he wakes up during the night if he hears anyone nearby. Hold me, love me, play with me. What else could one want out of life? With 7 willing sets of arms in his midst life is grand! But these loving peeps need their sleep so he is sleeping solo for now. Lizzy is still very receptive to her youngest brother. When Lizzy does have a meltdown or screams Howard looks at her as if to say, what is wrong? This little guy is a fast learner. With all of us to bounce off of it is no wonder.

Gabriel and his enzyme cleaner 07 2011

Lizzy’s current behavior and even keeled status has allowed us to address other things that are in need of attention. Gabriel and I have been making some lemon enzyme cleaner out of the lemons we use to make lemonade. Our recent science lesson has been a great time for us to hang together. With all of the lemonade we have been making this summer we should have enough cleaner to take us to next summer. (At least we hope.)  One of the cleaners take 3 months to germinate so we will not know how our science experiment will turn out until then. But in the mean time we are boiling some of the lemon rinds and using them around the house. Inexpensive, nontoxic and great smelling. Yeah! No more glass cleaner or all-purpose cleaners to buy.  Plus fleas do not like lemon so we put it on our dogs with a little lavender or mint oil which makes them smell wonderful.

All of these little projects are keeping us busy and teaching us how to heal, reuse and hopefully free up more money to pay more bills. That is always good. Lizzy’s condition  has facilitated numerous opportunities  to learn and try new things. We eat better, we feel better and we are growing right along with her.  Out of disaster comes opportunity. Hopefully more opportunities will continue to present themselves and God will guide us to a healthy humble place. What more can we hope for?

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “07 24 11 MMR Round 2 Just When You Think You’ve Got It Licked

  1. Your posts are always so uplifting! You also provide a very “holistic” view of what’s happening to Lizzy. Thank you for doing that, it helps me see our journey in a better light.

    I am so happy with everything that is improving with Lizzy. She is doing great and you should feel so proud of your family teamwork with her!

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