07 16 2011 Seconds and Firsts

Hello All!

First day of MMR 30C Clearing: 07 11 2011

Second Day of MMR 30C Clearing 07 14 2011

Current symptoms: Chapped lips, depressed spirits, intolerance to other siblings, low-interest in activities (old or new)

Current Remedy: Carcinocin 30C

Last dose: 07 16 2011

Number of days since last dose: 13 (07 03 2011)


We started round two of the MMR clearing last Monday and so far so good. There are not too many changes with the low 30C potency and that is okay. The higher potencies are the ones that really get things moving.

Lizzy has been doing well and pretty content most of the time, until the last two days. This is the reason I gave her the Carcinocin again. Her spirits lifted some afterwards so that is always good. I do not want to give her the remedy too often. Less is better when it comes to homeopathy, so I wait it out with her and myself. I have been feeling down myself lately. This carcinocin is an emotional roto rooter, but once the line is clear, it’s clear.

Lizzy has been placing her hands in her mouth a lot lately. I thought it was an old symptom coming to the surface. Her past habits of licking things led me to believe that her sensory issues were back again. But that is not the case. She has her first loose tooth.

The tooth seems okay and she is content with it. Her speech has been off and on at this point. Her choice of words are new and her imaginative play has kicked in, so it’s all good.

Lizzy, Amelia, Matthew, Katie and I went out to lunch together this week and it went pretty well. Lizzy was talking loudly in the restaurant and I told her to lower her voice several times. Finally I told her if she did not stop she would have to go to the car. “Oh my God, Gosh”, was her reply to my adamant statement. As my heart smiled, she looked at me as if to say okay, relax I’ll stop. And she did. Thank God, because having to follow through might mean her screaming the whole way to the car for a time out. Fortunately, all went well and we had a good time.

Lizzy and I were singing to each other today and she suddenly looked kind of sad. I asked her what was wrong and she said “I’m bored”. Another first. I asked what else she wanted to do and she said “Scooby Doo”. So off she went to watch a Scooby Doo show for a while. Her next request was “Cookies”. I agreed and handed her some organic ginger cookies and she looked at them and said “No, chocolate”. Okay, well we do not have any chocolate.  She accepted the weak replacement and went on her merry way. Lizzy is not having melt downs very often anymore and we are very pleased about that.


Ian and I went upstairs to bathe our dogs and I left Martin and Amelia in charge until I got back. Martin decided to go upstairs and Howard was protesting because he did not want to be in his playpen any longer, so Lizzy gets upset and bangs her head on a small glass window pane leading to a seasonal porch. She managed to crack the glass. It did not break, it just cracked. No injuries sustained, thank God. Another first. I am surprised it did not happen before today. These old homes have a lot of thin glass panes on doors but through the grace of God all was okay.

Of course this incident jump-starts a lengthy lecture on following through, following directions and glass safety. I do not know if Lizzy will do it again but her siblings got an ear full.  Except for the fact that I get to replace a small window pane tomorrow, all is well. Oh brother! This entire month has been one challenge after another. Now that Lizzy has leveled off and everyone is sleeping through the night, all of the other stuff around us is challenging. Is that life or what?

Another first. I must be going through some hormonal changes because I am a real hot head. Literally! Is this what menopause is like? How fun is this? Well off to my books I go and find that Ferrum Phos 6X (cell salt) is great for this. It has helped very much, but I am still having bouts from time to time. Now I am off on a new journey with myself. Hope all will level off and facilitate more healing for all of us. Does it ever end? No way.

I must say that without all of the other challenges of life Lizzy is doing well. Man I wish everything would just taper off. Finances, fleas, septic tanks, broken glass all of this stuff makes for a full rich day. Yikes! But it could be worse. With all of the stuff going on in the world, my chaotic life is still simplistic in comparison. May God grant me the strength to continue and persevere.

The full moon has not been a drag for Lizzy and that is something, for sure. The past few years of her being upset have been replaced with other $%@&. This stuff we can endure, as long as we are all going forward, and Lizzy is slowly getting better.

I hope and pray that more healing will be made available and our baby girl will continue to heal. What else can I ask for? Not much. May God grant us the strength and resources we need to complete our journey. Through the grace of God all will be level soon.

Sweet Dreams!

6 thoughts on “07 16 2011 Seconds and Firsts

  1. I am so impressed with how well Lizzy is doing! I hope the MMR brings a lot of healing with negligible or no aggravations. One mom told me that on her son’s third round, it was the lower potencies that impacted him the most. Dante has had the most impact on the higher 2 potencies both rounds. This last one set off a six-week stretch of detox; talk about needing patience! But Lizzy’s story and Alex’s story really help bring me hope. Thank you for all the detail!

    On another note, it is so true how the difficulties evolve, as our children heal. I share your prayer for patience and wisdom during this healing process. Your beautiful daughter is already showing some of the progress we’ve been praying for!

    • Thanks so much. I hope Dante is doing better and the clearings will continue to allow our kids to come out and reveal their true selves. God’s blessings to you and Dante. Good luck. My thoughts and prayers are with you daily.

  2. My dear little cousin Lizzie is becoming such an independent little lady! I want chocolate in my cookies too!
    Keep growing Lizzie, I believe in you!

  3. Love to hear how Lizzie is doing. She has made some amazing gains. We too are repeating the MMR again (this will be our 4th time, sigh). We also began the carcinosinum which has brought on a new phase of behaviors, similar to how you describe Lizzie responding in earlier posts, I am hopeful this phase will pass quickly. He has the shortest temper ever right now, I’m never sure when or if he is going to blow, like a 3 year old wants his way all the time. Wondering what you noticed most in terms of improvement with craniosacral therapy? Wishing Lizzie and you much healing, praying this clear will bring many gains. Take care, God bless.

  4. Hi Taryn,
    Wow 4th time. I would not be surprised if we have to do the same. The short tempered behavior is a good thing, though rough on everyone. They have every right to be upset. They are out of sorts. It will level off and you will see some great stuff. With the osteopathy I noticed that she seemed more connected and trusting. I think she felt more comfortable in her own skin after seeing our D.O. Osteopathy and homeopathy dove tail each other so they are wonderful together. I too continue to pray for you and your precious little one. May each day bring more healing and growth.

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