06/22/2011 Making Lemonade

Hello All!

Lizzy has been doing well and sleep is still uninterrupted. Her speech has been getting clearer and so has her willingness to engage in conversations. Her body language and visual exchanges are getting closer to a little girl her age. This is very encouraging. She is very happy. Noise sensitivity is an issue from time to time but nothing like before. Old symptoms less severity.

It has been 20 days since the last MMR 10M dose. Plus it has been 18 days since she received her Carcinocin 30C. It sounds like a long time but we do not want to interrupt the trajectory she is on at this point. Less is better when using homeopathy.

Have a phone appointment with our ND on July 5th so we will see what’s next.  Most likely we will do the MMR clearing again and stay on the Carcinocin 30C also. That was always in the back of my mind. She had the shot twice so it makes sense that we do the clearing twice.

A recent cute moment has been Lizzy combing her hair. She has attempted the last 2 years but now she is looking in the mirror and deliberately placing the brush and creating a look just for her. It is cute to see. Her intense concentration is evident and the fondness of her own image is a constant. She loves mirrors or anything shiny that shows her reflection.  Don’t most little kids love looking at themselves? I Love when she does this stuff, it makes my heart smile!

Other good news is that baby Howard has been sleeping 12 hours a night. YEAH!!! We thought we would never get here. With Lizzy’s noise sensitivity we did not let Howard get himself to sleep. His crying would be the reason for her to kick the wall, bang her head or scream bloody murder. All parents hate this process of allowing their baby to cry themselves to sleep. Thank God it only takes him about 10 minutes to fuss and fall to sleep. Thank God because my heart tears when they cry like this.

Over the past three years sleep has been a luxury and not something we could get plenty of. The last week has been wonderful. What’s curious is now I feel more tired than before. Need time to change gears I guess. Can’t undo all of it in a week, but I am sure glad it is happening. No little person or animal is waking up until 6am. YEAH! Thank you God!!

Gabriel and I recently started to make old-fashioned lemonade. (If you don’t remember, he is a great organic flour tortilla maker also.) We use an antique glass reamer and mix all of the wonderful juice with organic sugar, filtered water and lots of ice. It was very good.

When Gabriel and I started the project I was feeling really down. (Life and stuff) As we sliced the lemons and begin to juice them I felt wonderful again. Lemon scent is very cheering and so is the color yellow. Free aromatherapy and color therapy plus wonderful lemonade to drink. Win, win, win.

After using the glass reamer for about 20 lemons my hand got sore. And I had to make sure no seeds slipped by us and into the finished product. I thought of the well-known expression, “When life gives you lemons make lemonade.” After going through all of this work I had a new appreciation for this phrase. How can I truly understand the depth of the lesson without experiencing the actual process? “Making lemonade” does not mean that it is easy, or without pain. It means you have to work hard for the end result. Which includes using the proper amount of ingredients to make a sweet payoff for all that indulge in this wonderful treat. Yahtzee!

Buying lemonade in a carton, can, bottle or whatever does not send this valuable lesson home. Two months ago I shared with our pastor that I missed the sweetness of life using the “Making lemonade” lesson. I now realize that the sweetness comes from the satisfaction of the process and the end result. I have been missing the mark this whole time. It is the process plus and the end result that makes it the most rewarding. This is what makes life so wonderful and sweet. If you skip over any of the steps you will most likely miss the pleasure of the entire process.

Making lemonade is just the beginning. Around here we use the lemon skins to clean pots, make cleaners and freshen the house. The payoff goes on and on. Like everything we undertake, we must enjoy the process. Otherwise, we are depriving ourselves of all the pleasures that are possible and the ability to bring joy to those we love. Autism recovery and lemonade, that’s a new mix.

Until next time…

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