Scratch That 06 01 2011 to 06 06 2011

A man does not learn to understand anything unless he loves it.   -Goethe

Hello All!

Lizzy exteriorization 06 01 2011 MMR 10M 24 hours later

Lizzy is finished with the scratching and the welts she received from her first MMR clearing. The welts shrunk within 24 hours and she is feeling better.

Lizzy will not receive any more of the MMR remedy for the next two weeks. On June 20th we will begin the second MMR clearing. It will take four weeks like the last one and hopefully we will see some more movement.

Her speech has lessened some, but her way of communicating has changed. The other night she pointed at me and said “You’re Mommy.” She looked at me with this little smirk on her face as if she was realizing it in a whole new way for the first time. Also, when she does speak she will say 3 or 4 complete sentences as opposed to one. Very cool indeed!

Lizzy with her laptop 06 06 2011

As of today (06 06 2011) Lizzy is doing well and her speech is still low. Yesterday we went to our church’s annual picnic. Lizzy played on the swings and play set the entire time. On a good note she smiled at the other kids and was interested in what they were doing. 3 years ago, she could care less.

This was also the first time in 3 years we all went out together as a family. In the past, we would do things in smaller groups. This would eliminate Lizzy from having a meltdown because one of the other little ones were crying or protesting. There is nothing worse than Lizzy screaming at full volume inside the car, as the other little ones start crying. YIKES!!! Those were some hairy times.

The other kids had a great time playing games and little Howard was enjoying all that he could being only 9 months old. With all of the rush to get out the door we all neglected to bring our iphones. So no pics from the picnic. I hate when I do that!

We are very eager to see what takes place over the next two weeks. We are hoping and praying that she will feel more secure and be willing to join us on a deeper level. With each clearing she is gaining more confidence with her environment and those that love her so. Lizzy is still screaming from time to time but they are short bursts and not as intense. Again, same symptoms less severity. This is exactly what we want to see. So I hope to scratch this clearing off the list and move on to the next one.

Lizzy is still receiving the Kali Phos cell salt and it helps very much. I love these things! They have helped me tremendously also. When an old emotion kicks in I can bet that within 24 hours I will have some physical response. I use the cell salt needed for the symptom and within minutes to hours it is gone. Very cool stuff. These cell salts do not interfere with my current remedy so all is good. It is amazing how many things we carry from our past experiences.  I am determined to heal all of these problems and become a master of my fears and past. There is no other way to do it. Fear and trauma are a huge part of our everyday lives. Personal experiences, natural disasters, terrorism you name it. We all carry fear and anxiety with us until we address it and conquer it. So onward and upward. May God grant us the wisdom, courage and perseverance we need to accomplish this difficult task.

Just when I thought I was finished……

Lizzy is up late tonight and very uncomfortable. Screaming, pushing on her abdomen and then removing all of her clothes. Upon hearing her distress call Martin, Ian and I sprang into action. (These guys are so helpful and amazing. Thanks guys! xo)

We discovered that Lizzy is still itchy in spots. She was scratching her chest and her lower back. Plus she has developed a rash on her bottom again and some vaginal discharge. This also happened on the MMR 200C clearing two weeks ago.  We treated the rash topically, gave her some Nat Phos cell salt (6X) and let her body take care of the rest. After a bath, finger spelling, a cup of raw milk, cell salts and topical treatment she was back in bed and laughing. I hope and pray that she will be comfortable all night and get some rest. Like me, she is a bear when she can not rest well.

Have a phone appt. with her ND on Tuesday so all of these things will be addressed. I wonder if the discomfort is from the Carcinocin dosing she received on Saturday and not the final MMR 10M she received on Thursday? Time will tell. Right now at midnight she is still awake, talking and singing. I hope she will crash soon. I am tired. This stuff can easily wear one out. Honestly, it makes my heart tired more than my body. No one likes to see someone they love suffer.

Fortunately, God blesses us with a new day tomorrow and we very anxious to see what the day will bring. We hope it will contain more healing and growth for all of us. May God grant us the strength we need to heal and grow. For through Him all things are possible.

Sweet Dreams To Everyone, Good Night.

11 thoughts on “Scratch That 06 01 2011 to 06 06 2011

  1. WOW!!! Lizzy is speaking more!!! I really think you’re seeing the tip of the iceberg. Her aggravations seem pretty noticeable, so I hope they are accompanied by a lot of good developments. God Bless you All! What a magnificent moment to experience as a family. I’m also excited that she seems calmer and screaming less. Dante is SO MUCH CALMER since we began the MMR. You know we’re on the second round and I am so amazed at how content and calm he is. The car ride!!! I totally get your worries. Dante could headbang and cry all the way. Now that is just not happening. Can anyone say PEACEFUL RIDE?

    I am truly enjoying Lizzy’s progress. I am so happy for all of you. I wish you TONS more progress!

    • Thanks it is good news. I am so happy that Dante is calmer also. The head banging scares me to death, glad it does not happen much anymore. Good luck with your second round. I hope and pray for Dante and your entire family. It is just a matter of time. God Bless

  2. O dear do I know exactly what you write about. It’s very hard to witness our children suffer, but when they thrive we enjoy it like no other, we now know the value of all the great things on life. Great things like talking, hearing, smelling, touch, sight, feeling, this are the true wonders and blessings, not many see this but we do. Nothing is taken for granted, and that my dear lady is worth millions!

    I’ll keep our princess Lizzy in my prayers, let god keep healing her day by day!

  3. hi, I was hoping I could chat w/ you via email. Lizzie sounds alot like my daughter who is 8 yrs old. We did 4 yrs of DAN! W/o much progress. We are now beginning CEASE w/ a wonderful homeopathist out of Boston. I have truly connected w/ her & only wish I had found her years ago. We will begin our 1st clearing next Friday. Starting w/ MMR (my daughter had 2 MMRs b4 the age of 18 months so I know this is going 2 be rough. If you have a moment, I would love to chat w/ you b4 we begin our new journey. Thanks so much, Lisa.

      • Lisa: I’m so thrilled you are beginning CEASE therapy! I’m sure you will be pleased with the results. So happy you found Amy also, she’s awesome!

        We’ve done the MMR clear also with great results, Alex is waiting new, soft and more foods since the MMR clear. He became a picky eater after MMR.

        Wishing your daughter the best of luck, may healing come her way!

  4. Lisa: I’m so thrilled you are beginning CEASE therapy! I’m sure you will be pleased with the results. So happy you found Amy also, she’s awesome!

    We’ve done the MMR clear also with great results, Alex is eating new, soft and more foods since the MMR clear. He became a picky eater after MMR.

    Wishing your daughter the best of luck, may healing come her way!

  5. thanks Lucia and of course you 2 Amy 🙂 things are going well after the first MMR dose Friday. I was expecting the worst but we actually got more good than bad. She gets her 2nd dose 2moro. I just gave her a shower & noticed 6 small red bumps on her butt & 2 on her inner thigh. Did either of you experience this w/ the MMR? I’ll keep you all updated. Thanks again:-)

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