“Doctor, Doctor What’s Wrong?” MMR week 3

Hello All!

Lizzy Loves Hats

Lizzy has been doing well with her first MMR clearing. On Sunday May 28th she developed some bumps on her back. I thought they were mosquito bites but last night (05 29 11) they were full-blown. And this morning they were even bigger. These are not bites but an exteriorization from the MMR clearing. She was up at 240am fussy and not able to get back to sleep. After topical treatment and some attention Lizzy finally went back to sleep at 6am.  She was not upset, just awake. Todd and I crashed right after that and Lizzy woke up in a good mood. She was her old self except for the itching.

Exteriorization 05 29 2011 MMR 1M

This is not the first time this has happened to Lizzy. I remembered that a similar exteriorzation had taken place in the past. After researching my old notes and photos, I found that these are in exactly the same spot as the last time. Plus Lizzy received her MMR vaccine on her left side. The other similar exteriorizations took place on 01/26/2010. So much for the mosquito theory. How many mosquitos survive below freezing weather?

Lizzy was taking Phosporus 30C when she had her first major exteriorization on her left side. As you can see they are very similar and in the same location. Lizzy was on this remedy from 01/19/2010 to 03/09/2010.

Lizzy 01 26 2010 Phos. 30C

What I get from all of this is we still have some major stuff to deal with regarding these vaccines. My guess is that we will probably have to do this MMR clearing more than once. The good thing is, she is not too uncomfortable. She is still happy, affectionate and engaging. She is not screaming, just grunting from time to time. When she does grunt, we remind her not to do that and tell us what she wants. Which she does.When she does choose to speak her words are clear and audible.

Poor little girl is just itchy. So more cools baths, topical treatment with witch hazel and Sting Stop for the itch. These welts (for lack of a better term) are warm to the touch. Which is also telling me that we are working these toxins out of her body. YES!

We are so glad that she is not miserable and too uncomfortable. Lizzy is handling this very well and learning to cope. Poor baby was rubbing her back against a piece of smooth furniture and came to me and said “Doctor what’s wrong?” That means, I need help with this mom. So back to the witch hazel and Sting Stop we go to help with the itching.

Lizzy does not want to wear many things at this point. When its gets too bad, she takes off her clothes. That is the time we hit the same regime again. After her back dries, she brings me her shirt and says “Shirt please, may I have my shirt please?” Her shirt goes back on until she needs help again. The witch hazel and Sting Stop last a few hours so it is not too bad for any of us.

I know these things look nasty and painful. But her mood tells me otherwise. Today I was feeling so bad for her. As I changed her shirt for the first time this morning I saw these things. I thought oh my God, my poor baby! She was fine, except for the itching. In the past when Lizzy did not feel well or was in pain she would scream and cry and we had no idea what she needed. . Now she is using her words. “Doctor, doctor, what’s wrong doctor.

As I was typing the last sentence above. Lizzy came up to me and was reading each word I typed. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is a first!  Especially the words wrong and what’s. It is amazing what releasing toxins can do.

Gotta go, will add more later. There is a box of kleenex in the next room with my name on it. My baby girl is coming into focus!!  Our baby girl is coming back.

Thank you God.  You are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blessings and Healing to all.

Thank You God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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5 thoughts on ““Doctor, Doctor What’s Wrong?” MMR week 3

  1. Amy: I am jumping up with joy here! I have been anxiously waiting to hear good news from Lizzy, the red spots suck but they mean healing 🙂

    You’re a super warrior momma Amy, I’m so happy as blessed to have u in my life!

  2. HURRAY FOR LIZZY!!! This is just AMAZING! What a huge reward and motivator for you, Amy! Her words and connection are the best gift. The fact that she is able to heal with minimal discomfort, and that she is able to cope with her discomfort, is so nice for all around her! She’s reading, speaking appropriately, letting you know she’s uncomfortable…this makes any day so much easier.
    FYI, Dante has had lots of itchy ezcema on his wrist during the higher MMR potencies, so our paths have this in common.
    May God continue blessing your whole family with healing and joy!

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