04 21 2011 The Results Are In

 Here is what we have today!  
Current Symptoms:   noise sensitivity, some screaming

note: all symptoms are old and resurfacing with less severity

Positive Behaviors: Affectionate, obeys requests after asking one time only, willingness to engage in social behavior, speech clarity, kicking a ball, singing along with music

Current Remedy: Cina 200C

# of days since last dosing: 37 (03/15/2011)

# of days with uninterrupted Sleep: 28

Cell Salt: Kali Phos 6X

Hello All!

Got the teat results back and no signs of parasites or bacteria were found. Yeah!! Will meet with Lizzy’s ND next week so we can see what step is next. Will keep you posted.

The Kali Phos (potassium phosphate) cell salt is helping very much. For any new readers, this substance is a brain nerve salt that keeps Lizzy grounded. I’ll say it again, these things are amazing. Without it Lizzy would be having a much harder time which affects all of us. I am very grateful for these little wonders and am currently grabbing every bit of info. I can find about them.

My sweet son Ian bought me a new book on the subject. He is so considerate. He tells me, Mom, I want to buy you something. You need to buy yourself things from time to time. So I want to get this for you. What a blessing he is. Thanks Ian! All nine of my kids are so amazing. Todd and I are truly blessed.

Lizzy has been doing well except for noise sensitivity.  Her appetite is good and she is still very affectionate. Lizzy is much more aware of those around her. When Todd arrives home from work she goes to the window and waits for him. As he approaches our front door, she opens the door and jumps up and down with a huge smile on her face. This little girl loves her daddy. Sometimes she says “Hello” of “Hey”, either way it melts Todd’s heart.

Todd feels bad that he can not be home more with her. He has commitments that need to be met so off he goes to work every day. While on the subject, I must mention that Todd’s employer has been awesome through this whole journey. They have been great about understanding Todd’s need to be home when Lizzy is not doing well. Their compassion and willingness to accommodate him is such a blessing. The entire staff has been exemplary in understanding our circumstances. I hope and pray that all ASD ( Autism Spectrum Disorder) dads have the same experience with their employers. It makes a difficult situation much easier when one does not have to be concerned about being away from work when necessary. Many thanks to everyone at Charlex, Inc. They are a wonderful group of people.

Easter is this Sunday and I pray that we will be blessed with a great day. I am not ready to take Lizzy to church services yet but soon enough it will happen. I look forward to the days when we can go out as an entire family without having to worry about an outburst or meltdown. Hopefully that will change soon. It’s God’s timetable not mine.

My thoughts and prayers go to every family during this wonderous time of year. May we all be blessed with gratitude, healing, love and joy. Happy Easter to everyone. May the joy of this season bring hope to our lives each and every day.

2 thoughts on “04 21 2011 The Results Are In

  1. Happy Easter to you too! It is awesome to hear how grounded Lizzie is doing. Please let us know what your plan is regarding the vaccine clear. Are you on a break? I will read up on the cell salts; thanks for sharing. May you and your family have a blessed evening and continued progress!

  2. Please know that Lizzy is always in my prayers, all my babies are. I pray that they all reach their full potential, god is so good that I am sure we will live to see our kids healed, I have no doubts. Keep up the great work Amy, Lizzy will keep surprising us I’m sure!!!

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