03/23/2011 Just When You Think You’ve Got It Wired…

Here is what we have today!                                                  

Current Symptoms:  jumping on her bed at night, noise sensitivity,   pushing on lower abdomen, screaming for no apparent reason, toe walking, low speech, licking items, grunting, rash on buttocks

note: all symptoms are old and resurfacing with less severity

Positive Behaviors: Affectionate, obeys requests after asking one time only

Current Remedy: Cina 200C

# of days since last dosing: 8 (03/15/2011)

Days of Uninterrupted Sleep: 11

Music Therapy Session on 03/ 23/ 2011: Very Good


Hello All!

Lizzy has been doing fair and I feel she is ready for her remedy again. Her screaming has been through the roof. Man, this part really wears on a person’s nerves. We all have been seeing to what she needs but it does not work every time.  Though the severity is less, this one can wipe a person out. Whatever the reason the other kids and I are ready to start screaming.

Lizzy’s time with her music therapist went very well and he is very pleased with her progress. That’s a good thing! She was singing more with him and would answer him about 60% of the time. Not too bad. What I notice during her therapy is she answers her therapists question or request while not facing him. He keeps pushing for an answer not aware that she already did what he asked. And once Lizzy does something she rarely repeats it, even if you ask her to. It is not for lack of aptitude just lack of willingness. She sings and says all of the things that he asks of her when he is not around. I can not wait until we figure this out. How do we get her to engage with someone beyond her own desire? She is so bright. Is it stubbornness, boredom or what? She did not seem bored today, she just had her own agenda. Typical Lizzy at this point. 

Just when you think you’ve got life wired the connections start smoking. All of the wisdom and beautiful thoughts I had a few days ago started to slip away. This happened off and on yesterday and today. All of the little irritants in life have made their presence known and my tolerance has hit the skids again. This being human stuff really stinks sometimes.

Usually I try to go with the flow but I am not doing too swiftly today. Currently, I am teetering at the precipice. I could go either way. The Carcinocin has brought up lots of old physical symptoms. I have a headache that comes and goes. It is the kind that feels like you have been hit with a baseball bat. My neck, face, head, teeth and  jaw hurt off and on throughout the day. I used to get these all of the time. Fortunately, it comes and goes as opposed to being in constant pain all day. So here we go again. This change in behavior and feelings is exactly what must be happening with Lizzy. Like me, some days are good and some just stink! I am so grateful to be on a homeopathic remedy right now. This allows me to keep all of these feelings and incidents fresh in my mind. Having to experience the homeopathic process enables me to understand what Lizzy might be going through from one day to the next.  We are healing together.

Another contributing factor is I have run out of the cell/tissue salt that I need right now. If you are not familiar with them, check this out. http://www.1-800homeopathy.com/blog/homeopathy-nerve-pain/There are 12 cell salts and they come in a 6x potency. (Do not confuse them with the remedies of the same name the potency is different.) These salts are wonderful.

I purchased a book by David R. Card that helps one really understand them. He mentions that one can take them based on symptoms or one can follow the zodiac signs and seasons. The seasons will tell you which cell salts would be used and when to clean and purify the body. Honestly, when I first read this about the seasons, I thought hmmmmmmmmmm. But as I keep looking up things in David Card’s book I see that my symptoms fall under the seasonal recommendations. I still use symptoms first as a guide, but it is quite amazing how accurate the calendar is. I highly recommend that you check them out if you are interested. With the incredible expense of supplements I have found these tissue salts to be even more effective for a fraction of the cost. Ask your homeopath if it is something that might work for you or your child.

We have a phone appointment with Lizzy’s homeopath tomorrow so we will see what she wants to do next with her. I know that whatever is decided, Lizzy will continue to keep going forward. All in good time… At this point it is slow but sure.

With new snow falling today and tomorrow, we have to change gears once again. There is a temporary hold on Spring so we must go with the flow.

 May God grant us strength, faith, hope, love and joy for another day of recovery.

Sweet dreams.


One thought on “03/23/2011 Just When You Think You’ve Got It Wired…

  1. O Amy I am so sorry to hear she is not doing too good. I know exactly how you feel. As you knwo Alex has not been doing too good also, this week has been rough to say the least. I am hoping and praying for a better week for us both. May our kids heal daily, I am sure they will.

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