To Boldly Go Where One Has Gone Before


Here is what we have today!                                                  

Current Symptoms:  jumping on her bed at night, noise sensitivity,  low speech, nose picking, very whinny, rigid muscles

note: all symptoms are old and resurfacing with less severity

Positive Behaviors: Affectionate, obeys requests after asking one time only, willingness to engage in social behavior

Current Remedy: Cina 200C

# of days since last dosing: 12 (03/15/2011)

Days of Uninterrupted Sleep: 3


Mother’s Log: 03/28/2011


Good morning Lizzy!  Even though Lizzy sleeps all night she is very whinny in the afternoon. As the evening progresses it finally levels off again. Man this little girl and I are on a roller coaster ride.

These remedies are really moving things around. I have been taking homeopathic remedies for almost 3 years and I have never had an experience like this before. The carcinocin is taking me back to a place where I do not want to go. Every injustice, betrayal and hurt that I experienced or inflicted has hit the surface again. Having to go back and examine days of being young and stupid is never fun. What a time of idiocy and naiveté. Why the carcinocin is bringing this to the surface is not quite clear to me yet. What makes this homeopathic experience unique is that I have not seen my osteopath at the same time. In my experiences, osteopathy kicks homeopathy into high gear and the healing seems to take place faster. These two healing modalities dove tail each other and I see now that I must get Lizzy and myself back to our D.O.,  now.

Lizzy and I went to the market together and we have not done this by ourselves for quite a while. With Lizzy’s mood du jour we do not do it as often. This is something I think we are ready to do again frequently. The short trip went well until we had to wait in line to pay for our purchases. She wanted the grapes we had in the cart and waiting was not something she wanted to do. The cashier commented ” Oh you should be able to wait for this by now.” The cashier does not know that Lizzy suffers from autism. How could she?  From a distance, Lizzy looks like any other little girl to her. But we all know the reality. Hopefully in a couple of years this will all be behind her. I must say that I am very pleased with Lizzy and her ability to not become as overstimulated as she did in the past. Good work Lizzy!

Lizzy and the printer 03 2011

Lizzy has been more interested in the computer and all that goes with it. She is mainly interested in the printer and the keyboard. I can’t sit down to do anything at our pc without her wondering what I am doing and why. This is very cool and I am glad that she is willing to take an interest in things outside of her routine. We are going to strike while the iron is hot and keep doing things with her online. She loves her IXLmath work and dancing to various songs on youtube but I need to find other things that include language besides the Starfall reading program.

Lizzy’s finger spelling interest is still hot so we keep going until it ends. This is how it goes. Lizzy will tell me a word and I will say the word and spell it with sign language. I do not do it quickly. This allows her to tell me the next letter in the word and interact with the process. She knows how to spell quite a few words on her own. My guess it is about 50 to 60 at this point. She can read about 200+ words so it is just a matter of her choosing to do it.

Bet there is more knowledge than what she is sharing to date. I know this little woman is hearing everything and socking it all away. Her behavior in the past has shown me that when she starts pulling mental files they are numerous and accurate. I presume one day all of this acquired information is going to come flowing out of her in a constant stream. Unlike the few drops she shares with us currently. This will be a wonderful day. All in good time.

So here we are looking at old stuff and trying to learn from it. I feel that one needs to go back in order to go forward. Some disagree. They want to leave the past right where it is and never look back.

The philosopher George Santayana said it best, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  This quote has been in the back of my mind since highschool. Though I am not always willing, I know it must be done in order for true healing to take place. I can not believe how many of my old feelings and experiences are coming to the surface. Things  I thought were okay have resurfaced and shown me that I need to give them another look.  Plus, I need to surrender and let go completely.

But how does one do this? My approach at this point is this. I need to reexamine my feelings and try to come to a conclusion as to how it impacted me. I believe most of the things I have trouble with go back to the same source. The trick is, I need to uncover it. Homeopathy is just the beginning, it is not a magic bullet that fixes everything immediately. It just brings it to the surface so one can address what is being presented. This is the same for Lizzy. After talking about it, the next step is prayer. I pray that God will open my heart and mind to what is needed so I can see what needs to be tackled first. With God’s help Lizzy and I can let go, and be at peace.


Case in point. Our oldest daughter Amelia has been a tremendous help with my journey. She is studying psychology and thank God for that because she is wonderful to talk to. I have been sharing my past pains with her and she is a wonderful listener. How blessed her patients will be to have her caring for them. She is an awesome young woman. Being only 17 years old, she has an innate ability for this. I am so glad the Lord provided someone I love so much to help. I am feeling much better since our conversation and have realized that I just needed to get it out. If something is leaving a bad taste in your mouth it is best to spit it out. So I did. Thanks again Amelia. I love you so.

It must be very frustrating for Lizzy not to be able to communicate completely how she feels. Frustration is what I would feel if I were her. I still am very encouraged by Lizzy’s progress even though we are going back again. We must be thorough and eliminate all traces of these parasites before we can move on to the next CEASE clearing.  Lizzy will be seeing her homeopath next week and with the stool test results we will be ready to tackle these parasites for the final time.

May God grant us more healing and strength for another day of recovery.

Sweet Dreams!

03/23/2011 Just When You Think You’ve Got It Wired…

Here is what we have today!                                                  

Current Symptoms:  jumping on her bed at night, noise sensitivity,   pushing on lower abdomen, screaming for no apparent reason, toe walking, low speech, licking items, grunting, rash on buttocks

note: all symptoms are old and resurfacing with less severity

Positive Behaviors: Affectionate, obeys requests after asking one time only

Current Remedy: Cina 200C

# of days since last dosing: 8 (03/15/2011)

Days of Uninterrupted Sleep: 11

Music Therapy Session on 03/ 23/ 2011: Very Good


Hello All!

Lizzy has been doing fair and I feel she is ready for her remedy again. Her screaming has been through the roof. Man, this part really wears on a person’s nerves. We all have been seeing to what she needs but it does not work every time.  Though the severity is less, this one can wipe a person out. Whatever the reason the other kids and I are ready to start screaming.

Lizzy’s time with her music therapist went very well and he is very pleased with her progress. That’s a good thing! She was singing more with him and would answer him about 60% of the time. Not too bad. What I notice during her therapy is she answers her therapists question or request while not facing him. He keeps pushing for an answer not aware that she already did what he asked. And once Lizzy does something she rarely repeats it, even if you ask her to. It is not for lack of aptitude just lack of willingness. She sings and says all of the things that he asks of her when he is not around. I can not wait until we figure this out. How do we get her to engage with someone beyond her own desire? She is so bright. Is it stubbornness, boredom or what? She did not seem bored today, she just had her own agenda. Typical Lizzy at this point. 

Just when you think you’ve got life wired the connections start smoking. All of the wisdom and beautiful thoughts I had a few days ago started to slip away. This happened off and on yesterday and today. All of the little irritants in life have made their presence known and my tolerance has hit the skids again. This being human stuff really stinks sometimes.

Usually I try to go with the flow but I am not doing too swiftly today. Currently, I am teetering at the precipice. I could go either way. The Carcinocin has brought up lots of old physical symptoms. I have a headache that comes and goes. It is the kind that feels like you have been hit with a baseball bat. My neck, face, head, teeth and  jaw hurt off and on throughout the day. I used to get these all of the time. Fortunately, it comes and goes as opposed to being in constant pain all day. So here we go again. This change in behavior and feelings is exactly what must be happening with Lizzy. Like me, some days are good and some just stink! I am so grateful to be on a homeopathic remedy right now. This allows me to keep all of these feelings and incidents fresh in my mind. Having to experience the homeopathic process enables me to understand what Lizzy might be going through from one day to the next.  We are healing together.

Another contributing factor is I have run out of the cell/tissue salt that I need right now. If you are not familiar with them, check this out. are 12 cell salts and they come in a 6x potency. (Do not confuse them with the remedies of the same name the potency is different.) These salts are wonderful.

I purchased a book by David R. Card that helps one really understand them. He mentions that one can take them based on symptoms or one can follow the zodiac signs and seasons. The seasons will tell you which cell salts would be used and when to clean and purify the body. Honestly, when I first read this about the seasons, I thought hmmmmmmmmmm. But as I keep looking up things in David Card’s book I see that my symptoms fall under the seasonal recommendations. I still use symptoms first as a guide, but it is quite amazing how accurate the calendar is. I highly recommend that you check them out if you are interested. With the incredible expense of supplements I have found these tissue salts to be even more effective for a fraction of the cost. Ask your homeopath if it is something that might work for you or your child.

We have a phone appointment with Lizzy’s homeopath tomorrow so we will see what she wants to do next with her. I know that whatever is decided, Lizzy will continue to keep going forward. All in good time… At this point it is slow but sure.

With new snow falling today and tomorrow, we have to change gears once again. There is a temporary hold on Spring so we must go with the flow.

 May God grant us strength, faith, hope, love and joy for another day of recovery.

Sweet dreams.


03 18 2011 Dealing and Healing

Hello All!

Here is what we have today!                                                  

Lizzy's new apron 03 21 2011

Current Symptoms:  jumping on her bed at night, noise sensitivity, impatience with needs being met,  pushing on lower abdomen, passing of small string like parasite, constipation (small clusters with mucus)

note: all symptoms are old and resurfacing with less severity

 Positive Behaviors:  more talking and singing, VERY affectionate!

Current Remedy: Cina 200C

# of days since last dosing: 6 (03/15/2011)

Days of Uninterrupted Sleep: 9


Lizzy and John 03 2011 Music Therapy

Well Lizzy has been sleeping well and she has been doing good.  She is still very affectionate and full of hugs and kisses. This is always good!

Lizzy passed another parasite and I am still not sure what kind it is exactly. I need to send in her sample to have it tested soon. These procedures are not covered by insurance up front.  Out of pocket always has to be accounted for ahead of time so we will do it as soon as possible.

 I am so glad that the Cina is still working on moving these things out. This is the second time this one parasite has displayed itself. I hope and pray that this lab work will help us to establish exactly what we are dealing with. If it doesn’t, then there it is. The negative lab reports in the past did not prevent our homeopath from making an accurate assessment of what remedy Lizzy needs. My money is on God and her.

As stated in earlier posts I am on a remedy to help me to deal. I have come to a    conclusion. Grief is still the heart of my problem. This includes every aspect of my life. There are two factors that are especially fresh in my heart. Lizzy’s autism and how our family has changed because of it.

Lizzy, Toddo and Gabriel 2007

In addition, Todd and I do not talk about taking on the world. We talk about how it is beating us up and how we need to fix it. With all of these topics eating up our day there is little time for spontaneity and fun. Todd and I have always had an ability to talk to each other about anything. It is one thing we love to do with each other. But lately I can not gather the enthusiasm to share anything. My emotions are on a roller coaster ride.  Finally my remedy has kicked in and I am feeling a lot better. This must be exactly how Lizzy feels. It is the same pattern.  

Todd getting ready for our wedding 10 28 1990

Todd and I have been here before. It happens from time to time in any marriage. Our 20 year journey together has been filled with every emotion imaginable. And honestly I have to say, I still adore this man the same way I did 20 years ago. Currently that adoration is coupled with more compassion, respect and admiration. Trials in life allow us to see who people really are and this man is an incredibly loving, giving individual. With 85% of couples with autistic children getting  divorced I am so grateful that God continues to guide us back to our rightful place. The trial of autism beats one down to their knees. And understandably so. When one’s child is suffering the parents and those who love them suffer right along side them.  

Fortunately we have homeopathy which moves all of the old emotional junk out in to the foreground so one

Amy getting ready 10 28 1990

 can deal. And that is exactly what we need. Before, all of my feelings were being covered up with daily chores, finances, grief, therapies, research and habits. It is not something that Todd and I wanted for each other, but it happened. Thank God we caught it now and are willing to change.

As I was looking through old family photos I realized how different we look now. I do not mean our weight or hair and skin. I mean our eyes. We do not look joyful anymore. We look sad, haggard and beat up. And rightfully so. We feel that way most of the time.  Todd and I have decided this will not work any longer. We can not allow the stresses of life to take over. What kind of example are we setting for our kids and what kind of marriage will have 5 years from now? My guess is it would be a very flat existence. We would be going through the motions and nothing else. We are going to welcome these two joyful people back into our lives. Their names are Todd and Amy we miss them very much.

Todd and Amy 2005

Well there is nothing like a little time together. Todd and I went out for about 4 hours last Sunday and had an awesome time together. No schedule or agenda no set destination. I would keep driving and when I came to an intersection we would decide at that moment where to go next. This is exactly what we used to do. Spontaneity and adventure, it was great fun.

 As we approached home Todd gently reminded me that no matter what might be happening, do not lose the joy from the fun we just had. I accepted this reminder and all went well. I did have to remind myself a couple of times when the kids were acting up. But for the most part we had a great day together. I pulled myself out of it. I decided to not let it ruin my groove.

This is what homeopathy does. It helps one deal and heal. It is not an immediate answer. It takes time and effort. What I love is, it brings it to the foreground so one can look at it and heal. I am so grateful for this healing modality. In the past I took meds for depression after having Lizzy. It was postpartum stuff.  It helped with the symptoms, but not the cause. I took it for about 4 months and I was putting a band-aid on a bullet wound. It was never going to be enough. It only suppressed my feelings. Now all of the old baggage I have been carrying around is being discarded in a healthy, permanent manner.

Lizzy continues to do well and the largest moon in a very long time did not wake her up. She is falling to sleep later than usual, but she is staying asleep. Thank God! The loss of sleep is something that is very damaging to a person’s mind, body and spirit. I hope this phase of sleepless nights is over forever. I am very encouraged with Lizzy’s progress and mine. Thank you God!

I have to say again to everyone, try to find the joy. Place it back in your lives. Before it is too late. Without it we can not fight the battle of autism recovery. We must arm ourselves with love, joy and peace in addition to faith and hope. I pray that all people being touched by autism will recover right along with their kids and be realised from the emotional prison they are in. I have served 3 years so far and I wish to no longer stay there. I want to be joyful again!!!  I want to completely enjoy all of the beautiful gifts God has given to me. Without real joy one can not see what He has placed in our path. I thank you Jesus for opening my heart and mind. I thank Him for his grace and mercy in saving my marriage and freeing me of past baggage. For all things come from Him, including homeopathy. It is a gift.

May God continue to heal our mind, body and spirit. May He give us the strength we all need for our family’s recovery.

03 16 2011 “Mood Du Jour”

Hello All!

Here is what we have today!

Current Symptoms: screaming to get her way, jumping on her bed at night, noise sensitivity, head banging, grunting

note: all symptoms are old and resurfacing with less severity

 Positive Behaviors:  more talking and singing, VERY affectionate!

Current Remedy: Cina 200C

# of days since last dosing: 1 (03/15/2011)

Days of Uninterrupted Sleep: 4


Lizzy slept well and woke up in a fairly good mood. All was fine until I had to go run errands. Lizzy wanted to accompany Martin and I and the answer was no. Her therapist was to arrive soon so she had to stay home this time. She did not like that at all. She screamed and screamed after we left. Ian and Amelia sent her to her room where her 30 minute protest took place.  She came back downstairs where she started again and Ian escorted her back to her room again. After she stopped, she came downstairs again and all was fine. This little chick is strong-willed for sure!

Lizzy’s music therapy went well and she was singing up a storm. At the end of the session she told her therapist good-bye and that she loved him. Very cool! Though we see her coming out of her shell more and more we still have moments of chaos. I call it mood du jour, you never know what we will be served from day-to-day.

Today was the day for a lunch date with Lizzy. Amelia, Willy, Lizzy and I went to our same restaurant and it went very well. Lizzy wanted a “drink” and after the waitress brought it to her she bowed her head and said “Dear God thank you for my drink.” How sweet is that! I tearfully hugged her and she smacked me with a big kiss on my cheek. Thank you God is right. The whole time went well until …. Lizzy started to slide off of the booth. That’s our cue,  exit stage right.

We then went to get an ice cream cone and she loved it. She spotted some balloons and a mini meltdown ensued. After telling her no and reminding her to stop, it ended. Boy am I glad these melt downs are getting shorter. There is nothing worse than a screaming child in a vehicle. Calgon take me away!!!!!!!!

We drove home with ice cream cones for everyone else. They all loved it. Now that it is starting to warm up again ice cream is a must. There is nothing like having something delicious that you do not get every day. Gratitude filled the air.

 Not only for the ice cream but also for the pleasant time we had together. The most simple things in life are the most powerful when lifting one’s mood. I needed it today too. We all did. We are so looking forward to spring. Only 3 more days until it’s official. Cabin fever has been an epidemic around here for the past two to three weeks.  So bring on the sun and warm weather we are ready!


Queen annes lace

I pray that Lizzy will have a good night’s sleep and she will continue to blossom. Like the spring flowers that have been dormant all winter she too will sprout and free herself of her hibernation. Through the grace of God every day will bring her closer to reaching her full potential. With each passing day she will blossom into the beautiful little girl who has been waiting for her spring thaw.  The cold autism season will be over and a warm new bud will emerge. May God grant us the opportunity to grow and emerge from our own winter and greet spring with a new-found awareness, love and growth.




Wishing you all strength for another day of recovery.



03 15 2011 “Heartship”

Hello All!

Here is what we have today.

symptoms: screaming, pushing on lower abdomen, gibberish, noise sensitivity

current remedy: Cina 200C

# of days since last dose: 0 (3/15/2011)

days of uninterrupted sleep: 3


Hello All!

Lizzy has been doing pretty well and finally was ready for her next dose of Cina 200C. The symptoms listed above have lessened considerably since she received her remedy. Lizzy has begun to engage in more imaginative play and interaction with her younger siblings. Her reading, finger spelling and singing have increased considerably. We are definitely going forward.  Thank you God!

I have been down for the count the last two days and trying to catch up to the pace I usually have. My carcinocin remedy is working on bringing old issues to the surface and helping me to eliminate more emotional baggage. Which in turn slows me down physically. All old physical symptoms are coming to the surface and lasting a very short amount of time. Just what we want to see.

I’m really feeling the stress of this journey lately. Lizzy has been doing well and moving forward. When things slow down like this I tend to get more tense. I am the type of person that handles a crisis very well while it is happening. But after all has settled down I fall apart. Todd is the opposite. Thank God for that. This enables us to help each other and pass the baton when necessary. God always provides what one needs!

Did some cinema therapy yesterday and watched Rocky Balboa. This is the last movie done by Stallone and I feel that it bookends the series perfectly. One of my favorite cinema quotes is from this movie. Rocky states to his son, “It’s  not about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.” How true is this? I can totally relate to this statement. Life is a series of blows that one can either succumb to or move forward. I choose to move forward.

  Autism can beat you down to your knees if you let it. And believe me I have felt the blows throughout this entire journey. Though one remains faithful and hopeful, it is still difficult.

My dad mentioned to me that he has been reading my blog and he said ” It’s a real hardship.” Yes it is that but I think it is more of a “heartship”. One’s heart is torn into millions of pieces  and it is a constant job to put the pieces back together. I am currently going through this again. Every time these feelings resurface it gets a little easier. Not much, just a little. It is all part of the journey. Again, it is God’s time-table not mine. I know in my heart of hearts that all will be fine eventually. I just need to keep getting back up and fight even longer and harder. Easier said than done lately. I have hit an all time low with this remedy. Just goes to show how much emotional and physical housecleaning needs to be done.

I am so glad that I am going through this now. This experience will help me understand Lizzy better and the homeopathic process. All parents who are using homeopathy for their autistic kids need to be on remedies also. It helps with healing and also understanding of how their kids are feeling. I feel that God has given us autism as a wake up call. A call that can not be ignored. It is a chance to become the best people we can be for His glory, ourselves and those that we love. So onward and upward.

May God grant us the strength to endure, heal and triumph.

03 09 2011 Still Watching and Waiting

Current Symptoms: bouncing, screaming, noise sensitivity, hyper behavior at night, welts on left leg

 Note: All of these symptoms are old ones coming to the surface again with less severity, just what we want to see.

Current Remedy: Cina 200C

# of days since last dosing: 11 (3/1/11)

Days of uninterrupted sleep: 4


Hello All!

Lizzy has been doing well and doing much better during school time. She is more attentive, verbal and engaging. She is very affectionate and overall she is doing well.

Spoke to her homeopath last Thursday and we are still watching and waiting. We do not want to interrupt the trajectory that she is currently on from the last dose of Cina 200C. Her body is working on getting rid of these parasites and it is going to take time.

This is a time of true healing for Lizzy. Though it seems slow, her body is responding. She got an exteriorzation 2 days ago. This time it is on her left leg. The last time she had welts like this it was on her left shoulder. What this tells us is that the remedy is moving things out of her body. It is bringing things to the surface so that eventually it will work its way out entirely. As they move further down the body the better it is. This is just what we want to see.

We are very encouraged at this point and hope for even more healing. It is just a matter of time. Patience, Patience. More blogging soon.

 May God grant us the strength we need for even more recovery.

03 07 2011 Teacher and Student

Hello All!

Current Symptoms: bouncing, some licking, screaming off and on

Current Remedy: Cina 200C                                               

Lizzy Amelia and Willy 2005

# of days since last dosing: 6 (3/1/11)

Uninterrupted Sleep: 2 days

New Behaviors: using a spoon to eat soup, adding Cholula Hot Sauce to her beans, wiping her face with a napkin, finger spelling more words, decoding words, finger spelling her name, more reading, counting at a glance


Well we’re back!

Due to fatigue and just stress I have not been blogging as much as I usually do. Lizzy is doing better but I feel that we are ready for a new potency with her current remedy or a new remedy all together. I have a phone appt. with Lizzy’s homeopath this Thursday so we will know then.

Lizzy’s Qigong therapy has stopped due to financial reasons. I also received a decline from our insurance company for reimbursements. Oh brother! Talk about parasites they are definitely not out there to help in situations such as this. Don’t even get me started. Having said that I feel that it is time to go back to our osteopath instead. Lizzy did really well with him so if it works why fix it.

I started a new remedy last Sat. I am on carcinocin 30C. This remedy is made from carcinomas. I have taken it in the past off and on and it helped tremendously. It helps with all sorts of issues. That is a blog or two unto itself.

The last couple of days have been very emotional for me. A lot of old issues coming to the surface plus many emotional breakthroughs. I have been looking at issues from when I was a child and how those tapes are still playing in my head as an adult. It is amazing how much baggage we carry.

The issues of my dad not being around when I was little still affects how I view everything. That includes my marriage. Todd shys away from conflict even when I am being attacked by others. He does not rise to my defense. He just refuses to go there. Too much conflict from his childhood brought him to this point.

Damaged books and toys from leak

For example we had a major leak in the roof here. The roof has not been repaired by our landlord and Todd just accepted it in the past. I did not. The landlord just ignored the situation. I am a problem solver by nature. So having this mess and thousands of dollars worth of damage to our stuff infuriates me beyond measure. What an injustice! Plus our insurance policy does not cover the damage either. Major injustice!!! Also this landlord does not respond very well to me being demanding. He seems muy macho. If Todd stands up and does it, the communication is more powerful to someone like this.

I can be very understanding and supportive, but when one is not doing what needs to be done, I become very angry and go back to that old place inside of myself. Why don’t you just fix it? Todd’s choice to do nothing is exactly what played out when I was a child. It did not sit well with me then either. So the carcinosin helped bring it to the surface again so I can heal myself and learn to accept and deal from a less emotional state. Now I can look at it with adult eyes instead of those of a child and be more proactive.

Todd and Amy 2005

 Todd’s father and step mother were very combative with each other when Todd was a kid.  Todd had to witness them fighting feverishly. It became so bad one night that Todd ran out of the house and hid in a tree until the next morning. Even though I know these things about Todd’s experiences my own painful experiences override my judgement from to time. I have a great understanding of Todd and his past but I also know that he needs to embrace these feelings or he will never be free of fear. So again, the feelings of just fix it slip in and I become frustrated with Todd’s choice to not defend me or us as a couple.

Lizzy Gal 2005

As the remedy settled down inside of me I became very level-headed again. I realized that I need to not say anything to Todd. I will no longer demand that he take a stand. Now I will be prayerful just like I am with Lizzy. I don’t get mad at her because of her behaviors. I am very understanding and supportive and do everything I can to heal her. So that is going to be my approach with Todd. Regardless of what I feel he could be doing to remedy a situation I need to be even more understanding and help him heal. Plus it needs to come from inside of him at the right time. Otherwise he is doing it to please me and not because he has faced his fears. I have done this in the past but when something like the roof leaking happens it becomes too much for me and all of those old suppressions come to the surface. Without the help of homeopathy I would not be able to heal completely.

Lizzy 3 05 2011

Lizzy’s “autism” brought us to homeopathy and allowed all of us to heal. God lead us to what we needed and along with our precious girl we are being healed again. Thanks Lizzy! After 20 years of marriage we are still learning and growing. I am so grateful to God for providing us with what we need to be healed.

Upon reflection I realized that I am very much like Lizzy from a spiritual standpoint. I am willing to only go so far, I only do so much. I only let Him in so far.

That is how Lizzy is. I feel like Todd and myself she is afraid to let go of her comfort zone and come out. All in God’s time we will all be healed. Until that day I must embrace the journey and remember that all things will happen when the time is right. Not according to my clock but His. Through the grace of God we will triumph over our trials and become the individuals He wants us to be. I anxiously await this day and all of the other wonderful things I have yet to experience.

May we all have strength and faith for another day of healing. Sweet Dreams.