02 26 2011 The Dance of Growth

 Hello All!

Here are the symptoms for today.

Current Behaviors/Symptoms: vaginal odor

Old Behaviors/Symptoms Resurfacing with less severity:     interrupted sleep, chewing on shirt, bear hugging, some bouncing

Current Remedy : Cina 200C

# of Days since last dosing: 14 days

Days of Interrupted sleep: 2

Speech Clarity:  good

Acute Administration of Arnica Montana for fall 1/2 tsp

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Well as you can see Lizzy woke up last night again for the second time. Must be getting closer to another dosing of Cina 200C. Her behavior is good and all things considered it has been a good day.

The vaginal odor I am guessing is from candida. We are going to be doing a DNA stool test and others to see exactly where we are at. I am hoping that we will get some conclusive answers this time. Time will tell.

Lizzy was dancing last night and accidentally fell on Amelia and slammed her knee onto the hardwood floor. She belted out a loud scream. Poor little thing would not put any weight on it at first. After cold compresses and 1 dose of Arnica Montana (homeopathic remedy) she was off and running within 20 minutes. I was leery of giving her the Arnica because I did not want to interfere with the Cina but if I hadn’t she would have been in horrible pain and very sore. So let’s see what tomorrow brings.

The reason Lizzy fell is because she was hugging Amelia and then pulled on her with all she had. Amelia was playing too and did not intend for both of them to fall. Lizzy has a tendency to give hugs like a bear from time to time. Sometimes I have to say”Okay that’s enough Lizzy.” This is a sensory issue that surfaces from time to time. You can check out more at http://www.sensory-processing-disorder.com/index.html  Lizzy’s hugging is a vestibular sense issue which affects input from the inner ear about equilibrium, gravitational changes, movement experiences, and position in space.

 Another old sensory issue coming to the surface with less severity. Here we go on another mini research side bar to help with the ear issues. If I had extra money it would not be an issue but I don’t so we have to do it ourselves. So will investigate and see what I can come up with on a shoe string budget.

I believe that our inability to afford these things at this time is because we need to learn about these things on a deeper level. If someone else was taking care of this for me I would not have to be in know about all of it. I would probably get so accustomed to the other person doing it that I would miss the mark on helping Lizzy and  our other kids. When we have to look into a resolution ourselves we have a greater appreciation of the work involved plus a deeper understanding.

Honestly, sometimes I do not welcome these lessons easily. But onward and upward. No time for a pity party today just do it.  When I have inner dialogue with myself after I come to a conclusion I will say out loud “Okay”. The kids will say “Okay what Mom?” After I explain how I am processing they understand. The three oldest kids don’t even ask anymore, they know me very well.I have always prayed that as a family we would stay close and communicate with each other. I have been adamant with my kids that they must communicate with each other at all times. Even the bad stuff. It is so funny to me that with all of my efforts to maintain communication Lizzy would have a speech delay. My new-found appreciation of communication has changed me forever.
Not everyone is blessed with the ability to say things clearly to our ears. ButQueen annes lace growth stages their ability to communicate to our hearts is crystal clear. Our love and admiration is the constant communicator. We use all of our senses to relay this message. Lizzy’s delays have helped me to learn more about myself and others. So when I see a special needs individual when I am out I make a point of communicating with them. Whatever way is possible for me. And If I can’t I say a little prayer for them and ask God to bless them and all of those in their life. It makes me feel good. Not only do I see this wonderful person but I see the growth that will take place because of their presence. All of those who love and encounter them will grow in a way that is beyond our comprehension. And this is the beautiful notion that I have now that Lizzy has shown me how to really communicate. Thanks again Lizzy, we love you!
May God grant us strength for another day of recovery

3 thoughts on “02 26 2011 The Dance of Growth

  1. I love that you have such a strong focus on communication in your family. I think that will only help Lizzy more and more. That is the most important lesson for children in my opinion, how to have healthy relationships. It is the hardest but most rewarding thing a human being can enjoy. All of that is deposited within Lizzy and as you’ve been seeing, will come out!

    • Thanks I think so too. Relationships are crucial for all of us. For myself, I was flying by the seat of my pants when it came to relationships. I want it to be easier for my kids. Life is hard enough and without the coping skills we need it is even more difficult. We get set in our ways and it takes us longer to shake habits that do not support a happy, healthy emotional state. I hope and pray that Lizzy will soon share all of the observations she has made over the years. All in good time. Until then onward and upward.

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