02 25 2011 Kleenex Anyone?

Hello All!

We are going to have a new format from now on with our blog. I am going to list Lizzy’s daily info. first and then we will go into detail about other stuff. This will make it easier for myself and others to quickly get an idea of what is going on or what has changed. It will be like this……………

Current Symptoms: waking up a night, some screaming, more talking, hands being placed at her sides with soft fists, some skipping and bouncing, licking items, wanting to shake hands

Current Remedy: Cina 200C

Number of Days since last dosing: 13


Lizzy has been doing pretty well. She is more willing to work on the computer and we have been seeing a new shift in her willingness to communicate on a deeper level.

Last night I was tucking in all of the little ones and Lizzy being the oldest was last.  I entered her room she was waiting with a smile. I sat on her bed and I started to talk. I asked her how she was and she said “Cup”.  “Yes that is your cup Lizzy”, I said. I proceeded to say the word again, sign the word and also finger spell the word. She loves this. We proceeded to her name and then I said “My name is Mommy.” Lizzy looked at me and said” Mom”. “Oh okay Mom will work too.” This is what I mean, she is plugging in to her environment and expressing herself. 

As we continued I kissed the side of neck and she placed her arms around me. As I came back up to look at her she smiled at me and said “I Love You Mom.” I have been waiting for this day for a very long time. I know that Lizzy has always loved me but to hear it from her heart I was floored. Kleenex anyone?

Lizzy was very peaceful after that and I too had found a whole new warm

Lizzy peeling sweet potatoes

 fussy spot in my heart. Thank you God! He knew I was feeling discouraged and just plain tired, and He reached out to me through my baby girl and I am so greatful. (Not a typo) I felt great!!!!

 Lizzy went to sleep and woke up this morning at 230am. Not sure why. Maybe Katie’s crying woke her up we will find out tonight for sure.

This am when Lizzy woke up she was in a great mood. I asked her why she woke up last night. She replied “What happened?” Again, a first for Lizzy she is communicating in a whole new way.

Lizzy has been very affectionate today and wanting to shake my hand. She did well with her school work and her mood has been awesome along with her appetite.

I thank God for Lizzy communicating more and more. It is through my child with delayed speech that I hear His voice. He knows what I need and when. I just need to remain faithful and without fear.  Dear God give me the ability.

Sweet Dreams To All


6 thoughts on “02 25 2011 Kleenex Anyone?

  1. WOW! It’s as though everything is coming together for Lizzy! She did give you the perfect gift. This will sustain you through any difficult moment. I love how you say you dismiss the negative thoughts. That is so important, to not lose any energy but to focus on the overall progress. There is plenty to be thankful for. I am so happy to be able to read about Lizzy’s progress and how she engages more and more with your wonderful family.

  2. this was such a beautiful update. it gave me strength to push on with my son. we are so new to homeopathy and it is so different from conventional medicine, which we have trusted in for so long. i get so worried with each remedy dose. when i see regression i can’t help but wonder “dear God, what if there is no improvement following this regression, how will i ever get me son back to where he was before the homeopathy?” i know in my heart that the regressions/worsening is a good sign, but it can be so frightening. i love what you said “i just need to remain faithful and without fear”. it can be so hard to trust God with the end result when it is beyond our sight. but He will give us the ability to push through. thanks for the reminder, i needed it today. after tonights dose, we will be half way through our first vaccine clear, hooray! my sons sleep has been so affected by this clear, i am praying that he will return to his normal sleeping habits once we finish the clear. the only plus side is that he is very clingy to me right now (i know that may not really sound like a good thing) but it means i get lots of snuggles from him, which God knew i really needed through all this.

    • Taryn,
      I read your comment today and I was so touched. I shared it with my husband and he tearfully reflected on all of the changes we have been through with Lizzy. He needed this today, thanks so much for sharing .
      My sisiter shared a song with me that helps me when I feel fearful and lost. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwsvqVmFV6Y
      May these lyrics touch your heart and give you strength to go on. I know far too well how going back in order to go forward impacts our hearts as parents. Lizzy has been through major exteriorzations over the last two years and sleep was one that keeps coming to the surface from time to time. It will get better it is just a matter of time, faith and strength. I pray for you and your precious angel. Your little one is helping you and everyone around him become the people that we need to be. Out of disaster comes opportunity. We now have an opportunity to see our precious ones grow and evolve to become the ones that will change the world. Faith and strength are the tools that will facilitate true healing. May your little one continue to snuggle, love and heal for His glory and ours.

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