02 21 2011 Walking In Another One’s Shoes

Lizzy's numbers on the window 02 21 2011

Hello All!

Successful sleep again for Lizzy! Dear God I hope this does not end. That time was so difficult. May it remain in our memory banks instead of becoming part of our everyday experiences.

Today it was snowy and cold. Lizzy took it upon herself to write some numbers on the window. 1, 2, 3 very cool Lizzy! I know that the image is somewhat difficult to see but you can see what we are talking about. She has been much better than yesterday and more verbal. We had a lazy morning making cookies and white bean soup with biscuits. Just winter comfort stuff. (no pun intended)

As I mentioned, Amelia made organic cookies today and Lizzy was very curious

Lizzy and Amelia making cookies 02 021 2011

about the process. She has a real interest in cooking the last few weeks. So in typical Winter style we are running with it. We have been narrating our actions as she observes. She seems very interested for short periods of time. Hopefully we can get her to be interested for longer periods, time will tell.

Today Lizzy had a make up music therapy session and it went okay. She was distracted at first and then she became more involved. Her obstinacy is always a factor. Her therapist does not ask her to do anything that is out of her scope of abilities but she still fights him. This is one strong-willed little girl. That is my contribution to the gene pool, no wonder my mom and sisters wanted to kill me.

Lizzy the cookie theif 02 21 2011

Well the cookies were a complete success! They did not last long in this house. Soon Lizzy was out to confirm that they were all gone.  As you can see she is very determined when she puts her mind to it. I think this is who she really is. Another strong-willed Winter female. As Todd says, “You know those Winter females they are very determined”.

 Cooking is a wonderful way of teaching your kids. They learn so many things that include science and math. But my favorite is a true appreciation of how much work and effort it takes to make a meal. It is easy to sit down and eat after all of the work is done. But if one has to prepare, serve and clean the meal a new viewpoint evolves.

Ian was the first to become interested in cooking and after preparing a few meals

Ian the ham

 all by himself he says to me. “Mom thanks for cooking, I know how hard it is.” Plus he reminds his siblings “Leave her alone don’t you see how much work she’s doing!” When one walks in another’s shoes that is when they finally understand. It is true of all of us. 

When Lizzy finally comes out more and more she will be able to pull from her own experiences and understand what we have been trying to teach her all along. This will be a great day for everyone. Especially Lizzy. I can’t wait to hear what she thinks and feels. Plus her perspective on things that are taking place now while she is not completely verbal.

About 2 years ago Amelia asked Lizzy if she minded being autistic. Lizzy looked up and to the left and exhaled. Our poor baby. She minds just as much as we do. I am sure she longs to express herself on a very deep level.  I bet she misses us as much as we miss her. But everyday that goes by we are getting her back and someday it will all be a distant memory. Three specific memories will eternally tattooed on my heart. A memory of a time when our baby girl slipped away from us.  A memory of the fight to pull her back from the abyss. Finally the memory of the day that she is completely recovered and enjoying her life to the fullest.  All in God’s time it will happen. Patience, patience, patience.

We hope for continued sleep and recovery.  May God grant us strength for another day of recovery.

Sweet Dreams


4 thoughts on “02 21 2011 Walking In Another One’s Shoes

  1. Very Well said Amy, one day this will only be a distant yet very powerful memory. One day alex and Julie will be able to tell is in their own words how they feel, what they felt and how much they love us! That day the celebration will be enormous!!! All in gods time.

  2. You are so right that cooking is such a a great lesson, and such a valuable gift from whoever does it! Thank you for your examples of parenting! Your children are so lucky, and Lizzy is so blessed to have a household full of support!

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