02 16 2011

 Hello All! 
Poor Lizzy girl has a cold, the entire household has had it. Even with that going on she has been doing well.  She is starting to wake up at night again. About 2am we get her distress call and go to her. She seems fine, just awakened by who knows what.Could be her cold, or the full moon that is on the 18th. Again when one is fighting parasites the full moon is a significant factor. These things are more active during the full moon and one’s symptoms are more intense. Some do not give this much consideration but after 3 years of this journey  I know that is a factor that can not be ignored.

Lizzy has been communicating with more detail the last few days and today it has dropped off again. She does not feel well, so that would explain it. But in my experience with her I know it is never that simplistic. She is also requesting baths more than once a day. When she is in the tub she is constantly on her belly. In the past this meant her stomach was bothering her. I feel that we have begun to remove another issue with this Cina clearing. Her hands are very red also. They seem to have more fluid than usual. This was the same thing that happened on and off when we started using homeopathy.  Once again old behaviors and symptoms surfacing with less severity.

This evening Lizzy was not hungry at dinner time and very hyper and indecisive. Her bowel movements have traces of small white specs. All of this is typical of people with parasites. Tonight has shown me again that we must stay on this path until it is over. She is also not as verbal and I am having to be insistent with her in order for her to ask for things. Last week she would have said what she needed or wanted without any prompting. Not the case today. Yes she has a cold but all of these behaviors were exhibited before when she did not have a cold so there it is. Also Lizzy is less patient and more noise sensitive. Full moon and Cina what a combo.

We are still watching her diet and doing all of the things we did before. Only difference is she had Cina 200C 4 days ago.  I feel that we need to keep going and wait to see what this week and next week brings. We have a phone appt. with Lizzy’s homeopath every other Thursday.  02 24 2011 will hopefully be the day that we will decide whether we need to up the potency or change the remedy. Again we have to watch and wait.

Yes all of the old symptoms are back but with less severity. This is what homeopathy does when one is on a clearing. It has to play out like this in order to have healing. I have been taking this time to work on other things with Lizzy. For example more reading and more sign language. I feel that we must stay on this path in order to heal her completely. It is just a matter of time.

As of 10pm Lizzy is ok and a wee bit hyper.  She is a bit nervous and finger spelling with her right hand. I know for sure that I want all of us to be fluent in ASL. It has impacted our household trememndously.This constant finger spelling is new. It seems like a nervous habit that replaced her bouncing and spinning. I’ll take finger spelling any day over the bouncing and spinning. The other two activities were very over stimulating for us and sometimes dangerous  for her younger siblings. Klunk, some little one would end up getting bumped in to and tears would ensue. So finger spelling is ok by us.

Hopefully we will have another good day and get more healing from this remedy. Though it is somewhat difficult now it is nothing like it was before. Thank you God!

Sweet dreams

2 thoughts on “02 16 2011

  1. The things we have to go through to find and achieve healing for our precious children. Anything for them is all I say.

    I’m hoping the diatomaceous earth powder will help Alex with the upcoming full moon, I guess we will wait and see. He was a bit hyper today, not sure if it’s the coming full moon or his mb12 nasal spray, only tine will tell. I will pray for Lizzy, I always do. It would be awesome to watch her and Alex signing to each other! Finger spelling huh, wow! She’s awesome!

    Keep up the great work Amy, you RoCK!

  2. Thanks Lucy will check it out with our ND. I just want to make sure I am getting a clear reading on Lizzy and her remedies. If I introduce too many things then I may not get a clear indication to what she needs. Thank you so much for your encouragement, it is a true blessing. May your days continue to have growth and recovery on a huge scale. I pray for you and your family every day. 🙂

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