Still Watching and Waiting 02 07 2011

Hello All!

Lizzy is doing well and we are still waiting to give her the next dose of Cina 200C. Her speech, sleep and over all behavior is still good. She is slowly starting to exhibit old behaviors. ie: mouthing items, licking items, noise sensitivity and some screaming. We are choosing to wait to give the next dose in order to avoid interrupting the work of the last Cina dose. We have a phone consult set up for this Thursday with Lizzy’s homeopath so let’s see if she can last until then.

We are still very confident with the results from the last dose of Cina. We may have to increase the potency for the next dose so again we are watching and waiting to see what Lizzy’s behavior shows us. Will keep you posted to any significant changes.

Sweet dreams to all