12/4/2011 More Firsts!

Lizzy slept very well again last night. Still no sleep aids and uninterrupted. Yes!

Her brother Howard is still fussy throughout the night and I too am not able to sleep well.  With all of the information and research I am processing it is no surprise. Plus I have taken the Vermox 100mg because we all have to be treated at the same time. 

 I feel Howard is responding to the parasite clearing of Vermox 100mg. He is constantly kicking his little feet and it seems that he is being awakened by something. Could be itchy anus due to the parasites. Plus he constantly has his fingers in his mouth. Precursor to teething or parasites? Hmmmm?? Wish he could tell me. So until that day I have to remain vigilant and figure it out. For now I am sticking to theory that his behavior is due to parasites and the medication. Time will tell and it stands until I can figure something else out.

Lizzy has been very happy and willing to be a part of her environment for longer periods. Today she brought her small, orange basketball to me and mumbled something to me. I said “Ok you want to play ball, here catch.” For the first time she backed up kept her eye on the ball and caught it. She did it 3 more times in a row. She spotted her reflection in the computer that was next to her so she did not catch the next three, but when she did keep her eye on the ball she caught it. This is very very encouraging.

Lizzy also brought me an elastic band to make a pony tail in her hair. Amelia and I wear our hair in a pony tail all of the time. It keeps our hair out of our faces and I do it when I am in work mode. As I made the small pony tail on top of her head she smiled and watched herself in the mirror. No camera available, sorry.

 It has been colder here the past few days so I put on a light jacket while I was inside. Lizzy immediately noticed and went to her hook to look for her jacket. I handed it to her and she put it on, just like me.

What this tells me is that she is mimicking her mom like every other little girl. She has never done this before to this degree. Katie has done it from day one and she is not even 2. I am so encouraged by the recent developments.

After dinner it was bath time. Katie and Lizzy took a bath together tonight for the first time. Before Lizzy stepped in to the bath tub she urinated on the bathroom rug. Nothing new. But this time she observed what was happening and said “What happened, I’m sorry.” Very cool indeed. Another first. That is three in one day. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did the Nux Vomica have something to do with it? (Remember I gave it to her about a week ago to help her sleep.) Is the Vermox 100 mg doing it or both? I need to meet with Dori Vallis ND next week so we’ll see.

Hopefully we will have more firsts tomorrow.

Sweet Dreams and strength for another day of recovery

1/3/2010 Many Firsts

Teaching Lizzy how to use the salad spinner 1 2 2011

Hello All,

Lizzy has been sleeping well without any aids and is communicating like crazy. She is using more phrases and displays a willingness to follow directions. We still have a long way to go but this confirms it even further. The parasites need to be cleared out-of-the-way before we go on. My guess is there is more than just this clearing needed. Time will tell.

Yesterday I was cooking lunch and Lizzy came in to see what I was preparing. She noticed that I was making pasta and a salad. Pasta is one of her favorites and usually she screams impatiently until it is ready. Not today. I told her I had to cook it and it will be ready soon. No comment from her.

She spied the salad spinner and went up to it on the counter. I told her what it was and showed her how to use it.

Lizzy spinning 1 2 2011

Lizzy loves the fact that it spins quickly. In the past, I would try to show her but she had no interest in making it move herself. Today was different. She pushed down on it and learned how to make it stop and repeated it until the job was done. I was explaining to her the entire time what it did and how she needed to keep going. She did it!!!! Great job Lizzy.

If you do not have a salad spinner I suggest you get one. It is a great cooking tool to eliminate excess water after rinsing. It is also a great toy and exercise for your little ones. It takes a good amount to pressure to get it going so it teaches them to push down with some force. Plus they get to help in the kitchen and share a job with you. Win ,Win !!

Lizzy spinning 3

Lizzy has been sleeping well but she also is desiring affection prior to going to sleep. I usually run my fingers through her hair and tell her good night and how much I love her and how I wish her sweet dreams. I did not do it on Sunday night because Todd was home and I was talking to my sister. She was screaming her head off until I went up to her room and asked her what she wanted. I firmly reminded her that she has to stop screaming and to tell me what she wanted. Lizzy said, “Brush hair”. I responded that it was too late and she had to go to bed. This time Lizzy ran her fingers through her own hair and said “Brush hair”. I realized what she wanted. I said “Oh, you want me to run my fingers through your hair?” She jumped back into bed covered herself and gave me a huge smile. That’s what I am talking about ! Big change in her responding and willingness to communicate when prompted.

My guess is Todd misread her and she did not get across what she wanted. I shared this with Todd and he told Lizzy as he stroked her hair, “Just tell me Lizzy I would love to do that for you”. His reply was answered by a big smile. She then went to sleep.

Lizzy is still pushing on her lower abdomen at night but not nearly as much as before.  It is just a matter of time and healing. I am so anxious to see what happens in the next couple of weeks. I am not certain if Dori Vallis ND will want to do another CEASE clearing yet, so I will let you know.

Lizzy is still very territorial with the tv and toys. Katie and Matthew are the victims of her behavior but they are protecting themselves and letting Lizzy know that they will not tolerate it. I am still watching them closely, Lizzy will display violent behavior from time to time so better safe than sorry.

The entire household is not feeling their best yet. The Vermox 100mg has everyone feeling a little out of it. We are all tired, gassy and sometimes irritable. We also are exhibiting signs of anemia. Parasites prohibit mineral absorbtion so we have been taking Floradix liquid to help with the weak feeling. It does help some but I feel totally wiped out from time to time. Gee I wonder why?I assume Lizzy is feeling the same way. What can we do but make the best of it.

Baby Howard

 Howard is cranky at night due to the medication so I am going around the clock. The entire household has to take the medication (vermox 100mg) in order to prevent reinfestation. So we do what we have to do.


Hopefully tomorrow will be filled with more recovery firsts.

May sweet dreams prevail. Wishing everyone strength for another day of recovery.