1/25/2011 Healing With Cina, “Getti”, Tears and Prayer

Hello All!

Lizzy on Cina 200C 1 25 2011

We gave Lizzy the next Cina dose. This time we went in with 200C and we had some changes for sure. The first night she would not go to sleep easily. She was up and just not at peace. I have been taking the same as Lizzy for the parasite clearing plus 6 of our other children. The first day I felt very tired and then I felt great! My mood was much better and my other verbal kids told me the same thing. This is definitely a family affair.

If you do not recall, parasites are very contagious so we have to treat the entire household. We will be working our way around to everyone soon so we don’t have an entire house filled with tired grumpy people. Now that I have a beat on it, it will be much easier.

Lizzy had additional reactions to the 200C over the last few days. On the second night her sleep was back to normal.  Then the old symptoms came to the surface.

– bowel movements hard, dry nuggets
– pushing on abdomen
– low appetite
– red cheeks and lips
– sleep effected first night
– some grunting no screaming
– jumping on her bed during the day and at night
All of the reactions listed above are problems she had since day one of this journey. Goes to show that we need to clear out this stuff for good. I am not aware of how many doses we need to give Lizzy of the 200C. Dori Vallis ND is guiding us on this so time will tell. I feel that she is ready for another dose real soon. It is amazing how these things come to the surface, it is exactly what we need to see in order to heal her completely.
We have been following the Type O diet recommendations listed in Eat Right For Your Type. The more I read this book the more I love it. It confirmed some other thoughts that I have had about Lizzy and why she was the only child we have that is effected by vaccines to this degree.
The book states and I quote:
“If you are a pregnant woman with Type O blood, the flu vaccine holds special dangers, especially if the father of your baby is a Type A or Type AB. The flu vaccine could boost the presence of anti-bodies in your system, which could attack and damage your fetus.”

Lizzy 2005

I read this last night and became very upset again. Lizzy was the only child we had that we decided to have a flu shot with. Her older brother was just a baby we did it for him. Boy were we wrong!  Why didn’t I read up more on this? Why did I listen to them?
I was cooking dinner for my husband Todd and I began to cry. Lizzy came to see what was for dinner and she kept saying, “getti”. I was so upset that I did not realize that she was eyeing the spaghetti I was making for Todd. I finally composed my thoughts and acknowledged what she said.
My baby girl wanted some spaghetti. She even said “yummy, ummm”. I hugged her and told her “I’m sorry Baby, I didn’t know, please forgive me for causing you all of this discomfort.” Lizzy looked at me and hugged me back. Her expression was one of it’s okay Mom, I just want some spaghetti. I served her and Todd and kept crying as I cleaned up the kitchen.
 Our oldest  son Ian came in, and said ” What’s the matter Ma?” I told him and he said “You want a hug Mom?” I took him up on his offer and he told me “Mom you are doing a great job with Lizzy, she is so much better, you thought you were doing the right thing, you didn’t know!” If not for Lizzy I would not be able to witness all of my children’s concern and love. They are an awesome bunch! Thanks guys!!!
Although I have these awesome gifts, I still have healing to do regarding my baby girl. NEVER AGAIN!! I will never administer anything to my kids without checking it out entirely. This is one of the reasons I choose to be so open and candid with my blog. Hopefully someone will read it and think twice before they authorize any substance that is given to their kids.

Property of Ian and Amy Winter

The rest of the night I was trying to be at peace with it and keep going. No time for a pity party or sorrow, need to stay focused. That was my mantra for the night coupled with constant prayer to heal our baby girl and every “autistic” child out there. This situation for every family is one of complete change. Change that needs to take place in all of us. I believe that this obstacle is one that will make us all better people in every way imaginable. Mind, body and spirit is being changed to facilitate growth and awareness for every person that knows a family or family member with this condition. I have mentioned on numerous occasions that Lizzy has changed all of those she touches for the better. I have shared my journey with all that I know and we are all better for it.

Aunt Connie and Lizzy 2005

My Aunt Connie has battled heartburn, sinus and other problems for years. Told her about what I have found and she is doing a parasite cleanse and is on a probiotic plus the type O diet and she feels “great”.

I know that Lizzy will recover but I still carry around sorrow about my decision to vaccinate myself and her. This will never leave me. Like her it is part of me. With the help of homeopathy, prayer and research we will all be recovered in one way or another. Out of disaster comes opportunity, it is just a matter of time.

As of 10:20 pm Lizzy is still jumping on her bed and flipping through her books. Hopefully she will go to sleep soon in order to be ready for another day of recovery. I pray that we all have H.E.A.R.T. Hope Every Autistic Recovers Totally.

Sweet Dreams!

One thought on “1/25/2011 Healing With Cina, “Getti”, Tears and Prayer

  1. Beautiful and heartfelt blog. I feel your pain for your past ignorance. I went through something similar when I saw Dante’s vaccine record which included two flu shots. I pray that you can shift your mind to the actions for healing and keep it there. That is where our energy needs to be. Lizzy’s words are your reward.


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