1/20/2011 Difficulties Define Who We Are

Hello All!

Well Lizzy was up at 3am and was screaming. Full moon madness once again! She did not fall back to sleep until 6am. Todd and I were wiped out to say the least. Lizzy is definitely ready for another dose of Cina.

Lizzy’s speech today has been infrequent, her appetite fair and she is hopping once again.

Lizzy, Willy and Amy 2005

If you do not recall…. Hopping has been part of Lizzy’s picture since she was a baby in her crib. She was the first baby to wear out a new mattress within 18 months. At the time it did not occur to us that she was trying to cope with what was happening to her body. She really loved being in her crib. She was very content as long she could bounce.

Lizzy also loved to be in her bouncer or playpen. We thought she was just content playing by herself. If we had only known, we would have stopped giving her more vaccines. That is obviously not the case. I know that her predisposition to candida has played a major role in how this all played out.

Gabriel 2005

The fact that she was the first child we had after having flu shots make her unique from her eight siblings. We were told that we needed to vaccinate everyone in the house for fear of  Gabriel getting the flu. If only we would have known. But what’s done is done and it is about us learning to help Lizzy and the entire family be completely healthy.

This journey with Lizzy has opened our eyes to so many things. If not for Lizzy we would not be living in this wonderful little town, using homeopathy, osteopathy and having a wonderful diet. Homeopathy has done wonderful things for all of us. 

For example Todd was on beta blockers for high blood pressure from 1998 to 2006. Working with our doctor we slowly got him off of the beta blockers and treated him with homeopathy and  supplements. His blood pressure is so much better. 130/80 is what it is currently. That is a far cry from 160/90 that it was in 1998.  Plus the remedy helped Todd to resolve past emotional traumas and be more content. Thanks again Lizzy!

I really encourage all parents of “autistic” kids to do a complete medical timeline on themselves and their child. List all ailments, complaints or illnesses. I bet that most of them point to yeast or candida. It is amazing how much I overlooked all of these things before. Armed with accurate information and homeopathy one can go back and heal the damage that took place. We are being recovered right along with Lizzy. I feel that this journey is a blessing. Would I choose it? No. But knowing what I know now all difficulties are a chance for growth and change. One just needs to be willing to take that first step, stay the course and find the strength to keep going.

Brown Recluse Spider

For example in 2000 we moved out to the east coast from the west coast. While preparing for our move I was bitten by a brown recluse spider. These things are very serious. Once bitten your flesh is being damaged by the venom.  Some victims have to have the limb amputated. I was petrified!

My physician told me that he did not know the extent of the damage the bite had caused. He also said he could not promise how good my thigh would look when it was all over. We had to wait and see. I told him “I just wanted to keep my leg and take care of my family.” This sweet man replied, “I will do whatever I can.” As I cried he came over and hugged me. What an awesome doctor he was. I think about him and thank God for blessing me with such a kind physician.

I had to have two surgeries to remove all of the damaged tissue. The site of the bite is not too noticeable. It is a concave scar that I look at from time to time with great humility. It could have been so much worse, thank you God! I know from experience that all is in God’s hands including Lizzy’s recovery. It will happen in due time.

I was on some strong antibiotics for weeks. I am sure this factor caused candida growth for sure. Again, another factor to contribute to Lizzy’s severe candida. I did not take a probiotic like I do now. I was told to eat yogurt to replace the friendly bacteria but I am sure that was not enough.

Elizabeth 2005

The reason I know that the spider bite was still effecting me was a year ago I contracted Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever from a tick while working in our yard. I went to the MD and he prescribed antibiotics. I called our homeopath and told her what he said. We decided to treat this form of lyme disease with homeopathy and see what the result would be.

While taking the remedy she prescribed, the site of my spider bite began to hurt. I had not felt any pain or discomfort from it for 9 years. Within 12 hours the pain left. I felt so much better after the clearing was finished. I went back to my MD and he did another blood test to check on the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, it came back negative. Amazing! Not only did I get rid of the lyme disease but I’m positive that I purged the remaining residue of the brown recluse spider bite.

This is why I love homeopathy. It brings things to the surface and helps the body realign itself to a healthy state. This is what I have witnessed with Lizzy also, she will be recovered. I firmly believe it!

All is quiet as of 10pm and hopefully we will have a good night’s sleep. God knows we need it. Things could be much worse than a sleepless night. I know because Todd and I have endured a lot of things in last 23 years of being together. As he says, “Amy, you and I can do anything together with God’s help, just think of all we have survived.” And he is so right. We both firmly believe that Lizzy will be recovered. It is just a matter of time, patience, perseverance and faith and we will have our precious baby girl back.

Sweet dreams and strength for another day of recovery.

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