1/19/2011 Still Watching and Waiting

Hello All,

Lizzy is still going okay. I feel that she is ready for another dose of Cina. I emailed Dori Vallis ND so will go ahead when she says it’s okay.

Lizzy had a pretty good time with her music therapy today. But as I said, she has been better. She is still affectionate¬†but her speech is not as clear and she is staying up later than she was. She slept through the night but I can see that she is ready for some more help from Cina real soon. The full moon is tonight so we’ll see if she sleeps well or not.

Amelia and I were very irritable today and we can see that the Cina is working for us. Will continue to watch and wait and hopefully this parasite issue will be under wraps fairly soon.

Sweet Dreams to All and strength for another day of recovery