1/17/2011 Watch and Wait

Hello All!

Lizzy slept through the night and woke up fairly well. She has been screaming more today so the Cina is slowly doing its work. Dori Vallis ND said “Watch and wait” so here we go. We have to wait and see what Cina symptoms come to the surface. Then we can go in with a higher dose. Below is a brief overview of the Cina profile, from Home Remedy Centrel. Lizzy has quite a few of these.

Benefits/Uses of Cina:

Intestinal Worms:

It’s not surprising to see cina show up as a homeopathic remedy for intestinal worms. In this case the worms may be evident in the stools showing a white color.

There may be a terrible pinching pain in the belly and it may even become bloated as a result of the worms. The nose and the rectum alike will often feel itchy as there is no appetite in those who suffer from this condition.

Temper Tantrums:

Children who exhibit irritability often tend to have terrible temper tantrums as well. The tantrum may happen after they are told no or simply as a part of their erratic and challenging behavior.

Coughs and Colds:

Cina works well as a homeopathic remedy for those who suffer from a severe whooping cough. It may even feel as though the cough is gagging the person at times as the chest often feels constricted. The body may become stiff and there may be violent sneezing associated with these coughing fits.

Sleep Problems:

Many people turn to cina if they have difficulty falling asleep or if they suffer from restless sleep overall.

Twitching Muscles:

Cina works well as a homeopathic remedy if the muscles tend to jerk or go through spasms. It is particularly helpful if the jerking or convulsions is brought on by touch or from being scolded.

Homeopathic Remedy Profile for Cina:

Cina works well as a homeopathic remedy in those who tend to suffer from great irritability. It is typically given to children as it offers the most help to the young and the problems that they face. Those who benefit greatly from cina may feel restless and often frantic, and they often have a hard time sitting still. They have a difficult time sleeping and their physical and mental symptoms are often tied together.

I am very encouraged by this acute clearing. I know that we are going to get this parasite issue taken care of with this approach. Homeopathy to date has been wonderful in bringing things to the surface so we can address them as the body reveals them.

Amelia and I did the Cina 8 hour dosing today. I started to sneeze like crazy and get very tired after each dose. Amelia felt much better emotionally and feels more happy. She has been very moody, irritable and not herself the last week. I am so glad that it helped her. I can not believe how much better she is this evening. As I said these parasites are more common than most realize. Plus since Lizzy had them the rest of the household would too. 

I hope and pray that Lizzy and the rest of us continue to go forward with this clearing. I feels right to me.

Sweet dreams and strength for another day of recovery

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