1/16/2011 Cina Anyone?

Lizzy after Cina 30C 1 15 2011

Hello All!

As per Dori Vallis ND instructions we gave Lizzy 3 doses of Cina 30 C over an eight-hour period. She tolerated it pretty well. She did get some dark circles under her eyes, and she was a little hyper at bedtime but she slept through the night and woke up in a great mood. YEAH!!!!!!!

Her mood has been great and she has been very happy and cooperative. Thank you God! I was hoping and praying that it would be fairly easy for her. Now we have to wait until Dori gives us the go ahead to move on to Cina 200C. The higher the potency the more effective it will be.

Katie 2010

Katie and Gabriel  were given the same Cina dose as Lizzy. If you remember correctly the entire household needs to be treated for the parasites. So that is exactly what we are going to do. We decided to go with the Cina instead of the Vermox again. We are doing a few people at a time so we do not have an entire household of grumpy, irritable folks. That is the last thing we need. After that is finished we will start-up with the WW by Pure Herbs (kills parasites) for maintenance. That stuff is wonderful.

Gabriel reported that he felt tired and slept really well. Katie slept well last night but is very clingy by the time the evening rolls around. Yes, she is only 23 months old, so fatigue could be the explanation for her irritability.

Gabriel and Lizzy 12 2011

 The entire household is much more relaxed when Lizzy is feeling better. The fact that she is not screaming all of the time is a huge blessing. I know that this Cina clearing is going to do some great stuff. As I said, the parasites and the candida are a huge part of Lizzy’s problem. When we are all finished with this Cina clearing we will be a totally new family. Then we can attack the candida and be in an even better place. Onward and upward.

Once again Lizzy is healing the entire family along with herself. We eat better, we think better and we are more connected to each other because of Lizzy.

Thanks Lizzy Girl, we love you very much!

I recently added a “Blues Buster’ bulb to Lizzy’s room. Her room gets morning sunlight but the rest of the day it is not exposed so I thought this might help. It is a full spectrum bulb that filters out brown colors so even when it is dark or grey outside it’s shining light like the sun. It provides 5,000 hours of light so it lasts quite a long time. The bulbs are $7.00 a piece but they really feel neat. With all of the damp weather and snow on the east coast it is worth it. Plus this house we are in is surrounded by trees which limits the sunshine in certain spots.You can check them out at www.bluebuster.com. Every little bit helps. “One drop at a time you fill the bucket”.

Lizzy was leaning on our dog Nellie and pulling on her ears. I firmly told her “No”,  Lizzy looked at me as if to say I’m sorry and went upstairs. In the past Lizzy has been reminded not to do things and she would just walk away without any acknowledgement. She has said sorry in the past from time to time, but the look in her eye tonight was one that a kid gives when they do not like being reprimanded. Very cool! Our little girl is coming back.

As of 830pm all is well and Lizzy is very content. I hope and pray that she sleeps well and we will have strength for another day of recovery.

Sweet Dreams

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