Onward and Upward 1/11/11 to 1/13/11

Hello All,

Lizzy slept well the last two nights and woke up cranky because she was wet. One week before the full moon and here we go again. Bed wetting is one of the symptoms of parasitical infection.  No Surprise here.

Spoke to Dori Vallis ND today. This woman really knows her stuff. Not only is she well versed on homeopathy but she is great at explaining what her goals are and why we need to address the parasites. THANK YOU GOD!!!!! Finally someone who is in agreement about this. The parasites need to be addressed before we go forward with the CEASE therapy again. Thanks Dori!!

If you do not recall, Lizzy has been battling parasites the last 5 weeks or so. Actually it has been since the beginning. But the CEASE clearings have brought it to the surface again. So here we go! We finished the Vermox 100 mg allopathic prescription, so Dori and I decided to continue the clearing with Cina 30C. Cina is a homeopathic remedy derived from wormseed. It is one of the first picks when treating parasites. Dori wants us to do Cina 30 C for one week and then we will up the dosage as Lizzy shows us that she is ready for the next step. We used Cina 200C before we started CEASE Therapy and we saw more speech and overall improvement with her “autism” characteristics. The only drawback with the 200C was that it was too strong for her. So we are going in gently this time.

Lizzy had her first meeting with Dr. Melanie Shih her Qigong therapist today and it went really well. Lizzy was very cooperative and during the treatment I suddenly saw a shift. Lizzy became irritated and did not want anymore of the treatment. I view this as something started to move inside of her. She did not like it. Her body was responding to the treatment and it was foreign to Lizzy. Like all of us, Lizzy does not like to let go of old habits. Even when we are feeling poorly, we still hold on to them because they are familiar.

January 14, 2011 we will start the Cina 30C clearing of the parasites. I waited until tomorrow because of the Qigong therapy she received earlier today. I do not want to overload her system so tomorrow is the day. I pray that Lizzy does not aggravate on this clearing. I want her to go forward but I hope that it is not too difficult for her. Lizzy’s speech has diminished a little so I know that she is ready for more intervention. Dear God help her!

So here it is. We will go in with Cina 30C and treat these parasites homeopathically until we are sure they are gone. We will increase the potency as needed and keep going until Lizzy is finished with these things.  Dori Vallis ND agreed that diet needs to be a big part of the healing. I have looked at parasitical diet recommendations, type O blood type recommendations and candida diet recommendations. I have cross referenced these diets and they all point to NO SUGAR, HIGH PROTEIN and GREEN VEGETABLES, MINIMAL GRAIN (organic brown rice is okay), MINIMAL STARCH. So typical Winter family style we are all going to stick to this. No more Naked Juice, semolina pasta, sugar and very low dairy. Looks like I will finally lose those baby pounds I acquired while being pregnant with Howard. The entire household will be having this diet. As we all know sugar is bad no matter what, so onward and upward.

I have not gathered information on everyone’s blood type so that is one more thing we need to take care of.  I found a home blood type test we can do. I know for certain that Lizzy, baby Howard and myself are blood type O. Now I just need to do the other eight. You can buy the test online at http://www.healthhometest.com/product_info.php?products_id=70&gclid=CLGmgeylrqYCFYbb4Aod-2itmg so I am going to do a few at a time until we have all of the necessary information. All four major blood types need different types of food and supplements to feel good. So that is what we are going to do.

I being type O have been eliminating grains and sugar. What a difference! I feel much better. The research done in Eat Right For Your Type is very helpful. I suggest everyone checks it out for their own well-being. I mentioned my intentions to Dori Vallis ND and she agrees it is a good idea to use this diet in conjunction with the parasitical diet. Onward and upward.

As of 1130pm Lizzy is quiet and all is well. I pray for a good clearing tomorrow with the Cina 30C. I know that this parasitical clearing is a huge part of the picture with Lizzy. Without the CEASE and classical homeopathic clearings I would not have known this. Thank you God!!!

Strength for another day of recovery to all!