Lizzy’s My Type 1 /10 /2011

Hello Everyone!

Lizzy slept well last night and is still communicating. She has been screaming more than we would like but we feel it is a bad habit that needs to be addressed. When she does start to scream we call her on it and remind her to “Use your words no screaming.” She does stop screaming and uses her words. So there it is.

We have established that Lizzy is a blood type O. I finally got a chance to read the O blood type diet contained in the book Eat Right For Your Type. It was very eye-opening.

We are going to be giving Lizzy lots of lean chicken, beef and some lamb. Plus lots of green vegetables. I need to study the diet more but it is amazing what else I found out about Type O. THEY ARE YEAST SENSITIVE! Yikes I almost jumped out of my chair. That makes perfect sense. I know after this parasite clearing is over we need to address the candida that is most likely in her system.

 Type O’s also need lots of exercise. That is me too. Lately I have been more sedentary because of the weather and stuff so I am feeling down. Makes sense. So Lizzy and I are going for walks 3X a week and will be looking into doing exercises with her. This will test how willing she really is. I have seen some exercise programs for autistic children but I do not think Lizzy will go for it. I do not want to spend anymore money on DVD’s or cd’s that do not suit her. So the next investigative stage begins.

Need to follow-up with our MD and see what he advises about the Vermox clearing. Is it finished? How do we know? Will meet with him this week to find out what is next. Have a phone appointment with Dori Vallis ND tomorrow to discuss our next move. Dori and I agree that we need to make sure the parasites are out-of-the-way before we start another CEASE clearing. So hopefully we will have answers this week.

property of Ian and Amy Winter

Lizzy is so amazing lately. She is so much more aware of what is going on around her. She spied our cat Spencer coming up the walkway and she went to the front door and said “There’s the cat”, and tried to open the door. Another first! She is using communication for everything. Yes, as I stated before she does scream from time to time but all I have to do is remind her to not scream and she tells me what she wants.  It is absolutely amazing! I am so encouraged by the latest developments. She behaves like a little girl. It makes my heart sing to be able to see her coming into her own.

 I pray that Lizzy will continue to communicate on an even deeper level. I have hope that she will continue to keep getting closer and closer to complete recovery. The more I learn on this journey the more I am amazed at how God has lead me. I pray for this constantly. I know that this journey is crucial for me and all of those who know and love Lizzy.  This child has been brought into our family to bring about a miraculous change. I beleive that this is true of any difficulty. God will use this disaster as an opportunity to bring us to the place where we belong.  Lizzy has been a huge influence on so many people. Her beauty and sweetness is seen by all who know her. She is the light that God has chosen to bring our family closer and to bring me closer to Him. I know some of my readers might not have the same beliefs as I but situations like these are life changing. No matter what your belief system is.

 I believe these children have been placed here as a wake up to call to everyone. Some are being awakened in one way and some another but the outcome is the same.  We are changed for the better! I thank God for this and am so grateful that I was chosen to be Lizzy’s mom. She has taught me more than I can ever express. She has enabled me to become a better person all around. My heart is no longer full of pain. It is full of hope. My Hope is that Every Autistic Recovers Totally along with those who love and cherish them so.

 Strength and Hope for Another Day of Recovery

4 thoughts on “Lizzy’s My Type 1 /10 /2011

  1. hey tuc,
    so glad see lou lou talking even more! just amazing how she is jumping forward almost everyday. stick to your guns buster!!!
    it’s so cool that we can focus on blood type diet now.
    how i miss her when i am away.
    i am sorry things are so hard for us all lately. i miss you all so much!
    f.e.a.d. toddo

  2. I ordered that book last night on Amazon, and they shipped it to me today, I’m super excited to read it! Thanks for all your guidance,and teachings, I promise to be your best student!

    Lizzy and Alex will recover I have no doubts!

  3. Hi,
    Lucy gave me your number. Is it OK for me to call you to discuss some notes?? If yes please let me know of an appropriate time. I will really appreciate to hear about your experience/insight so that i can help my child. You can email me at “” and let me know when i can call to talk.
    Abhi Kumar

    • Hello Abhi,
      Just call when you feel confortable. If I can help your family in any way I would love to do so! I know how heart wrenching this is. I have learned from our Lizzy that this journey is all about sharing. Hope to hear from you soon.


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