I Want You Back 1/ 6/ 2011

Hello All!

Lizzy and Amelia 1 6 2011

Lizzy has been sleeping well and communicating more and more.

Today she had her first visit to Dr. Melanie Shih who will be working on her once a week using Qigong.  We were running late so I asked Amelia to go and wake her up for her appointment. From my room I could hear Lizzy saying “I don’t want to, Please!” Amelia insisted and Lizzy replied, “Will you wait, please!” Very cool!! I know this little girl is going to be a pistol like all of the females in this house. God bless her.

The reason I chose to take Lizzy is that I want to make sure that her liver is not compromised due to the parasites. Dr Shih will be focusing on her kidneys and liver to help with her digestion. Dr Shih asked me if I knew her blood type and I told her it was O positive. Well that explains a lot to her. She told me that she needs lots of protein and I firmly believe this. I too have the same blood type and I know that I must have protein or I am very irritable.

So long ago my sister Cynthia recommended a book entitled Eat Right For Your Type.   I saw it at the library last week and felt very strongly about getting it so I borrowed it. Again I was lead to something that I would need. Thank you God!  It is so wonderful when you listen to your intuition. Success!

I have not started the book but I am sure everyone who has an autistic child can benefit from it. Not only for their child but for themselves. These little ones are not completely verbal so we have to put the pieces together and figure out how to help them. SO LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION!!!! It will take you exactly where you need to be.

Lizzy Katie 1 6 2011 dancing

Tonight all of the girls were dancing to Lizzy and Katie’s favorite I Want You Back by *NSYNC. Amelia shared that it reminds her of Lizzy because we WANT HER BACK. It was so cute to see all 3 of them dancing together. And yes we do want her back and we are doing everything within our means to do so. Don’t fret Lizzy we will do this !

After observing Lizzy tonight I feel that she is a visual learner. But she also learns by moving which is kinesthetic. I read an awesome book years ago entitled The Way They Learn by Cynthia Tobias.  

It is a wonderful book that helped me understand myself as well as my kids. The  book teaches you how kids learn in different styles and how they process information. I know it can be hard with an autistic child but once you familiarize yourself with the different learning styles and start observing your child it will come very easily. Most autistics are visual learners so that is a great place to start.  This book is awesome for any kid. So like any job we have to have the proper tools to get the job done. The best gift you can give your child is your attention and understanding. It moves mountains!

As of 830 pm all is well and Lizzy is very very happy. Thank you God. I never thought I would get to this point and she would be happy and feeling well.

I pray that we have sweet dreams and strength for another day of recovery.