1/30/2011 Patience. All in God’s Time

Hello All!

Lizzy has been doing well and she needed her Cina 200C again last Friday 1/28/2011. That night she was awake, bouncing on her bed, picking her nose and just irritable. As per Lizzy’s homeopath’s directions we gave her the Cina again only when her behavior was very extreme. It was so we did.

Lizzy is still very affectionate but she is not speaking as clearly and her noise intolerance is back in addition to all of the other parasitical symptoms. It has been two days since we gave her the remedy and we are slowly starting to see her level off again.

Lizzy 1 30 2011

Here on the east coast we have lots of snow. With each plow of the drive we get a bigger hill for all of the kids to play on. They have been having a blast with sledding and all of the other fun things winter storms allow. Lizzy rode on the sled and had even more fun playing with the snow. As the others played with the sleds Lizzy was off by herself playing with the snow pile. Low and behold she made her first snowman!!! All on her own. No prompting, or assistance. After completion she stood back looked at her masterpiece and jumped in to the air with a huge smile! It was so adorable!!! Thank you God!

Lizzy's first snowmen 1 30 2011

We have been trying to get her to use play dough and other clays but no go. Snow was the medium that spoke to our little artist today. We are so proud of her. I complimented her work and she smiled at me as if to say thanks, I like it too. All in God’s time.
He knew that Todd and I needed this today. After enduring her behavior the last few days we were very beaten up. Not only from the loudness of her screaming. It is also the old emotions that get churned up inside of us. Each time we experience this with her we are brought again to a very painful place.  Some wounds take longer to heal and autism is one that cut us down to the marrow.  In God’s time we all will be recovered and at peace. We just have to be patient.
Patience has never been something that Todd and I are very good at when our children are in need. We have become more patient over the years  but there is always room for improvement. We both have a tendency to take action and resolve things as they come across our paths. And this is no exception.
 Autism recovery is not immediate by any means. There is no magic bullet. It takes commitment, perseverance and of course, patience.   God is using Lizzy to teach us another much-needed lesson. Patience.

lizzy dedication from Luci 1 10 11

While writing this now I feel a longing inside of myself.  I long  to be more patient with all things. I long to be able to embrace all challenges that God puts before me without any hesitation. With His help I am getting better with each day. But this also is a journey that does not happen over night. We lean on our faith and gather strength from Him and pray that we will also reach our full potential. Acquiring patience is easier when your emotions are not being put through the wringer. When your child is ill patience is not the first thought that comes to mind. Our first thought is to fix it as quickly as possible and alleviate any suffering they are experiencing. But with autism there is no quick answer or therapy. It takes years to remedy this situation and through these challenges we all will be better for it. I firmly believe that in God’s time it will happen.
I hope and pray that Lizzy will get better with each passing day. And she is. But again I want it now for her. What parent doesn’t want this? But I have learned that logic and emotions do not always go hand in hand. I know what I need to do, but sometimes one’s emotions get the best of them for a time. When this happens I just lean on my faith and pray that I will be back in a place that is more fruitful. Through God’s grace, it happens. Thank you God!
I need to remember that Lizzy is learning also. Plus all of the family and friends that know her. I look forward to the day when Lizzy will be well and able to share all of her experiences with us and help us to understand her and ourselves even more. That day will be one that will go down in history in our family. All of us will remember this time of challenge and we will look back on it with gratitude and amazement. It will be a day of jubilee!!
My prayers go out to all of those experiencing autism in their lives. May we all be given the strength, knowledge and perseverance that we need for another day of recovery.
Sweet Dreams!

1/26/2011 “Good Nikee, Sweet Dreams”

Hello All!

Lizzy 1 2011

Lizzy had a pretty good day. She was laughing and playing all day. We did not get to have music therapy today due to the snow storms that are taking place in the northeast. We are still waiting to see what Dori Vallis ND advises us to do next regarding the next homeopathic dose.

As much as I love having Dori Vallis ND work with Lizzy it is somewhat problematic. Dori has moved her practice and it is about 1 hour and forty-five minutes each way to her office. That trip plus the visit is very difficult for all of us. Especially in the winter time. With the snow, cold and Lizzy just not being up for the trip it is hard to get out for that long period of time. We have been communicating with Dori via email and phone but it is still difficult. I will hopefully get a chance to talk to Dori this week and come to a decision as to what is best for all involved. I pray that it will be the right course of action to facilitate Lizzy’s recovery.

Lizzy was very hyper tonight and I had to put her back to bed again at midnight. She was jumping on her bed and managed to remove her pull up and was taking out every item in her room. After Amelia and I cleaned her room and put her back in bed, Lizzy looked at me and said “Good nikee, sweet dreams.” She proceeded to sit up in bed and give me a huge hug. Dear God almighty, I was brought to tears as I told her “I love you very much Lizzy Girl!” Our little girl is getting closer to coming out and joining us completely. Thank you God!

Baby Brother Howard

Lizzy was also holding baby Howard’s hand again today. She was caressing him with such tenderness.  True love was on her face as Howard looked at her with a joyful grin. It was so wonderful to see.

Lizzy’s dad has been working from home off and on due to the snow. Lizzy goes up to Todd and caresses his face and places her arms around him with a love that is beyond measure.  You can see in her eyes that she is reading the situation. Sometimes she looks so deeply into my eyes I feel that she is attempting to read me. I feel she is starting to explore her emotions as well as ours. This was something that I have longed for. It is amazing! Thank you God!

Thursday the 27th will be filled with errands and another trip to her qigong therapist. Lizzy’s last visit went very well and we are hoping to see more movement with every visit. Dr. Shih told us that Lizzy’s stomach was very cold. She could feel it rising up from her. Hmmm, very interesting. I need to read the book Dr Shih has written with her father on healing. This will allow me to understand it more. So many books, so little time!

 For the last two weeks we have been placing a warm lavender pack on Lizzy’s stomach before bed time and she loves it. The pack has some weight to it and this helps with her stomach discomfort.  The scent is so relaxing, coupled with the warmth it is a true winner. Check them out, they are a great thing to have in the medicine cabinet.

As of 130am Lizzy is asleep and all is peaceful. I pray for more recovery tomorrow and a restful night.

“Good Nikee, sweet dreams.”

1/25/2011 Healing With Cina, “Getti”, Tears and Prayer

Hello All!

Lizzy on Cina 200C 1 25 2011

We gave Lizzy the next Cina dose. This time we went in with 200C and we had some changes for sure. The first night she would not go to sleep easily. She was up and just not at peace. I have been taking the same as Lizzy for the parasite clearing plus 6 of our other children. The first day I felt very tired and then I felt great! My mood was much better and my other verbal kids told me the same thing. This is definitely a family affair.

If you do not recall, parasites are very contagious so we have to treat the entire household. We will be working our way around to everyone soon so we don’t have an entire house filled with tired grumpy people. Now that I have a beat on it, it will be much easier.

Lizzy had additional reactions to the 200C over the last few days. On the second night her sleep was back to normal.  Then the old symptoms came to the surface.

– bowel movements hard, dry nuggets
– pushing on abdomen
– low appetite
– red cheeks and lips
– sleep effected first night
– some grunting no screaming
– jumping on her bed during the day and at night
All of the reactions listed above are problems she had since day one of this journey. Goes to show that we need to clear out this stuff for good. I am not aware of how many doses we need to give Lizzy of the 200C. Dori Vallis ND is guiding us on this so time will tell. I feel that she is ready for another dose real soon. It is amazing how these things come to the surface, it is exactly what we need to see in order to heal her completely.
We have been following the Type O diet recommendations listed in Eat Right For Your Type. The more I read this book the more I love it. It confirmed some other thoughts that I have had about Lizzy and why she was the only child we have that is effected by vaccines to this degree.
The book states and I quote:
“If you are a pregnant woman with Type O blood, the flu vaccine holds special dangers, especially if the father of your baby is a Type A or Type AB. The flu vaccine could boost the presence of anti-bodies in your system, which could attack and damage your fetus.”

Lizzy 2005

I read this last night and became very upset again. Lizzy was the only child we had that we decided to have a flu shot with. Her older brother was just a baby we did it for him. Boy were we wrong!  Why didn’t I read up more on this? Why did I listen to them?
I was cooking dinner for my husband Todd and I began to cry. Lizzy came to see what was for dinner and she kept saying, “getti”. I was so upset that I did not realize that she was eyeing the spaghetti I was making for Todd. I finally composed my thoughts and acknowledged what she said.
My baby girl wanted some spaghetti. She even said “yummy, ummm”. I hugged her and told her “I’m sorry Baby, I didn’t know, please forgive me for causing you all of this discomfort.” Lizzy looked at me and hugged me back. Her expression was one of it’s okay Mom, I just want some spaghetti. I served her and Todd and kept crying as I cleaned up the kitchen.
 Our oldest  son Ian came in, and said ” What’s the matter Ma?” I told him and he said “You want a hug Mom?” I took him up on his offer and he told me “Mom you are doing a great job with Lizzy, she is so much better, you thought you were doing the right thing, you didn’t know!” If not for Lizzy I would not be able to witness all of my children’s concern and love. They are an awesome bunch! Thanks guys!!!
Although I have these awesome gifts, I still have healing to do regarding my baby girl. NEVER AGAIN!! I will never administer anything to my kids without checking it out entirely. This is one of the reasons I choose to be so open and candid with my blog. Hopefully someone will read it and think twice before they authorize any substance that is given to their kids.

Property of Ian and Amy Winter

The rest of the night I was trying to be at peace with it and keep going. No time for a pity party or sorrow, need to stay focused. That was my mantra for the night coupled with constant prayer to heal our baby girl and every “autistic” child out there. This situation for every family is one of complete change. Change that needs to take place in all of us. I believe that this obstacle is one that will make us all better people in every way imaginable. Mind, body and spirit is being changed to facilitate growth and awareness for every person that knows a family or family member with this condition. I have mentioned on numerous occasions that Lizzy has changed all of those she touches for the better. I have shared my journey with all that I know and we are all better for it.

Aunt Connie and Lizzy 2005

My Aunt Connie has battled heartburn, sinus and other problems for years. Told her about what I have found and she is doing a parasite cleanse and is on a probiotic plus the type O diet and she feels “great”.

I know that Lizzy will recover but I still carry around sorrow about my decision to vaccinate myself and her. This will never leave me. Like her it is part of me. With the help of homeopathy, prayer and research we will all be recovered in one way or another. Out of disaster comes opportunity, it is just a matter of time.

As of 10:20 pm Lizzy is still jumping on her bed and flipping through her books. Hopefully she will go to sleep soon in order to be ready for another day of recovery. I pray that we all have H.E.A.R.T. Hope Every Autistic Recovers Totally.

Sweet Dreams!

1/20/2011 Difficulties Define Who We Are

Hello All!

Well Lizzy was up at 3am and was screaming. Full moon madness once again! She did not fall back to sleep until 6am. Todd and I were wiped out to say the least. Lizzy is definitely ready for another dose of Cina.

Lizzy’s speech today has been infrequent, her appetite fair and she is hopping once again.

Lizzy, Willy and Amy 2005

If you do not recall…. Hopping has been part of Lizzy’s picture since she was a baby in her crib. She was the first baby to wear out a new mattress within 18 months. At the time it did not occur to us that she was trying to cope with what was happening to her body. She really loved being in her crib. She was very content as long she could bounce.

Lizzy also loved to be in her bouncer or playpen. We thought she was just content playing by herself. If we had only known, we would have stopped giving her more vaccines. That is obviously not the case. I know that her predisposition to candida has played a major role in how this all played out.

Gabriel 2005

The fact that she was the first child we had after having flu shots make her unique from her eight siblings. We were told that we needed to vaccinate everyone in the house for fear of  Gabriel getting the flu. If only we would have known. But what’s done is done and it is about us learning to help Lizzy and the entire family be completely healthy.

This journey with Lizzy has opened our eyes to so many things. If not for Lizzy we would not be living in this wonderful little town, using homeopathy, osteopathy and having a wonderful diet. Homeopathy has done wonderful things for all of us. 

For example Todd was on beta blockers for high blood pressure from 1998 to 2006. Working with our doctor we slowly got him off of the beta blockers and treated him with homeopathy and  supplements. His blood pressure is so much better. 130/80 is what it is currently. That is a far cry from 160/90 that it was in 1998.  Plus the remedy helped Todd to resolve past emotional traumas and be more content. Thanks again Lizzy!

I really encourage all parents of “autistic” kids to do a complete medical timeline on themselves and their child. List all ailments, complaints or illnesses. I bet that most of them point to yeast or candida. It is amazing how much I overlooked all of these things before. Armed with accurate information and homeopathy one can go back and heal the damage that took place. We are being recovered right along with Lizzy. I feel that this journey is a blessing. Would I choose it? No. But knowing what I know now all difficulties are a chance for growth and change. One just needs to be willing to take that first step, stay the course and find the strength to keep going.

Brown Recluse Spider

For example in 2000 we moved out to the east coast from the west coast. While preparing for our move I was bitten by a brown recluse spider. These things are very serious. Once bitten your flesh is being damaged by the venom.  Some victims have to have the limb amputated. I was petrified!

My physician told me that he did not know the extent of the damage the bite had caused. He also said he could not promise how good my thigh would look when it was all over. We had to wait and see. I told him “I just wanted to keep my leg and take care of my family.” This sweet man replied, “I will do whatever I can.” As I cried he came over and hugged me. What an awesome doctor he was. I think about him and thank God for blessing me with such a kind physician.

I had to have two surgeries to remove all of the damaged tissue. The site of the bite is not too noticeable. It is a concave scar that I look at from time to time with great humility. It could have been so much worse, thank you God! I know from experience that all is in God’s hands including Lizzy’s recovery. It will happen in due time.

I was on some strong antibiotics for weeks. I am sure this factor caused candida growth for sure. Again, another factor to contribute to Lizzy’s severe candida. I did not take a probiotic like I do now. I was told to eat yogurt to replace the friendly bacteria but I am sure that was not enough.

Elizabeth 2005

The reason I know that the spider bite was still effecting me was a year ago I contracted Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever from a tick while working in our yard. I went to the MD and he prescribed antibiotics. I called our homeopath and told her what he said. We decided to treat this form of lyme disease with homeopathy and see what the result would be.

While taking the remedy she prescribed, the site of my spider bite began to hurt. I had not felt any pain or discomfort from it for 9 years. Within 12 hours the pain left. I felt so much better after the clearing was finished. I went back to my MD and he did another blood test to check on the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, it came back negative. Amazing! Not only did I get rid of the lyme disease but I’m positive that I purged the remaining residue of the brown recluse spider bite.

This is why I love homeopathy. It brings things to the surface and helps the body realign itself to a healthy state. This is what I have witnessed with Lizzy also, she will be recovered. I firmly believe it!

All is quiet as of 10pm and hopefully we will have a good night’s sleep. God knows we need it. Things could be much worse than a sleepless night. I know because Todd and I have endured a lot of things in last 23 years of being together. As he says, “Amy, you and I can do anything together with God’s help, just think of all we have survived.” And he is so right. We both firmly believe that Lizzy will be recovered. It is just a matter of time, patience, perseverance and faith and we will have our precious baby girl back.

Sweet dreams and strength for another day of recovery.

1/19/2011 Still Watching and Waiting

Hello All,

Lizzy is still going okay. I feel that she is ready for another dose of Cina. I emailed Dori Vallis ND so will go ahead when she says it’s okay.

Lizzy had a pretty good time with her music therapy today. But as I said, she has been better. She is still affectionate but her speech is not as clear and she is staying up later than she was. She slept through the night but I can see that she is ready for some more help from Cina real soon. The full moon is tonight so we’ll see if she sleeps well or not.

Amelia and I were very irritable today and we can see that the Cina is working for us. Will continue to watch and wait and hopefully this parasite issue will be under wraps fairly soon.

Sweet Dreams to All and strength for another day of recovery

1/17/2011 Watch and Wait

Hello All!

Lizzy slept through the night and woke up fairly well. She has been screaming more today so the Cina is slowly doing its work. Dori Vallis ND said “Watch and wait” so here we go. We have to wait and see what Cina symptoms come to the surface. Then we can go in with a higher dose. Below is a brief overview of the Cina profile, from Home Remedy Centrel. Lizzy has quite a few of these.

Benefits/Uses of Cina:

Intestinal Worms:

It’s not surprising to see cina show up as a homeopathic remedy for intestinal worms. In this case the worms may be evident in the stools showing a white color.

There may be a terrible pinching pain in the belly and it may even become bloated as a result of the worms. The nose and the rectum alike will often feel itchy as there is no appetite in those who suffer from this condition.

Temper Tantrums:

Children who exhibit irritability often tend to have terrible temper tantrums as well. The tantrum may happen after they are told no or simply as a part of their erratic and challenging behavior.

Coughs and Colds:

Cina works well as a homeopathic remedy for those who suffer from a severe whooping cough. It may even feel as though the cough is gagging the person at times as the chest often feels constricted. The body may become stiff and there may be violent sneezing associated with these coughing fits.

Sleep Problems:

Many people turn to cina if they have difficulty falling asleep or if they suffer from restless sleep overall.

Twitching Muscles:

Cina works well as a homeopathic remedy if the muscles tend to jerk or go through spasms. It is particularly helpful if the jerking or convulsions is brought on by touch or from being scolded.

Homeopathic Remedy Profile for Cina:

Cina works well as a homeopathic remedy in those who tend to suffer from great irritability. It is typically given to children as it offers the most help to the young and the problems that they face. Those who benefit greatly from cina may feel restless and often frantic, and they often have a hard time sitting still. They have a difficult time sleeping and their physical and mental symptoms are often tied together.

I am very encouraged by this acute clearing. I know that we are going to get this parasite issue taken care of with this approach. Homeopathy to date has been wonderful in bringing things to the surface so we can address them as the body reveals them.

Amelia and I did the Cina 8 hour dosing today. I started to sneeze like crazy and get very tired after each dose. Amelia felt much better emotionally and feels more happy. She has been very moody, irritable and not herself the last week. I am so glad that it helped her. I can not believe how much better she is this evening. As I said these parasites are more common than most realize. Plus since Lizzy had them the rest of the household would too. 

I hope and pray that Lizzy and the rest of us continue to go forward with this clearing. I feels right to me.

Sweet dreams and strength for another day of recovery

1/16/2011 Cina Anyone?

Lizzy after Cina 30C 1 15 2011

Hello All!

As per Dori Vallis ND instructions we gave Lizzy 3 doses of Cina 30 C over an eight-hour period. She tolerated it pretty well. She did get some dark circles under her eyes, and she was a little hyper at bedtime but she slept through the night and woke up in a great mood. YEAH!!!!!!!

Her mood has been great and she has been very happy and cooperative. Thank you God! I was hoping and praying that it would be fairly easy for her. Now we have to wait until Dori gives us the go ahead to move on to Cina 200C. The higher the potency the more effective it will be.

Katie 2010

Katie and Gabriel  were given the same Cina dose as Lizzy. If you remember correctly the entire household needs to be treated for the parasites. So that is exactly what we are going to do. We decided to go with the Cina instead of the Vermox again. We are doing a few people at a time so we do not have an entire household of grumpy, irritable folks. That is the last thing we need. After that is finished we will start-up with the WW by Pure Herbs (kills parasites) for maintenance. That stuff is wonderful.

Gabriel reported that he felt tired and slept really well. Katie slept well last night but is very clingy by the time the evening rolls around. Yes, she is only 23 months old, so fatigue could be the explanation for her irritability.

Gabriel and Lizzy 12 2011

 The entire household is much more relaxed when Lizzy is feeling better. The fact that she is not screaming all of the time is a huge blessing. I know that this Cina clearing is going to do some great stuff. As I said, the parasites and the candida are a huge part of Lizzy’s problem. When we are all finished with this Cina clearing we will be a totally new family. Then we can attack the candida and be in an even better place. Onward and upward.

Once again Lizzy is healing the entire family along with herself. We eat better, we think better and we are more connected to each other because of Lizzy.

Thanks Lizzy Girl, we love you very much!

I recently added a “Blues Buster’ bulb to Lizzy’s room. Her room gets morning sunlight but the rest of the day it is not exposed so I thought this might help. It is a full spectrum bulb that filters out brown colors so even when it is dark or grey outside it’s shining light like the sun. It provides 5,000 hours of light so it lasts quite a long time. The bulbs are $7.00 a piece but they really feel neat. With all of the damp weather and snow on the east coast it is worth it. Plus this house we are in is surrounded by trees which limits the sunshine in certain spots.You can check them out at www.bluebuster.com. Every little bit helps. “One drop at a time you fill the bucket”.

Lizzy was leaning on our dog Nellie and pulling on her ears. I firmly told her “No”,  Lizzy looked at me as if to say I’m sorry and went upstairs. In the past Lizzy has been reminded not to do things and she would just walk away without any acknowledgement. She has said sorry in the past from time to time, but the look in her eye tonight was one that a kid gives when they do not like being reprimanded. Very cool! Our little girl is coming back.

As of 830pm all is well and Lizzy is very content. I hope and pray that she sleeps well and we will have strength for another day of recovery.

Sweet Dreams

Onward and Upward 1/11/11 to 1/13/11

Hello All,

Lizzy slept well the last two nights and woke up cranky because she was wet. One week before the full moon and here we go again. Bed wetting is one of the symptoms of parasitical infection.  No Surprise here.

Spoke to Dori Vallis ND today. This woman really knows her stuff. Not only is she well versed on homeopathy but she is great at explaining what her goals are and why we need to address the parasites. THANK YOU GOD!!!!! Finally someone who is in agreement about this. The parasites need to be addressed before we go forward with the CEASE therapy again. Thanks Dori!!

If you do not recall, Lizzy has been battling parasites the last 5 weeks or so. Actually it has been since the beginning. But the CEASE clearings have brought it to the surface again. So here we go! We finished the Vermox 100 mg allopathic prescription, so Dori and I decided to continue the clearing with Cina 30C. Cina is a homeopathic remedy derived from wormseed. It is one of the first picks when treating parasites. Dori wants us to do Cina 30 C for one week and then we will up the dosage as Lizzy shows us that she is ready for the next step. We used Cina 200C before we started CEASE Therapy and we saw more speech and overall improvement with her “autism” characteristics. The only drawback with the 200C was that it was too strong for her. So we are going in gently this time.

Lizzy had her first meeting with Dr. Melanie Shih her Qigong therapist today and it went really well. Lizzy was very cooperative and during the treatment I suddenly saw a shift. Lizzy became irritated and did not want anymore of the treatment. I view this as something started to move inside of her. She did not like it. Her body was responding to the treatment and it was foreign to Lizzy. Like all of us, Lizzy does not like to let go of old habits. Even when we are feeling poorly, we still hold on to them because they are familiar.

January 14, 2011 we will start the Cina 30C clearing of the parasites. I waited until tomorrow because of the Qigong therapy she received earlier today. I do not want to overload her system so tomorrow is the day. I pray that Lizzy does not aggravate on this clearing. I want her to go forward but I hope that it is not too difficult for her. Lizzy’s speech has diminished a little so I know that she is ready for more intervention. Dear God help her!

So here it is. We will go in with Cina 30C and treat these parasites homeopathically until we are sure they are gone. We will increase the potency as needed and keep going until Lizzy is finished with these things.  Dori Vallis ND agreed that diet needs to be a big part of the healing. I have looked at parasitical diet recommendations, type O blood type recommendations and candida diet recommendations. I have cross referenced these diets and they all point to NO SUGAR, HIGH PROTEIN and GREEN VEGETABLES, MINIMAL GRAIN (organic brown rice is okay), MINIMAL STARCH. So typical Winter family style we are all going to stick to this. No more Naked Juice, semolina pasta, sugar and very low dairy. Looks like I will finally lose those baby pounds I acquired while being pregnant with Howard. The entire household will be having this diet. As we all know sugar is bad no matter what, so onward and upward.

I have not gathered information on everyone’s blood type so that is one more thing we need to take care of.  I found a home blood type test we can do. I know for certain that Lizzy, baby Howard and myself are blood type O. Now I just need to do the other eight. You can buy the test online at http://www.healthhometest.com/product_info.php?products_id=70&gclid=CLGmgeylrqYCFYbb4Aod-2itmg so I am going to do a few at a time until we have all of the necessary information. All four major blood types need different types of food and supplements to feel good. So that is what we are going to do.

I being type O have been eliminating grains and sugar. What a difference! I feel much better. The research done in Eat Right For Your Type is very helpful. I suggest everyone checks it out for their own well-being. I mentioned my intentions to Dori Vallis ND and she agrees it is a good idea to use this diet in conjunction with the parasitical diet. Onward and upward.

As of 1130pm Lizzy is quiet and all is well. I pray for a good clearing tomorrow with the Cina 30C. I know that this parasitical clearing is a huge part of the picture with Lizzy. Without the CEASE and classical homeopathic clearings I would not have known this. Thank you God!!!

Strength for another day of recovery to all!

Lizzy’s My Type 1 /10 /2011

Hello Everyone!

Lizzy slept well last night and is still communicating. She has been screaming more than we would like but we feel it is a bad habit that needs to be addressed. When she does start to scream we call her on it and remind her to “Use your words no screaming.” She does stop screaming and uses her words. So there it is.

We have established that Lizzy is a blood type O. I finally got a chance to read the O blood type diet contained in the book Eat Right For Your Type. It was very eye-opening.

We are going to be giving Lizzy lots of lean chicken, beef and some lamb. Plus lots of green vegetables. I need to study the diet more but it is amazing what else I found out about Type O. THEY ARE YEAST SENSITIVE! Yikes I almost jumped out of my chair. That makes perfect sense. I know after this parasite clearing is over we need to address the candida that is most likely in her system.

 Type O’s also need lots of exercise. That is me too. Lately I have been more sedentary because of the weather and stuff so I am feeling down. Makes sense. So Lizzy and I are going for walks 3X a week and will be looking into doing exercises with her. This will test how willing she really is. I have seen some exercise programs for autistic children but I do not think Lizzy will go for it. I do not want to spend anymore money on DVD’s or cd’s that do not suit her. So the next investigative stage begins.

Need to follow-up with our MD and see what he advises about the Vermox clearing. Is it finished? How do we know? Will meet with him this week to find out what is next. Have a phone appointment with Dori Vallis ND tomorrow to discuss our next move. Dori and I agree that we need to make sure the parasites are out-of-the-way before we start another CEASE clearing. So hopefully we will have answers this week.

property of Ian and Amy Winter

Lizzy is so amazing lately. She is so much more aware of what is going on around her. She spied our cat Spencer coming up the walkway and she went to the front door and said “There’s the cat”, and tried to open the door. Another first! She is using communication for everything. Yes, as I stated before she does scream from time to time but all I have to do is remind her to not scream and she tells me what she wants.  It is absolutely amazing! I am so encouraged by the latest developments. She behaves like a little girl. It makes my heart sing to be able to see her coming into her own.

 I pray that Lizzy will continue to communicate on an even deeper level. I have hope that she will continue to keep getting closer and closer to complete recovery. The more I learn on this journey the more I am amazed at how God has lead me. I pray for this constantly. I know that this journey is crucial for me and all of those who know and love Lizzy.  This child has been brought into our family to bring about a miraculous change. I beleive that this is true of any difficulty. God will use this disaster as an opportunity to bring us to the place where we belong.  Lizzy has been a huge influence on so many people. Her beauty and sweetness is seen by all who know her. She is the light that God has chosen to bring our family closer and to bring me closer to Him. I know some of my readers might not have the same beliefs as I but situations like these are life changing. No matter what your belief system is.

 I believe these children have been placed here as a wake up to call to everyone. Some are being awakened in one way and some another but the outcome is the same.  We are changed for the better! I thank God for this and am so grateful that I was chosen to be Lizzy’s mom. She has taught me more than I can ever express. She has enabled me to become a better person all around. My heart is no longer full of pain. It is full of hope. My Hope is that Every Autistic Recovers Totally along with those who love and cherish them so.

 Strength and Hope for Another Day of Recovery

I Want You Back 1/ 6/ 2011

Hello All!

Lizzy and Amelia 1 6 2011

Lizzy has been sleeping well and communicating more and more.

Today she had her first visit to Dr. Melanie Shih who will be working on her once a week using Qigong.  We were running late so I asked Amelia to go and wake her up for her appointment. From my room I could hear Lizzy saying “I don’t want to, Please!” Amelia insisted and Lizzy replied, “Will you wait, please!” Very cool!! I know this little girl is going to be a pistol like all of the females in this house. God bless her.

The reason I chose to take Lizzy is that I want to make sure that her liver is not compromised due to the parasites. Dr Shih will be focusing on her kidneys and liver to help with her digestion. Dr Shih asked me if I knew her blood type and I told her it was O positive. Well that explains a lot to her. She told me that she needs lots of protein and I firmly believe this. I too have the same blood type and I know that I must have protein or I am very irritable.

So long ago my sister Cynthia recommended a book entitled Eat Right For Your Type.   I saw it at the library last week and felt very strongly about getting it so I borrowed it. Again I was lead to something that I would need. Thank you God!  It is so wonderful when you listen to your intuition. Success!

I have not started the book but I am sure everyone who has an autistic child can benefit from it. Not only for their child but for themselves. These little ones are not completely verbal so we have to put the pieces together and figure out how to help them. SO LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION!!!! It will take you exactly where you need to be.

Lizzy Katie 1 6 2011 dancing

Tonight all of the girls were dancing to Lizzy and Katie’s favorite I Want You Back by *NSYNC. Amelia shared that it reminds her of Lizzy because we WANT HER BACK. It was so cute to see all 3 of them dancing together. And yes we do want her back and we are doing everything within our means to do so. Don’t fret Lizzy we will do this !

After observing Lizzy tonight I feel that she is a visual learner. But she also learns by moving which is kinesthetic. I read an awesome book years ago entitled The Way They Learn by Cynthia Tobias.  

It is a wonderful book that helped me understand myself as well as my kids. The  book teaches you how kids learn in different styles and how they process information. I know it can be hard with an autistic child but once you familiarize yourself with the different learning styles and start observing your child it will come very easily. Most autistics are visual learners so that is a great place to start.  This book is awesome for any kid. So like any job we have to have the proper tools to get the job done. The best gift you can give your child is your attention and understanding. It moves mountains!

As of 830 pm all is well and Lizzy is very very happy. Thank you God. I never thought I would get to this point and she would be happy and feeling well.

I pray that we have sweet dreams and strength for another day of recovery.