12 7 2010

Lizzy slept well last night and woke up in good mood. Thank God she loves the pumpkin seeds we gave her. They are organic and quite delicious. The entire family is eating them. If you do not recall pumpkin seeds help get rid of worms. Apparently the worms gorge themselves on them become relaxed and are easily passed. Sounds good to me. Worse case she has been eating a nutritious snack.

Amelia and Lizzy 12 7 2010

Received confirmation from Dori Vallis ND that the picture we sent her of Lizzy’s worms is actually pinworms. I am going to follow-up with lab work to confirm. Shared with Lizzy’s osteopath what she is experiencing and he advised the testing.  After thinking about it I agree.  It can’t hurt to be sure.

Lizzy did something that was out of the ordinary today. She suddenly became very spacey. I asked her what was wrong and reached for her. She put up her right hand as if saying not now. It was so strange. The look in her eye was so different.

She ate lunch and we then we gave her a bath. She was doing the same thing as last night in the tub. Going boneless and not cooperating.

Lizzy playing dress up with Amy's coat 12 7 2010

After she got out of the tub I gave her a rub down with lotion and she was more like herself again. Those big beautiful eyes of hers were back. She came downstairs later and said “Hello”, with a happy smirk. Very interesting.

This same behavior was exhibited a while ago when we started on classical homeopathy. After a bath she is a new woman but within 3 hours or so all of the screaming and junk starts again. I always thought the water was therapeutic for her. In the early days we would give her a bath 2 to 3 times a day just to calm her down. Here we go again. I guess these parasites must have been there from the beginning.

Her afternoon was very pleasant and she was very engaging. After dinner we got ready for bed and while changing her I found some golden-colored clusters in her diaper and on her groin and anus. Put on some latex gloves and placed them in a small glass bottle to take to the lab. What the @#$%! Part of the diaper? Will find out soon enough.

Lizzy was still very pleasant and no problems. Put her to bed and she smiled at me as I kissed her good night. I decided to go outside to call my sister without being interrupted and she went nuts. From her bedroom window she saw me out there and screamed her head off. Ian went to her but no go. She wanted me. When kids don’t feel well they always want their mom. I know I did.

Katie 12 7 2010

Well her mood snowballed into a screaming fit for two hours. She was only content if I was with her. Katie wanted some loving too so I was being pulled in two directions. Poor little chicks needed some comforting and that is what they got.

Lizzy and Katie finally gave up 30 minutes before Todd got home. All was well, and off to sleep I went. Hoping for a better day tomorrow.


12 6 2010 It’s Snow Picnic

Katie in snow suit 12 6 2010

Lizzy Snow 12 6 2010

Hello All!

Well the first snow arrived last night. Not too much. Just enough to cover the ground. Lizzy was very excited but Katie was a reluctant participant. They had fun outside for about an hour or so. Lizzy was eating the snow and running around, I believe she was really aware of what was happening. Lizzy’s behavior is still the same due to the worms.

Katie hated her snow suit 12 6 2010

As you can see Katie was not in a great mood either. We found pinworms on her also. These things are so easily spread. We steam cleaned all of the floors and are washing everyone’s hands like crazy. But, it takes time.

Tons of old Lizzy behavior today. Grunting, screaming, not using her fork, fingers in her mouth the whole deal.  She also has been very loose in how she moves her body. She is dead weight. It seems like she is not even trying to move. When we tell her to sit down or anything involving her body she does not even try to grasp or move.

Lizzy was like this some time ago. These worms have been an issue for her for a long time. This is her 4th time. When we first started homeopathy two years ago she passed some very long things twice. After that her problems with her bowels improved greatly. My guess her little body is still trying to purge these dumb things.  I thought we were finished with this part but not yet. We have more work to do.

Baby Howard 12 6 2010

Amelia tried to get Lizzy to hold Howard on her lap today.  Amelia was holding Howard under his arms and placed him on Lizzy’s lap. She was interested for 10 seconds and then she began to fuss. Man, all of this old behavior. Hopefully Dori Vallis ND will have some answers for me.

After dinner Lizzy is taking a bath and she is exhibiting more old behaviors. Laying down in the tub so her ears are covered by the water. Laying on her stomach and not responding to any requests. Usually she is cooperative about washing her hair and body and just plain interested in the attention. Not today. She is also pushing on her lower abdomen again. Old behavior with less severity. This tells me we are getting somewhere. Patience….

Lizzy Exteriorzation 12 6 2010

Lizzy’s hands are also very red. At first,  I thought it was from all of the hand washing but they also have fluid in them. This same type of exteriorzation occurred when we started using homeopathy last year. She was on hyoscyamus then and we had these type of exteriorzations often. So again, this means that we are getting movement from the Cina we gave her. Good news to me. Need to confirm with Dori Vallis ND that this is the case so will let you know.

W.-W made by Pure Herbs arrived today. I am very excited about giving it to Lizzy. It really helped last time. As I mentioned before Tammy Merchant M H (author of He’s Not Autistic But…) highly recommends this for worm clearing. We had good luck with it last time so we’ll do it again. It tastes vile. Quick resolve to this problem.

Green Machine

Hide the teaspoon of WW in one cup of Green Machine. This stuff masks all kinds of supplements. It makes her feel good too. It has protein in it, which she craves. Thank you God! Last time we had to fight her to swallow it or wrestle with her to rub it on her feet or belly. Thank God each round gets easier.

Hope that she will sleep well and get some relief from these things. Am glad that we are finding this now instead in the middle of a CEASE clearing. Too many things going on might confuse the information we need from her behavior. So again I need to let Him drive and present things we need to address. He knows exactly what Lizzy needs.  And Lizzy will show us which way we need to go next.

Sweet Dreams!

Following Ones Path

Lizzy 12 5 2010
Hello All. Lizzy has been doing fairly well. Some of her sensory issues have returned. Her noise sensitivity is one that is a major issue. As mentioned in our last few posts Lizzy is battling pinworms. These things make one very irritable. So I believe that this is the problem. Plus she is constantly putting her fingers in her mouth and licking things again.

Katie and Santa 12 4 2010

Her speech is good and she was very cooperative when we went to see Santa Claus on Saturday (Dec.4 ). Lizzy did not want to sit on his lap, but she was fairly calm and interested in what was going on.

12 4 2010 Library Gang

We then proceeded to go to the market. This is a new market in town so I was hoping she would not become over stimulated. Lizzy was very comfortable there and was singing as we went up and down the aisles.
The other shoppers noticed that she is different and look down towards their feet. I used to do the same thing before Lizzy became autistic. I just was not sure what to do or say. Now I make a point of trying to engage the child or person with a smile or hello. You can see the shoulders of the parents just relax when one does this.  I know I feel better when people just treat her like any other kid.
It does not bother me any more. It used to. I have become very accustomed to it and am very proud of her and her siblings that love her so. Again our precious Lizzy has taught us how to be better people. Thanks Lizzy ! 🙂

Winter Walkway 12 2010

As we returned from our outings I noticed how each one of the kids walked up to the house differently. Our walkway is not completely smooth. Over the last two years the walkway has changed in places due to the elements it has been exposed to. It is the same for us as a family. Like the walkway we all have shifted in places.
All ten of us choose a different route in order to obtain the same goal.  Some walk over the unsmooth stones. Others stay to one side or another. We all do it differently. We all handle life’s challenges in our own unique manner. We all have a different way we have been impacted by Lizzy. We each choose a route that will help us achieve the same goal. We are all on a journey. A journey to recovery not only  for Lizzy, but ourselves.
Later that evening Lizzy attended the tree lighting ceremony with Dad and her siblings. She was fine with the band and all of the people. Once the tree was lit she loved it. Only drawback was that she wanted it to turn off and then on again. So Dad and the gang left and came home.
I stayed at home during the tree ceremony to make dinner. We had Chinese noodle soup with chicken and shrimp. Lizzy ate some and was cooperative for the rest of the night. Until……
Lizzy has been hitting again. She hit Katie and Katie came up to her and kicked her leg towards Lizzy. She looked and Lizzy and said”Kick”. I perceived this as Katie reminding Lizzy that if you do it again I will defend myself. Katie is one tough little cookie. She has no problem reminding her older siblings that she will not tolerate any of their jazz.
Lizzy went to bed as usual and only called out once. I rubbed her head and back to sleep she went. YES!
Today Sunday 12/5/2010 has been pretty good. I just notice that she is exhibiting more autistic characteristics. You can see from the pictures above that there is a different look in her eye since this pinworm thing. I must confess I still get a sinking feeling in my stomach that she will revert back and not keep going forward. I pray about it and God gives me the strength to go forward and stay on the path that I am on. This worm thing will take time to fix so I must remain faithful and not get distracted. From time to time it is easier said than done.
It is about 9pm and snowing outside. I LOVE when it snows. Todd made organic popcorn and I made organic mint hot chocolate so we are all warm and fuzzy. With God’s help we will all stay that way and have a great night’s sleep.
Sweet Dream To All