12/29/2010 Everyone Loves Lizzy #2

Hello All!

Happy Lizzy 12 29 2010

Lizzy slept well again. Her mood is very good and she is very verbal without prompting. “Morning Mommy”, “Hi” ,”Hello”, she is very engaging. She just came up to me and blew me a kiss.  One drop at a time we fill the bucket. Good job Lizzy!

Emailed Dori Vallis and got a response. I need to stop giving her the Nux Vomica it could confuse the issues and undo past work. Thought I was doing the right thing treating her acutely with Nux but I was wrong. Will not give it to her again. It worked but it is not the right time. Oops! Sorry Lizzy and Dori! Tonight we will just see what happens with her sleep.

 Lizzy had her second dose of Vermox 100mg (parasites) so let’s see what happens. I am going to continue with the garlic rubs on her feet and all supplements and remedies prescribed by Dori Vallis ND to date. Omega 3’s, Vitamin C, Zinc, Probiotic and Sacc Off 6C a homeopathic remedy for digestion. That is all we are going to administer until further notice.

Lizzy's favorite Frank Barone

As I stated before in previous blogs Lizzy loves the show Everybody Loves Raymond. I think her favorites are Frank and Robert Barone. Yesterday she was eating a chip and said like Frank Barone “Holy crap!” She even mimicked his tone, it was so funny.

Her requests for these dvd’s is a daily event. She will stand in front of our collection and say the color of the packaging. We decided we will not give it to her unless she says “May I have the yellow Raymond please.” It takes a few tries but she will say it. This is a big. Before she would just stand in front of the dvd’s and scream. Now she is talking more and more. Poor little thing, I can tell at times that she does not want to do it. But her desire to acquire the dvd is greater than her desire to not express herself. Growing is difficult.

Baby bro Matthew 12 2010

Two years ago when Lizzy’s younger brother Matthew was a baby he was fussing a lot. Lizzy did not like this behavior so she said “Shut up baby”. She said what? I could not believe it! When she is pushed she will speak. Where she got shut up from I am not sure. This phrase is not one that we use. My guess is that her big brothers are using it with each other.  I never thought I would be glad to hear her say that, but I was. When cornered she will speak. Now I have to figure out how to turn her willingness to speak into an everyday event without upsetting her. Questions, questions, questions.

Baby Howard

I am very encouraged by her recent behavior. Slowly she is coming out of her shell and allowing us to see who she is. Lizzy has been more playful with all of her younger siblings. She was holding baby Howard’s hand yesterday and caressing it. It was so sweet. It was only for a few seconds but I could see how genuine her gesture was. All of these things are huge for me. I know that it is only a matter of time till she will be completely recovered. All of these blog entries and photos will be a reminder to our entire family of how much her journey has helped all of us.

Massage therapy is the next thing I feel will help her. This will enable us to calm her down when her practitioners are not available. After my Nux Vomica mistake I am sure that I need something external that will not get in the way of everything else. Lizzy has always enjoyed a massage so why not one that is more purposeful. Will meet with the Qigong therapist next week for a consultation. Hopefully it will help all of us move forward even more.

Frankly I feel bad about the Nux Vomica incident. Though it helped I am not certain what the ramifications will be. Maybe there won’t be any, let’s hope. All I wanted to do was to alleviate her discomfort. She needs her sleep in order to heal. With uninterrupted sleep we all do better. When one is rested we will have the strength for another day of recovery.

I pray that God guides us to see what Lizzy needs and she will be the same happy girl tomorrow. Sweet dreams to all and strength for another day of recovery.