Pioneers, Warriors and Advocates 12 20 2010

Lizzy with Grinch 12 20 2010

Hello All!

Lizzy is still doing better and talking more every day. Today she was in my room with me. As I finished changing the sheets on my bed she said, ” There.  All finished.” Very cool!!! Her screaming is at an all time low and her verbal responses are getting more frequent.

Lizzy received a plush Grinch from Grandma today and she is holding it and saying “Happy Birthday”. Keep the talking coming Lizzy girl.

 This is exactly what happened last time when we started the worm clearing. I’ll say it again, there is really something to this. Again I will keep going with this until I have exhausted all possibilities. Hopefully on January 13 we can restart the CEASE therapy. As stated before I think the vaccines and the parasites are the issue.

Samuel Hahnemann founder of homeopathy

Now we all have read that all autistic kids have problems with parasites, candida and aluminum or other metals. The trick is to figure out what our child needs first. Homeopathy is the answer for me. It slowly peels back layers and reveals what we need to address. Makes perfect sense.

 I encourage all homeopathic patients and parents to be as accurate as possible when talking to your homeopathic consultants and physicians. The more information they have they more they can help. Do not feel that this or that is not important, let your homeopath advise you. But more importantly observe your child constantly and document what their behaviors are and why.

Lizzy Journal

What changed in their daily routine? Where were they when it happened? What kind of lights were they exposed to? What sounds were taking place? Was their conflict or stress? Everything and anything needs to be looked at. I feel that all information must be considered. Remember that homeopathy is working on the whole person. CEASE clearings are incredibly powerful because they bring the vaccine damage to the surface so we can see what else needs to be addressed. That is what has happened to Lizzy. Parasites 4 times in 2 years. How long have they been there? I can’t tell you how many times I read about autistic kids not under homeopathic care that are not getting any relief from constipation or diarrhea. Parasites? Could be. Parasites can cause both constipation and diarrhea. I know the first time Lizzy passed a parasite her bowel movements changed drastically. They were normal for once.

 Homeopathy is the one healing modality that goes in and gives us a clearer picture of what we are dealing with. No two kids are alike. So again, OBSERVE AND DOCUMENT EVERYTHING YOUR CHILD DOES. Use your cell phone to film, photo and leave voice memos for yourself and your homeopath.

Management of homeopathic cases are very important. Start a journal and divide it into sections. Remedies, aggravations, exteriorzations, melt downs, sleepless nights, supplements, diet, visits to homeopath or other physicians. Document everything you feel is noteworthy, customize it for your child.

 Lizzy is on her fourth journal. I can’t tell you how many times it has helped me to go back and look at their contents. Each one of us has a journal. It is just like the research papers we had to do in school. Or the biology logs we had to keep up on in high school. Thank God I had a teacher that was adamant about our journals being up to date and accurate. It is amazing what comes across our paths in life. Who would have thought that all of that note taking and color coding would pay off.

Now please do not become overwhelmed by the journals. Do not feel bad if you can not get to it every day. God will provide what is needed. Just follow your instincts. Some of my readers might not have the same belief system that I have and that is what works for them. So customize your approach and listen to your gut and do the best you can.

I am fortunate enough to be home with all of my kids every day. Some parents have to work outside of the home.  Document all that you can and alert your children’s care givers to your endeavours. I am sure they will be able to help you out tremendously. I have all of my kids alerting me to any new behaviors that Lizzy exhibits. You can do the same with others that spend time with your precious children.

If you do not know we chose to home school our kids. When we moved from the west coast to the east coast we decided to put our three school age children in public school. This would allow us to settle in and get the house organized.

 I met with their teachers and shared with them my observations and the possible learning styles that my kids processed. One of their teachers told me ” I just do not have time to get to know my students on that deep level, I wish I did.” The second listened politely and gave my observations audience. The third would not even make eye contact with me because we homeschooled. I attempted to tell her that Ian was possibly dyslexic. She quickly dismissed me and was very unwilling to listen. Later we had him tested and she was very sweet and nice once the results were in. She thought it was my lack of teaching that was the cause.

My point in sharing this is that we will go up against people who do not know what is really going on. They make a snap decission with out any experience or frame of reference. Especially when it comes to homeopathy. Most people do not understand it and need to be shown that it truly works. Or they refuse to inform themselves so their acessment is biased.  

Be adamant and stick to your guns do not let others discourage you. There is so much to learn about your children and it can be daunting.  YOU KNOW YOUR CHILDREN BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE! Do not forget that! So try your best and all that is needed will come to the surface. We are pioneers, warriors and loving advocates for our children. It is up to us.

Ask other family members about past family health history and consider it all. Especially with homeopathy you are treating the whole person not just a condition. Family history is a big part of the equation so get all of the information you can. Tracking your child not only benefits him or her it empowers you to understand and heal yourself. I have been impacted by this journey in ways that I can not describe. Lizzy has taught me more in the last 3 years than I can measure. Thanks Lizzy. xo

Lizzy’s challenges have changed the entire family for the better. All of our efforts have been shared with others and hopefully have healed them in one way or another. Out of disaster comes opportunity. Our Lizzy is healing others right along with herself. God bless her.

In the time I have been writing this entry Lizzy has been coming up to me. She sits on my lap and hugs me in a way that I have been waiting for. I remember when she would not even let me touch her. Thank you God for healing my precious girl more and more with each day. I still anxiously wait to hear what she thinks and feels about everything around her.  My dreams are still filled with moments of her talking to me and sharing on a deeper level. In due time Baby I will hear your voice!

Lizzy was named after my Aunt Bette and Aunt Connie. Elizabeth Constanza is her full name. How true it is. Elizabeth means consecrated to God and Constanza mans constant. My Aunt Bette always said “One drop at a time you fill the bucket.” How true that is about Lizzy’s recovery. One day at a time and one drop at a time we fill the bucket of recovery. I know that she will be completely healed.

Tearfully I end this entry with the hope that every “autistic” child will recover to their full potential. I also hope that we as their advocates grow to reach our full potential as well. I look forward to the day when together with our children we can share our experiences of a time when we healed their bodies and our hearts.

Sweet dreams to all and strength for another day of recovery.


6 thoughts on “Pioneers, Warriors and Advocates 12 20 2010

  1. Amy, no one and I mean no one had ever touched me as much as you did today. I am crying as i type this, my heart shivered while reading the end parts of your post, i just like you hurt, i like you ask god daily to please let me hear my son’s voice, i like you have learned many things from alex, i like you dream of having a conversation with my son, i like you want his recovery more than life it self, i like you am a mother willing to spent the rest of my life fighting for my child, I like you love my children more than words could say.

    Amy, your words touched me so much they will live with me the rest of my days, I thank you so much for sharing your love and devotion for Lizzy with us.

    • MW,
      Thank you so much for your heart felt post. Through sharing our feelings we can be healed along with our precious little ones. Lizzy is healing others along with herself. I know that your Alex is doing the same for all of those that he touches each day. It is only a matter of time until he is completely recovered.
      Hang in there Lady and keep doing all of the wonderful things that you do. You will be able to talk to your sweet boy soon. I know it !
      Alex will look back on your blog one day and his hreat will be filled with so much love and admiration. These experiences will impact all of us forever.
      Strength and love is all we need as mother warriors, they are the tools of recovery. God will do it on His time table we just need to be patient.

  2. I sure hope so Amy, I’m so impatient at times, but like you say it’s his time table not mine. Patience is very hard when it comes to our childrens health but I have to somehow learn to wait, and accept with a smile on my face this long wait. Thanks as always for your kind words, I’m so happy that we have each other, this fight is tough but with friends to lean on it’s a lot easier.

    Your friend and reader always, Lucy!

  3. Hello Amy: I just came across your blog and want to tell you that I too share your vision that all autistic chidren will recover to their full potential. I am using Heilkunst homeopathy for my son who is very sensitive.

    It’s good to read the journeys of other parents who are using homeopathy to heal their children. You have some great advice, esp. about the journals. I don’t document everything, but I document a lot of things and think that it’s very important.

    Take good care,

    • Hello Janice,
      Thanks for reading. I am very interested in Heilkunst Homeopathy. Does it differ greatly from classical or inspiring (CEASE Therapy)? I have completely fallen in love with homeopathy it has changed our lives. Will check your blog also. FYI great book on Oil of Oregano called The Cure Is In The Cupboard.

  4. I don’t know a lot about CEASE therapy, but I think that Heilkunst homeopathy is more similar to CEASE than it is to classical homeopathy. (It is involves sequentially treating the timeline of traumas/shocks in reverse order and then the treatment of chronic miasms).

    Based on your recommendation, I’ve order the book Oil of Oregano. I figure that since I have some on order, I’d like to be knowledgeable about how much my son should be taking, etc. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Holidays,

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