Going Well and Time Will Tell 12 /19 /2010

Lizzy Loves Seltzer 12 17 2010

All has been going well with the Vermox prescription. We have seen some major shifts with Lizzy’s behavior. For example she is speaking more. “Hello, Mommy”, “Drink please”, “Merry Christmas”, “Ho, ho, ho.” Lizzy was speaking like this before the parasite infestation and again I see the same pattern as before. Once she passes the worms we see a great change in her. Lizzy also is willing to read, attempt to write and be more self sufficient. These changes lead us closer to getting her back to us.

Again, my gut is telling me that these parasites are a MAJOR cause of her “autistic” behavior. Yes the vaccines are part of the equation but after 4 different homeopathic clearings the parasites have shown themselves each time. The homeopathic remedies go in and clear away a layer and parasites are always what has been brought to the surface again. Call me crazy, but I know what I have seen with her over the past 3 years. These suckers are a HUGE part of the equation.

The clincher for me has been that Matthew was exhibiting the same behavior Lizzy used to after first taking the Vermox. It only lasted an hour or so but it was so interesting to see it from another child. Matthew is not autistic but he did have some shots. (another regret of mine) The vaccines and the parasites are definitely working together to create these types of behavior. Just need to keep researching.

 Katie did not have the same intense reactions like Matthew. She has not had any vaccines to date. Plus she has been having raw milk for the last year and the friendly bacteria has surely helped her intestinal flora. Katie is very verbal and incredibly sharp. Now that I have seen the difference in her from her other two siblings I know there is something to this theory. The parasites most certainly mess with one’s intestinal flora not to mention absorption of minerals. That would explain why these kids (“autistic”) respond so well to heavy doses of supplements. One can never get well if their intestinal flora is out of whack.

As I reflect on my own illnesses over the years, I believe that I have had exposure to parasites for quite some time. The Irritable Bowel Syndrome, sinus problems, irritability, bloating just to name a few. All of this would lead me to believe that this is the right direction. These things are so contagious that one does not even know that they have them. They can come from almost anywhere. All one can do is arm ones self against them with something like WW.

Spoke with Dori Vallis ND and she advised me not to give any of us more WW until the Vermox is finished. We do not want anything to get in the way of killing the eggs of these buggers. They can lay 10,000 eggs a day. Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As of 7 pm Lizzy is doing well and trying to play with the Christmas ornaments on the tree. She is very excited about all of the festive fair. We decorated our house yesterday. We listened to music, made organic popcorn and organic hot cocoa plus we cut out snowflakes to put on the windows. It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here. We like to wait until a week before so we can get ourselves in the spirit and not tire of  the decorations too quickly.

In our house it is a time of remembering that Christ was born. Through Him our precious Lizzy and others just like her will recover. I pray that we all will have the strength and endurance we need to help our precious little ones.

Sweet Dreams to all and strength for another day of recovery.


2 thoughts on “Going Well and Time Will Tell 12 /19 /2010

  1. In our house it is a time of remembering that Christ was born. Through Him our precious Lizzy and others just like her will recover. I pray that we all will have the strength and endurance we need to help our precious little ones.

    Sweet Dreams to all and strength for another day of recovery
    I love THIS!

    And what is Vermox? Is this homeopathic? And what’s WW? Sorry I have to ask.
    And about beautiful awesome Katie, how old is she? How old was she when she started talking? ‘I ask because of my Julie, she is also vaccine free, and very bright, has a very strong personality, and a great sense of humor, but no words yet, she will be 18 months January 17th, do you think this is normal? I just get so scared, you know because of Alex’s autism. Plus I have always heard from my husband’s family that late talkers are very common and normal in there family but I still get worried, what do you think ? Should I be worried?
    She does have baby talk butno actual words, I just hope they start coming soon!

    I am happy to about Lizzys progress, I hope you can get the worm thing under control soon, they sound very difficult to manage. Wishing you the best Amy, sweet dreams!

    • Hello Mother Warrior,
      Vermox is a drug to clear parasites. It is fairly gentle so my DO and ND agreed it needed to be used. WW is a herb mixture made by Pure Herbs that eliminates parasites of all kinds. Great Stuff you can find it at Everything Herbs .com
      Katie was talking when she was 13 months old. Small like Ma, pa, mo I think Signing Times really helped. Her brother Willy#4 spoke early. I took my sweet time innoculating him. Thank God!! Julie will talk in due time, it could be who she is. Our 5th Gabriel did not say much till he was almost three, same with Matthew. I am sure she is fine!!!! They are all different, they will express themselves differently and attack situations and problems in their own way. Another thing that helped me was to read about different learning styles. They are so unique even though they are our children. So relax, she will express herself when she is ready. Beleive me I know all too well how fears creep up on you. We had 3 more after Lizzy’s diagnosis, very scary. But as you and I beleive He will take care of everything in our lives, we just need to meet him half way. Good Luck MW!!! Keep up the good work 🙂

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