12/12/2010 to 12/16/2010

Hello All.

Lizzy has been doing well except for her evening discomfort. This evening was not too bad. Still giving her the WW and trying to figure out what the deal is with these parasites. According to the lab the results the paddles were negative. WHAT????????????????

I saw those buggers, and they have not shown up the past two days. I do not understand this. Did I do the test wrong? Am totally baffled by this. I am still going to give her the Vermox because I know they were there and her behavior supported that also. Will start the Vermox on Wed.. According to the directions we will take one dose and wait 2 weeks to see if they resurface. All we can do is try.

Lizzy has been cooperative even though she is fighting a cold. The other day she went into the refrigerator grabbed a Habanero pepper and took a big bite. She spit it out. Thought she would get upset about the heat of these things. They are very hot!!!! We gave her a glass of milk and all was better. As you can see by the picture above she needed that milk. This little girl loves spicy stuff and also carbonated water. Lizzy has also been belching a lot. Six to eight one right after another. I hope the probiotic we are giving her is helping also. My guess is that her intestinal flora is not operating at peak efficiency.

When I put Lizzy to bed tonight she was happy even though she fighting a cold. She was looking at me in the eye as I talked to her about her cold and the vaporizer in her room. She was fascinated with the mist that was coming out of  it. I must admit they are quite cute those Crane vaporizers. Need to buy a couple more.

Lizzy slept well the next few nights and has been fairly cooperative. She has not been very verbal but no screaming. Her appetite is good and her overall mood is very good.


We started the Vermox today and she will not receive another dose for 2 weeks. This is the same for everyone else in the house.  So far no reactions. Will hope for a good night’s sleep.


What a night!  Lizzy was fine. I heard her moving around but she was not upset. Matthew and Katie were very uncomfortable and crying. I knew everybody would be reacting to it in someway or another. I was very itchy and my nose was incredibly congested. All others were sleeping well and no problems, until…….

The morning was very difficult and everyone seemed a little spacey and irritable.  Gabriel left the powder room door open and Katie managed to drop an empty medicine bottle down the toilet so it is out of commission. Lizzy dropped a toothbrush down the toilet in the upstairs bathroom so now I have two to fix.

This entails removing the toilet and removing the foreign object that is logged. No real big deal except I am tired and fighting a cold. My inner General Patton said, “Stop complaining and get to it, we need them to work”.

I sprang into action, found a wax ring in the basement and took on the task at hand. If you do not know this one must replace the wax ring under the toilet every time you remove it otherwise it will not fit snugly.  

Ian and Howard at the doctor's office 12 2010

 Ian and I(reluctantly) started the project. I was not thrilled by any means. As we removed the toilet and placed it in the bathtub to flush it out with water I got a whiff of the toilet and said ” You guys need to aim better.” Ian replies, “It’s not me it’s the other’s. Some of them aim like drunken gardeners.” It was just what I needed to laugh my head off and find joy with the task at hand. Thank you God, out of disaster comes opportunity. I hadn’t laughed that hard in a very long time. We finished without any problems and then off to finish dinner and eat.

We had beef roast with Basmati rice and it was good. Lizzy loves beef roast and chicken. She does so much better when she has protein. So do I. Plus with this worm problem we need more protein. But no pork or sausage, no sugar and not too many carbohydrates. Sounds good to me.

Found some neat removable letters at Staples and was making words with them on the hall mirror. Lizzy was willing to read them and did well. She is coming back more than before. These parasites are a huge part of the equation, I know it. Now that they are starting to clear she is more verbal and willing to listen and pay attention.

 I emailed Dori Vallis ND about continuing with the WW during the Vermox clearing. My concern is that I do not want to cloud the issue so I can not get an accurate reading as to what really worked to help eliminate them. I hope she will answer my email very soon.

 After dinner was over we gave baths and rubbed garlic on Lizzy’s and Katie’s feet. ( garlic is wonderful for fighting parasites)  All went well and we had full cooperation across the board.

 I was tucking Lizzy in bed and asked her if she wanted her stuffed horse. She answered, “No horse, cow.” I gave her the stuffed cow and she played with it in bed. She was very content and I kissed her good night and went on to write this blog and get Howard and Katie settled in bed.

I am adamant about continuing this parasite investigation and will be ordering some books to help further my endeavours. As I said before will keep going until I hit a dead-end.

Dear God I pray that we will have a better night tonight and our other toilet repair tomorrow will go just as smooth as todays. I hope I do not dream about parasites tonight I can’t get this out of my head. Feel that this is the right direction for now. My God grant me the abilities that I need to help our precious children.

Sweet dreams to all!