12/31/2010 Thanks, Thanks, Thanks

Lizzy slept very well last night and I pray that she will have a better day than yesterday. Yesterday was not too bad, but when I see her improving I get greedy for more success. This is when greed can be a positive thing. It motivates me to keep plugging and try to solve problems as they present themselves.

2011 is hours away and I would like to dedicate this blog to all of those that are so involved with Lizzy’s journey. With all of the research and stuff that needs to be done I have not mentioned the gratitude and love that I feel for all of those that support and encourage me during this journey.

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Let’s begin.

First and foremost thanks to my husband Todd who is so supportive and encouraging. Though he can not be as hands on as he would like, his words of encouragement and affection keep me going. Thanks Baby for the last 2o years of marriage. What I ever did right to deserve you I will never know. You are a true gift from God. You have healed me on so many occasions I can not even count them. Like you always tell me, “Together you and I can do anything.” You are so correct. I love you Toddo more than I can ever say! Thanks again! xo

Thanks to my totally awesome children. If not for your help, encouragement and understanding I would not be able to do the work that I do.  Ian, Amelia, Martin, Willy, Gabriel, Elizabeth, Matthew, Katie and Howard, you are true gifts from God. I love you so. My hope is that I provide for you all that you do for me. xo

Thanks also goes out to my sister Cynthia who from the beginning of this journey  listened to me and comforted me through prayer and encouragement. You are an awesome woman Cyn, I am so proud to say that you are my sister, I love you very much. xo

Thanks to my sister Lisa for her words of encouragement and love that help me to get it done. I love you very much Lise and am so proud to say that you are my sister. You are awesome! xo

Thanks to my mom who has been there to listen and involve herself with Lizzy’s recovery. I know how painful this journey has been for you Mom.  I know ” Mushy” that Lizzy will be recovered because of all the love she receives. Thanks again Mom for your prayers, encouragement and involvement, I love you very much. xo

Thanks to my Aunt Connie whom I talk to late at night and share my theories and goals. You are always willing to listen and encourage me will all that I undertake. Your prayers and generosity are such a blessing. I love you Aunt Con.

Thanks to all of my friends new and old who encourage me and facilitate healing. This journey has been difficult at times and I am so blessed that you are there to help. xo

Thanks to all of Lizzy’s therapists and practitioners who listen and consider all avenues. You are great healers and true gifts to all of your clients. Thanks Again.

My prayer is that the new year will bring more healing and understanding. With each passing day Lizzy gets better and better. Yes some days stink and my heart fills like it has been hit by a Mack truck but I remain faithful. God will heal Lizzy using His timetable not mine. It is all a matter of time.

Time to be patient,

Time to be faithful,

Time to be humble

Time to be diligent.

Wishes of strength, healing and joy to all  in 2011. God bless each and every one of you.

12/29/2010 PM and 12/30/2010 Still Parasites

As of 930 pm Lizzy has been very playful but she has started to grunt and scream more. Did not give her any sleep aids. Let’s see what happens. Her feet were very sensitive when I was rubbing garlic and olive oil on them. She is pushing on her abdomen again, clawing at our leather couch and picking her nose. The parasites are still there. She received her second dose of Vermox 100mg so maybe it will get to work on them again.

Today I feel that this medication is not going to be enough. Will address it in two weeks when we meet with Dori Vallis ND. In the meantime will research more and look into the Japanese Red Pine Oil. This is used to help parasites of all kinds. I am very anxious to restart CEASE therapy but I feel we need to nip this while it is presenting itself.

One note on the parasites is  eating organic food leaves one more vulnerable to the parasites. No pesticides right. Well that can have a down side too. Purchased some fruit and vegetable wash to help combat the problem. It is made with water and citric acid. The label did not say it would help with parasites but at least we are covering the other things that are found on fruits and vegetables like soil, dirt and wax.

 Lizzy loves to eat oranges, clementines any kind of orange. She eats the entire thing. Not every time but sometimes. So in my typical style I wondered why. My guess she is filling a need that she has, be it taste or just instinct it is a good thing in her mind. Having said that. According to juicing for health .com

Oranges are an excellent source of vitamin C and flavonoids.  One orange (130 grams) supplies nearly 100 percent of the recommended daily dietary intake of vitamin C.

When you eat a whole orange, it provides good dietary fiber.  Leave in the albedo (the white matter under the peel) as much as possible as the albedo contains the highest amount of valuable bioflavonoids and other anti-cancer agents.

In addition, oranges are a good source of vitamin A, the B vitamins, amino acids, beta-carotene, pectin, potassium, folic acid, calcium, iodine, phosphorus, sodium, zinc, manganese, chlorine and iron.

Makes good sense to me but don’t forget one can not eat too many. Moderation is key in everything. So next time Lizzy has an orange I won’t stop her from eating the entire thing. I used to.


Lizzy woke up around 430am because she had wet her bed. Bedwetting is also very typical of parasitical infection. I remember there was a time a few months ago when she wet her bed every night. What kind of pull ups was I buying? Now I believe that it was not the pull up that had changed it was the parasites. Now that she has had her second dose of Vermox I guess that the bedwetting will stop within a few days. Time will tell.

Katie 12 30 2010 after Vermox

Lizzy was pretty good today but she was pushing her little sister Katie and being more territorial with the tv and toys. This had happened before so what brought it on? Parasites? Could be. One becomes irritable, less tolerant and just out of sorts. Could be a reaction to the Vermox also. We are all out of sorts from this medication, I hope it is worth the trouble.

Lizzy 12 30 2010 after Vermox

As the day progressed she became hyper again and was jumping up and down off and on. Again, what brought it on this time? There is not a full moon. (Parasites eggs hatch during a full moon.) But I know, I have been feeling out of sorts.  Gassy, bloated and feeling just full. Very typical of parasitical infection. I believe this is why the Nux Vomica helped her. Nux is great for stomach upsets so I think that is why she slept better. Am not going to administer any sleep aids tonight so let’s see what happens.

Parasites, parasites can not get them out of my head. They can literally be in a persons head. What a beautiful visual that conjuers up.

Like myself, so many people do not like to think that they may be infected. They think that it means that one is dirty or negligent. That is a possibility for some. I know that we are neither, so onward and upward we go. Millions of people are infected with parasites and are misdiagnosed. Will get into greater detailat a later date. Feel the need to consider all possibilities when recovering Lizzy not to mention the entire family. I will keep pursuing this avenue until it is rectified.

The more I learn about these silent disturbers the more I want to learn. Will attempt to contact a parasatologist in my area. Am not sure if one is nearby.  There must be someone somewhere on the eastcoast. Most physicians have very basic training with parasites so I need to find a physician that was trained in a region that is inundated with this on a daily basis. This type of person will be the one that will help us to decipher which parasite or parasites have invaded Lizzy’s body.

After baths, snacks and teeth brushing Lizzy, Katie and Matthew are off to bed. Time to get Howard to sleep so I do more research. Through God’s grace we will have more advances tomorrow.

Sweet dreams to all and strength for another day of recovery.

12/29/2010 Everyone Loves Lizzy #2

Hello All!

Happy Lizzy 12 29 2010

Lizzy slept well again. Her mood is very good and she is very verbal without prompting. “Morning Mommy”, “Hi” ,”Hello”, she is very engaging. She just came up to me and blew me a kiss.  One drop at a time we fill the bucket. Good job Lizzy!

Emailed Dori Vallis and got a response. I need to stop giving her the Nux Vomica it could confuse the issues and undo past work. Thought I was doing the right thing treating her acutely with Nux but I was wrong. Will not give it to her again. It worked but it is not the right time. Oops! Sorry Lizzy and Dori! Tonight we will just see what happens with her sleep.

 Lizzy had her second dose of Vermox 100mg (parasites) so let’s see what happens. I am going to continue with the garlic rubs on her feet and all supplements and remedies prescribed by Dori Vallis ND to date. Omega 3’s, Vitamin C, Zinc, Probiotic and Sacc Off 6C a homeopathic remedy for digestion. That is all we are going to administer until further notice.

Lizzy's favorite Frank Barone

As I stated before in previous blogs Lizzy loves the show Everybody Loves Raymond. I think her favorites are Frank and Robert Barone. Yesterday she was eating a chip and said like Frank Barone “Holy crap!” She even mimicked his tone, it was so funny.

Her requests for these dvd’s is a daily event. She will stand in front of our collection and say the color of the packaging. We decided we will not give it to her unless she says “May I have the yellow Raymond please.” It takes a few tries but she will say it. This is a big. Before she would just stand in front of the dvd’s and scream. Now she is talking more and more. Poor little thing, I can tell at times that she does not want to do it. But her desire to acquire the dvd is greater than her desire to not express herself. Growing is difficult.

Baby bro Matthew 12 2010

Two years ago when Lizzy’s younger brother Matthew was a baby he was fussing a lot. Lizzy did not like this behavior so she said “Shut up baby”. She said what? I could not believe it! When she is pushed she will speak. Where she got shut up from I am not sure. This phrase is not one that we use. My guess is that her big brothers are using it with each other.  I never thought I would be glad to hear her say that, but I was. When cornered she will speak. Now I have to figure out how to turn her willingness to speak into an everyday event without upsetting her. Questions, questions, questions.

Baby Howard

I am very encouraged by her recent behavior. Slowly she is coming out of her shell and allowing us to see who she is. Lizzy has been more playful with all of her younger siblings. She was holding baby Howard’s hand yesterday and caressing it. It was so sweet. It was only for a few seconds but I could see how genuine her gesture was. All of these things are huge for me. I know that it is only a matter of time till she will be completely recovered. All of these blog entries and photos will be a reminder to our entire family of how much her journey has helped all of us.

Massage therapy is the next thing I feel will help her. This will enable us to calm her down when her practitioners are not available. After my Nux Vomica mistake I am sure that I need something external that will not get in the way of everything else. Lizzy has always enjoyed a massage so why not one that is more purposeful. Will meet with the Qigong therapist next week for a consultation. Hopefully it will help all of us move forward even more.

Frankly I feel bad about the Nux Vomica incident. Though it helped I am not certain what the ramifications will be. Maybe there won’t be any, let’s hope. All I wanted to do was to alleviate her discomfort. She needs her sleep in order to heal. With uninterrupted sleep we all do better. When one is rested we will have the strength for another day of recovery.

I pray that God guides us to see what Lizzy needs and she will be the same happy girl tomorrow. Sweet dreams to all and strength for another day of recovery.

12/28/2010 Things Are Looking Up

Hello All!

Lizzy has been doing very well. Her speech has improved and so have her sensory issues. Her sleep was off but I read that Nux Vomica (homeopathic remedy) is helpful for insomnia in children who are experiencing reactions to medication. If you remember she took the Vermox 100mg almost 2 weeks ago. She is due for another on 12/29.  Lizzy has had Nux Vomica the last two nights. She slept very well. She is more cooperative and willing to take instruction and accept boundaries. Things are looking up!

Obstinate Lizzy during Music Therapy 12 22 2010

Nux Vomica also is good for children who are obstinate. Lizzy is definitely that. Her music therapist told me she is very obstinate and I whole heartedly agree. But my question to him is why. Is that who she really is? Is this a response due to experiences? According to her music therapist all of his autistic clients are obstinate. Why? According to the article I read at homeorizon.com some children become obstinate if they feel they are being ignored. Hmmmmm?

My guess is this. Children perceive things differently than we do as adults. They do not have enough experiences in life to pull from as a frame of reference. So they come to their own conclusions as best as they can. For example my oldest son Ian felt that I abandoned him when he would go to daycare one day a week. His sister did not feel that at all. She couldn’t wait to get in there. All kids are different. It is all a matter of perception.

 All children feel abandoned at one time or another it is part of growing up. So my point is this. If the autistic child is feeling ignored they become obstinate.  In reality they are not ignored they have gone inward.   When this first happens their parents have no idea how to communicate with them. Plus the shock that we felt when this happens can not be measured.  So Lizzy’s feelings were confirmed by our grief  plus the fact that it took time for us to figure out how to help her.

Lizzy 10/31/07

When Lizzy first displayed autistic behaviors you could not get her attention for anything. She did not like to be touched either. So what do you do? Like I said before unless you are a therapist yourself it takes time to implement a program for your child. Plus as you figure this out you are sweeping yourself up off the floor after this devastating diagnosis. Slowly Lizzy let us in, but the damage had already been done. She felt abandoned and ignored. She felt ignored not because she was not cared for but because she could not let anyone in and I did not know how to get her back yet. Lizzy has special needs but she still has feelings (oh boy does she have feelings) like everyone else and we all feel abandoned, misunderstood and ignored from time to time.

Lizzy Gabriel and Toddo 2007

 As children Todd and I both   experienced divorce. That feeling of abandonment never leaves you. I still battle with it from time to time. I know Todd has a harder time than me. He never  knew his Mom. He was too young to remember her and no one in the family is willing to provide any answers for him. What a tragedy. His mother lived about 2 hours from Todd but he never saw her. To carry around that kind of pain for 50 years is very powerful. These factors also contributed to Lizzy’s condition. Our kids are affected things we experience also. Our pains are with us until we are healed. Homeopathy is the modality that will facilitate healing and help one to remove pains from the past.  Lizzy has helped us more than I can ever say. Through this journey Todd and I have seen the reality of our emotional past and realized how much healing is needed. Thanks again Lizzy!


One fellow blogger mentioned that her autistic son loves the movie Up. After reading her blog I realized that Lizzy might like it also. The movie is loaded with colorful balloons which Lizzy loves, they are one of her favorite things.

It is an animated film that tells a great story of love and dreams.  The first few sequences tell the story of a couple and their love for each other. Their life long dreams are stopped cold by life’s difficulties. They triumph over their adversity by loving each other and making the best of their own personal adventures.

How true this is. A journey through autism is much like this movie. We as parents  have it set in our mind how our child’s life with unfold. Autism came and stopped our preconceived notions and dreams cold. We then have to change gears and dedicate our lives to regaining our child. Therapists, doctors, supplements, massages, homeopathy, recovery are all that we think about. We also have to grieve the loss of our expectations while fighting the battle of recovery. Some days are easy some are difficult. But one thing never lessens, the love we have for our child. This is constant and unwavering. We will do whatever is needed to make their dreams come true.

 The movie depicts this sentiment very well. The first time I watched it I was moved to tears. We all need reminders of how we can be our best and cinema is one that I use quite often. All one has to do is have an open heart, and the ability to look at themselves. Couple that with a willingness to change and healing is underway. If we remember to do these things everything will keep looking up and up and up…..

Sweet dreams and strength for another day of recovery!



Christmas was wonderful! It was an awesome day for the entire family. Lizzy had a great time along with the rest of the family.

All is better with Lizzy now that the full moon is over. (Parasite eggs hatch during the full moon.) Her behavior is much better and one can tell that she is feeling better. We will be giving her the Vermox 100mg again on Wed. the 29th. See explanation below:

VERMOX® (mebendazole) is indicated for the treatment of Enterobius vermicularis (pinworm), Trichuris trichiura (whipworm), Ascaris lumbricoides (common roundworm), Ancylostoma duodenale (common hookworm), Necator americanus (American hookworm) in single or mixed infections.

What a learning experience this has been. Again Lizzy is opening up doors to healing the entire family.

Still am waiting on the books I ordered to inform us even more about parasites. I feel that this needs to learned, they are everywhere. Will start researching Japanese Red Pine as cure and prevention for parasites. From what I have read it sounds promising. This will not be implimented until after Vermox is finished. Need to check with Dori Vallis ND and confirm safety factors and such. So will let you know.

Also will be researching qigong as an additional therapy. Check this out.

http://www.qsti.org/index.html This looks very promising. I need something else that I can do to help relieve some of the difficulties that Lizzy experiences. Might be a great thing for all of us.

Wishing strength for another day of recovery

12/24/2010 Christmas Eve

Hello All

Our family has been going through rough times. With Lizzy’s needs and just every day life the money gets gobbled up very quickly. This year we decided to wait on gift giving and just focus on what is really important. The true meaning of Christmas.

 In our house the birth of Jesus Christ is what makes this time of year so wonderful. Our challenges have brought us back to a place where we can see things that are truly important. It is not about presents. It is about His presence.

Lizzy’s challenges have brought us to a place where we need to be, back focusing on the true meaning of this time of year, the birth of Christ. It always amazes me how far I can get away from what really matters. Lizzy is helping me again by keeping me more grounded. I guess I never learn.

I have attached a link to a beautiful song  It is titled He Is Christmas. I hope you enjoy it.

Merry Christmas to all.

 May your day be filled with love, peace and joy and strength for another day of recovery.


Pioneers, Warriors and Advocates 12 20 2010

Lizzy with Grinch 12 20 2010

Hello All!

Lizzy is still doing better and talking more every day. Today she was in my room with me. As I finished changing the sheets on my bed she said, ” There.  All finished.” Very cool!!! Her screaming is at an all time low and her verbal responses are getting more frequent.

Lizzy received a plush Grinch from Grandma today and she is holding it and saying “Happy Birthday”. Keep the talking coming Lizzy girl.

 This is exactly what happened last time when we started the worm clearing. I’ll say it again, there is really something to this. Again I will keep going with this until I have exhausted all possibilities. Hopefully on January 13 we can restart the CEASE therapy. As stated before I think the vaccines and the parasites are the issue.

Samuel Hahnemann founder of homeopathy

Now we all have read that all autistic kids have problems with parasites, candida and aluminum or other metals. The trick is to figure out what our child needs first. Homeopathy is the answer for me. It slowly peels back layers and reveals what we need to address. Makes perfect sense.

 I encourage all homeopathic patients and parents to be as accurate as possible when talking to your homeopathic consultants and physicians. The more information they have they more they can help. Do not feel that this or that is not important, let your homeopath advise you. But more importantly observe your child constantly and document what their behaviors are and why.

Lizzy Journal

What changed in their daily routine? Where were they when it happened? What kind of lights were they exposed to? What sounds were taking place? Was their conflict or stress? Everything and anything needs to be looked at. I feel that all information must be considered. Remember that homeopathy is working on the whole person. CEASE clearings are incredibly powerful because they bring the vaccine damage to the surface so we can see what else needs to be addressed. That is what has happened to Lizzy. Parasites 4 times in 2 years. How long have they been there? I can’t tell you how many times I read about autistic kids not under homeopathic care that are not getting any relief from constipation or diarrhea. Parasites? Could be. Parasites can cause both constipation and diarrhea. I know the first time Lizzy passed a parasite her bowel movements changed drastically. They were normal for once.

 Homeopathy is the one healing modality that goes in and gives us a clearer picture of what we are dealing with. No two kids are alike. So again, OBSERVE AND DOCUMENT EVERYTHING YOUR CHILD DOES. Use your cell phone to film, photo and leave voice memos for yourself and your homeopath.

Management of homeopathic cases are very important. Start a journal and divide it into sections. Remedies, aggravations, exteriorzations, melt downs, sleepless nights, supplements, diet, visits to homeopath or other physicians. Document everything you feel is noteworthy, customize it for your child.

 Lizzy is on her fourth journal. I can’t tell you how many times it has helped me to go back and look at their contents. Each one of us has a journal. It is just like the research papers we had to do in school. Or the biology logs we had to keep up on in high school. Thank God I had a teacher that was adamant about our journals being up to date and accurate. It is amazing what comes across our paths in life. Who would have thought that all of that note taking and color coding would pay off.

Now please do not become overwhelmed by the journals. Do not feel bad if you can not get to it every day. God will provide what is needed. Just follow your instincts. Some of my readers might not have the same belief system that I have and that is what works for them. So customize your approach and listen to your gut and do the best you can.

I am fortunate enough to be home with all of my kids every day. Some parents have to work outside of the home.  Document all that you can and alert your children’s care givers to your endeavours. I am sure they will be able to help you out tremendously. I have all of my kids alerting me to any new behaviors that Lizzy exhibits. You can do the same with others that spend time with your precious children.

If you do not know we chose to home school our kids. When we moved from the west coast to the east coast we decided to put our three school age children in public school. This would allow us to settle in and get the house organized.

 I met with their teachers and shared with them my observations and the possible learning styles that my kids processed. One of their teachers told me ” I just do not have time to get to know my students on that deep level, I wish I did.” The second listened politely and gave my observations audience. The third would not even make eye contact with me because we homeschooled. I attempted to tell her that Ian was possibly dyslexic. She quickly dismissed me and was very unwilling to listen. Later we had him tested and she was very sweet and nice once the results were in. She thought it was my lack of teaching that was the cause.

My point in sharing this is that we will go up against people who do not know what is really going on. They make a snap decission with out any experience or frame of reference. Especially when it comes to homeopathy. Most people do not understand it and need to be shown that it truly works. Or they refuse to inform themselves so their acessment is biased.  

Be adamant and stick to your guns do not let others discourage you. There is so much to learn about your children and it can be daunting.  YOU KNOW YOUR CHILDREN BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE! Do not forget that! So try your best and all that is needed will come to the surface. We are pioneers, warriors and loving advocates for our children. It is up to us.

Ask other family members about past family health history and consider it all. Especially with homeopathy you are treating the whole person not just a condition. Family history is a big part of the equation so get all of the information you can. Tracking your child not only benefits him or her it empowers you to understand and heal yourself. I have been impacted by this journey in ways that I can not describe. Lizzy has taught me more in the last 3 years than I can measure. Thanks Lizzy. xo

Lizzy’s challenges have changed the entire family for the better. All of our efforts have been shared with others and hopefully have healed them in one way or another. Out of disaster comes opportunity. Our Lizzy is healing others right along with herself. God bless her.

In the time I have been writing this entry Lizzy has been coming up to me. She sits on my lap and hugs me in a way that I have been waiting for. I remember when she would not even let me touch her. Thank you God for healing my precious girl more and more with each day. I still anxiously wait to hear what she thinks and feels about everything around her.  My dreams are still filled with moments of her talking to me and sharing on a deeper level. In due time Baby I will hear your voice!

Lizzy was named after my Aunt Bette and Aunt Connie. Elizabeth Constanza is her full name. How true it is. Elizabeth means consecrated to God and Constanza mans constant. My Aunt Bette always said “One drop at a time you fill the bucket.” How true that is about Lizzy’s recovery. One day at a time and one drop at a time we fill the bucket of recovery. I know that she will be completely healed.

Tearfully I end this entry with the hope that every “autistic” child will recover to their full potential. I also hope that we as their advocates grow to reach our full potential as well. I look forward to the day when together with our children we can share our experiences of a time when we healed their bodies and our hearts.

Sweet dreams to all and strength for another day of recovery.


Going Well and Time Will Tell 12 /19 /2010

Lizzy Loves Seltzer 12 17 2010

All has been going well with the Vermox prescription. We have seen some major shifts with Lizzy’s behavior. For example she is speaking more. “Hello, Mommy”, “Drink please”, “Merry Christmas”, “Ho, ho, ho.” Lizzy was speaking like this before the parasite infestation and again I see the same pattern as before. Once she passes the worms we see a great change in her. Lizzy also is willing to read, attempt to write and be more self sufficient. These changes lead us closer to getting her back to us.

Again, my gut is telling me that these parasites are a MAJOR cause of her “autistic” behavior. Yes the vaccines are part of the equation but after 4 different homeopathic clearings the parasites have shown themselves each time. The homeopathic remedies go in and clear away a layer and parasites are always what has been brought to the surface again. Call me crazy, but I know what I have seen with her over the past 3 years. These suckers are a HUGE part of the equation.

The clincher for me has been that Matthew was exhibiting the same behavior Lizzy used to after first taking the Vermox. It only lasted an hour or so but it was so interesting to see it from another child. Matthew is not autistic but he did have some shots. (another regret of mine) The vaccines and the parasites are definitely working together to create these types of behavior. Just need to keep researching.

 Katie did not have the same intense reactions like Matthew. She has not had any vaccines to date. Plus she has been having raw milk for the last year and the friendly bacteria has surely helped her intestinal flora. Katie is very verbal and incredibly sharp. Now that I have seen the difference in her from her other two siblings I know there is something to this theory. The parasites most certainly mess with one’s intestinal flora not to mention absorption of minerals. That would explain why these kids (“autistic”) respond so well to heavy doses of supplements. One can never get well if their intestinal flora is out of whack.

As I reflect on my own illnesses over the years, I believe that I have had exposure to parasites for quite some time. The Irritable Bowel Syndrome, sinus problems, irritability, bloating just to name a few. All of this would lead me to believe that this is the right direction. These things are so contagious that one does not even know that they have them. They can come from almost anywhere. All one can do is arm ones self against them with something like WW.

Spoke with Dori Vallis ND and she advised me not to give any of us more WW until the Vermox is finished. We do not want anything to get in the way of killing the eggs of these buggers. They can lay 10,000 eggs a day. Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As of 7 pm Lizzy is doing well and trying to play with the Christmas ornaments on the tree. She is very excited about all of the festive fair. We decorated our house yesterday. We listened to music, made organic popcorn and organic hot cocoa plus we cut out snowflakes to put on the windows. It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here. We like to wait until a week before so we can get ourselves in the spirit and not tire of  the decorations too quickly.

In our house it is a time of remembering that Christ was born. Through Him our precious Lizzy and others just like her will recover. I pray that we all will have the strength and endurance we need to help our precious little ones.

Sweet Dreams to all and strength for another day of recovery.


12/12/2010 to 12/16/2010

Hello All.

Lizzy has been doing well except for her evening discomfort. This evening was not too bad. Still giving her the WW and trying to figure out what the deal is with these parasites. According to the lab the results the paddles were negative. WHAT????????????????

I saw those buggers, and they have not shown up the past two days. I do not understand this. Did I do the test wrong? Am totally baffled by this. I am still going to give her the Vermox because I know they were there and her behavior supported that also. Will start the Vermox on Wed.. According to the directions we will take one dose and wait 2 weeks to see if they resurface. All we can do is try.

Lizzy has been cooperative even though she is fighting a cold. The other day she went into the refrigerator grabbed a Habanero pepper and took a big bite. She spit it out. Thought she would get upset about the heat of these things. They are very hot!!!! We gave her a glass of milk and all was better. As you can see by the picture above she needed that milk. This little girl loves spicy stuff and also carbonated water. Lizzy has also been belching a lot. Six to eight one right after another. I hope the probiotic we are giving her is helping also. My guess is that her intestinal flora is not operating at peak efficiency.

When I put Lizzy to bed tonight she was happy even though she fighting a cold. She was looking at me in the eye as I talked to her about her cold and the vaporizer in her room. She was fascinated with the mist that was coming out of  it. I must admit they are quite cute those Crane vaporizers. Need to buy a couple more.

Lizzy slept well the next few nights and has been fairly cooperative. She has not been very verbal but no screaming. Her appetite is good and her overall mood is very good.


We started the Vermox today and she will not receive another dose for 2 weeks. This is the same for everyone else in the house.  So far no reactions. Will hope for a good night’s sleep.


What a night!  Lizzy was fine. I heard her moving around but she was not upset. Matthew and Katie were very uncomfortable and crying. I knew everybody would be reacting to it in someway or another. I was very itchy and my nose was incredibly congested. All others were sleeping well and no problems, until…….

The morning was very difficult and everyone seemed a little spacey and irritable.  Gabriel left the powder room door open and Katie managed to drop an empty medicine bottle down the toilet so it is out of commission. Lizzy dropped a toothbrush down the toilet in the upstairs bathroom so now I have two to fix.

This entails removing the toilet and removing the foreign object that is logged. No real big deal except I am tired and fighting a cold. My inner General Patton said, “Stop complaining and get to it, we need them to work”.

I sprang into action, found a wax ring in the basement and took on the task at hand. If you do not know this one must replace the wax ring under the toilet every time you remove it otherwise it will not fit snugly.  

Ian and Howard at the doctor's office 12 2010

 Ian and I(reluctantly) started the project. I was not thrilled by any means. As we removed the toilet and placed it in the bathtub to flush it out with water I got a whiff of the toilet and said ” You guys need to aim better.” Ian replies, “It’s not me it’s the other’s. Some of them aim like drunken gardeners.” It was just what I needed to laugh my head off and find joy with the task at hand. Thank you God, out of disaster comes opportunity. I hadn’t laughed that hard in a very long time. We finished without any problems and then off to finish dinner and eat.

We had beef roast with Basmati rice and it was good. Lizzy loves beef roast and chicken. She does so much better when she has protein. So do I. Plus with this worm problem we need more protein. But no pork or sausage, no sugar and not too many carbohydrates. Sounds good to me.

Found some neat removable letters at Staples and was making words with them on the hall mirror. Lizzy was willing to read them and did well. She is coming back more than before. These parasites are a huge part of the equation, I know it. Now that they are starting to clear she is more verbal and willing to listen and pay attention.

 I emailed Dori Vallis ND about continuing with the WW during the Vermox clearing. My concern is that I do not want to cloud the issue so I can not get an accurate reading as to what really worked to help eliminate them. I hope she will answer my email very soon.

 After dinner was over we gave baths and rubbed garlic on Lizzy’s and Katie’s feet. ( garlic is wonderful for fighting parasites)  All went well and we had full cooperation across the board.

 I was tucking Lizzy in bed and asked her if she wanted her stuffed horse. She answered, “No horse, cow.” I gave her the stuffed cow and she played with it in bed. She was very content and I kissed her good night and went on to write this blog and get Howard and Katie settled in bed.

I am adamant about continuing this parasite investigation and will be ordering some books to help further my endeavours. As I said before will keep going until I hit a dead-end.

Dear God I pray that we will have a better night tonight and our other toilet repair tomorrow will go just as smooth as todays. I hope I do not dream about parasites tonight I can’t get this out of my head. Feel that this is the right direction for now. My God grant me the abilities that I need to help our precious children.

Sweet dreams to all!


12/8/2010 – 12/9/2010

LIZZY 12/9/2010


Lizzy was much better had an appointment with a new MD to hopefully get some answers. WRONG! They had “double booked” and the wait was insane. Lizzy was screaming after 15 minutes so out we went. Offices like this do not care about their patients time or the human being that is attached to the chart in the basket.  My theory is that if a office is choosing to double book than they are mismanaged. Or how about telling the patients about the delay when they check in. This would allow parents to take their little ones to the car or something instead of sitting in a crowded room. Doctor’s offices are under the same scrutiny I  give any place of business. Poor customer service, I am out of there.

Lizzy was talking more and more engaging than ever. Passing those “Things” has made a difference.  She greeted at the bottom of the stairs and said “Good night”, with a look on her face that I have never seen before. She had purpose and she knew what she wanted. I could not believe it.

All was well until about 1 am and she woke up screaming. She did not feel well. She feels warm to the touch and she was pushing on her stomach again. I rubbed her head and got her back to sleep. This continued off and on all night. Tried to sleep next to her but she did not want it. She wanted affection and comfort but she did not want me to be next to her all of the time. So Todd and I took turns all night.

garlic for parasites


Dropped off the specimens at the lab and then Lizzy, Gabriel and I took Todd to the train station. He went in late to work to help with labs and support. She was great and said good bye to Todd in a very loving way. YES!

I have parasites running through my head. I can’t even sleep. I have a very strong feeling that these buggers are hurting her more than we know. So I will pursue until I hit a dead-end, or I receive proof that this is not the cause. Call me crazy but I am listening to my gut this time.

Today I crushed some garlic and mixed it with olive oil and rubbed her feet with it.  Put on some socks and then her tights to keep her from rubbing it off . Raw garlic is great to fight off parasites  and so many other things. What a wonderful thing. This is the only way I can get her to absorb it. Even the Naked juice won’t  mask this. So foot massages for her throughout the day. Can’t hurt me either. The odor is a little strong but we do what we have to do to help our kids, it’s that simple.

As of 3pm all is well and she is very cooperative and more independent.  Went to the frig brought out the iced tea and her cup and started to pour some for herself. This what I am talking about, she is coming out more and more.

Lizzy making tortillas 12 9 2010

Tried to get Lizzy to help Gabriel and I make tortillas for dinner. She helped with one but that’s something. Her willingness to even do that is a far cry from before. She ate dinner and was very cooperative. Then it was bath time.

Lizzy hamming it up 12 9 2010

Lizzy was an absolutely new person in the bath tub. She played like I never seen her before. She was having fun!!! She counted, said the alphabet, sang and pretended to swim. It was absolutely amazing! Totally new behavior, and for the best. This happiness continued for a couple of hours. Again, I have never seen her like this before. It was awesome, she was a happy little girl.

The Girls Playing 12 9 2010

It was Lizzy’s bed time and I went into read to her when I found her on her bed pushing on her stomach with a look of absolute pain. I tried to rub her stomach but no go. I got a juice cup with some Valerian Root, to help calm her down so the pain would lessen.

NOTE: Dr Goldman D.O. said that it was safe and we decided on the dosage that would work for her. So please contact your physician before administering Valerian Root.

Lizzy was still very uncomfortable until the Valerian Root kicked in. I brought her into my room and put the heating pad on her stomach. She watched The Simpsons while I rubbed her head and stomach. Success!! She was very calm and relaxed so Ian put her to bed for me. After trying to get her to sleep I was ready to pass out.

Lizzy went into her room and she was very much awake. She was jumping on her bed and looking through books the whole deal. This lasted for about 15 minutes and then she crashed. Thank God.

Our poor Baby Girl! I told Lizzy last night “WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON FIGURING OUT WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE TO MAKE YOU COMPLETELY HEALED“. I believe that she needs to know that and be aware that we are doing everything we can. Not to mention I needed to hear myself say it.

Tomorrow is another day and through the grace of God we will move forward again.

Sweet Dreams