11/29/10 Pretty Good In The Neighborhood

Lizzy has been doing well and communicating more. She is definitely more aware of what is going on around her. I think that she might be slightly anemic. I noticed that her gums are pale and I too have been battling with anemia. Will start to give her some Floradix for the next few days and see what happens. I feel so much better when I am taking it.  When I was pregnant with her I was taking iron supplements so it would make sense that she is a little low.

Still battling the worm issue. Noticed them again tonight. I only gave her 1/4 tsp of Cina (homeopathic remedy for worms) because last time she had a MAJOR aggravation from 1 tsp. last April. Gave her another 1/4 tsp tonight. According to Parasites The Enemy Within by Hanna Kroeger MsD one should treat the entire household because they are very contagious. Oh brother! So tonight we all got a tsp. of Cina to prevent any further problems. I also recall that WW1 by Pure Herbs is great for prevention. One needs to take it once a month for a week to keep the problem in check. Who would have ever thought this would be an issue. EEEEEEK! They are so gross. They are everywhere all one can do is manage it.

Read up more on pinworms and discovered that they are very common in schools and institutions. Well the kids go to the play ground at the nearby school often. Of course my first thought was oh my God I have been negligent somehow. One just needs to wash their hands often and manage it every month with the herbal therapy mentioned before. Lizzy is still putting things in her mouth plus her fingers. So by the time I say “No Lizzy”, it was probably too late. Thought maybe it was from the dogs or cats. No. Pinworms are only found in humans. So much learning in so little time.

Lizzy did wake up quite a few times last night which is probably due to the worms. They cause insomnia among other things. So hopefully with the Cina she will sleep well again. My only concern is with Howard. I did not give him any Cina because of his age (4 months) so I must investigate further to find out what to do.

Did some cinematherapy last night and watched the movie Temple Grandin. It tells the story of Temple Grandin an autistic woman who is a professor at Colorado State University. What amazing women are depicted in the film. Temple’s mother and aunt were a huge part of helping her reach her potential. Temple Grandin was the first autistic to provide us with information on what is really going in her mind. Her books are wonderful. If you have not read them I strongly suggest it. They are very informative about autism in addition to visual learning. It helped me to see how my visual children learn. Great information!

Went outside to use my iphone last night and I came in and said “Hi Lizzy what are you doing?” She replied, “Ice cream (eating) what are you doing?” I answered her and told her I was talking to her dad on the phone. She smiled at me and continued to eat her ice cream. I love It !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every day we are getting closer to full speech. YES!

Sorry no pictures tonight. Our computer is incredibly slow and takes forever to upload images. Will have it fixed soon. Sorry.  😦

Sweet dreams are wished to all, especially Lizzy Girl. She needs it and so does her mom.

Good Night