11 24 2010 Therapy, Shopping and Worms

music therapy 11 24 2010

Well last night was an absolute drag. Lizzy got up about 4 times. Each awakening included her infamous scream. I went to her rubbed her head and she fell back to sleep. Shortly after the same routine was repeated . Her loud screaming woke up Mattie, Katie and Howard. As 530am rolled around and the alarm sounded we were wiped out.

I managed to get in a nap before John arrived for Lizzy’s therapy. This session was not a good as last week. I think I need to stay completely out of the picture. It reminds me of the same reaction a parent gets when they drop their little one-off at school. They cry and fuss and once the parent is gone all is well. Next week I am going to leave right before the session starts and return after. Let’s see if the experiment works. I guess yes.

Just found out why Lizzy was up all night. Found some pinworms on her while changing her. Yuck! These things are so repulsive. “How dare they get on my baby!”

Give her Cina 200c one 1/4 tsp. Let’s hope that will be it. Cina is the homeopathic remedy for worms. Will confirm with Dori Vallis on Friday if I need to do anything else. I had a feeling she had some. She has been playing with feet, picking her nose, putting her hand down her pants in the back. Viola there they were, little creeps.

Where did she get them? According to what I read it could be food, dirt, mosquito bites. I know when we are outside she touches all kinds of stuff. She still puts things in her mouth from time to time. So there it is. Now I just need to eliminate the little buggers. Will purchase some ww1 from Pure Herbs it is great way to prevent them from resurfacing. The full moon is the time when they are most active. That just ended a few days ago. Oh man. Poor little Chickidee. There is always something.


Lizzy 11 24 10

Well today Lizzy, Martin, Amelia and I went grocery shopping for our Thanksgiving dinner. She did very well. As we were deciding which organic sugar to buy she said to the lady next to her, “Hello”. I rewarded her with praise and the lady looked at me like what is the big deal. It was HUGE for me. I clamored to find Amelia and Martin to share the news. Amelia spots me and says, “Mom what’s wrong?” I explained tearfully how cool it was. Even now my heart is singing! All in good time.

We left the store and proceeded to the drug store and I purchased some balloons for her. One of her favorites. She just treasures them. I also purchased her an umbrella with flowers and a chocolate bar. Two more favorites. Her behavior was great!!! Thank you God. I needed that after last night. See. It pays to be a passenger when He is driving.

Well I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving. I encourage you to share with those around you how much you love them and thank God for them and all of the blessings we are given every day.

Sweet Dreams



2 thoughts on “11 24 2010 Therapy, Shopping and Worms

  1. Wow! Something else Alex and Lizzy share, their love for balloons!!! Alex adores them, when we get him some which is pretty much weekly, he takes it everywhere we go, he puts it under his arm as he sleeps so it won’t fly away! Genious huh? Has Lizzy seen the movie Up? If she hasn’t you have to rent or buy it forbher, it’s got tons of balloons! That’s Alex’s favorite movie! Ge watches it about 2-3 times a day, it’s precious how he only wants to see the happy parts. I have to fast forward the sad, scary parts, he only wants happy! He is a very romantic, and sensitive happy boy 🙂

    Congrats on Lizzy’s moment today at the store, moments like those make us so much stronger, to others it’s a small or insignificant thing for our kids to acknowledge someone, to us it’s priceless! Keep surprising us Lizzy, keep coming back, momma and lots of others are cheering you on, Me and my family included!

    Happy thanksgiving to you and your family Amy!

    • Alex and Lizzy do have that in common. Did some research on balloon’s and how they impact us. Only thing to date is they are bright, colorful and give the sensation of utter freedom. Asked some of my older kids why they liked balloons when they were very young. One response by my oldest Ian was that it made him feel like it he could fly just like the balloon. Sounds good to me. I am going to keep researching and play Up for her real soon. We own the film but she was not very interested then. Will try again today and let you know. You are right about the scary parts Alex and Lizzy are sensitive to things. That makes them all the more special. Our world needs more sensitive people who are not consumed by selfishness and greed. Alex and Lizzy are going to impact the world in a very positive way, I firmly believe that. God is going to turn these difficult times for them into ultimate triumph. We are truly blessed to be part of their lives.

      Hope your Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful and the rest of the week is awesome.

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