11/23/10 All In Good Time

Lizzy and Nellie 11/2010

Well hello again. Lizzy has been doing well and we rescheduled her last appt. with Dori Vallis ND. I did not feel well at all. Bladder problems. Took some Staphysagria and it knocked it right back in to place.

Lizzy has been hanging out with her friend Nellie more. Poor Nellie has been scratching her ears again and developed a sore from it. Lizzy discovered this and said ” Oh you poor thing are you alright?” What a wonderful thing. Not only is she speaking but she is aware of another’s suffering.

Lizzy and Nellie 11/2010

As you might recall we are trying to treat Nellie  with homeopathy. I have decided to give her Aconite 30c to help with her ears.  Aconite is given for sudden fright and other things. The sudden fright is the reason I chose it. One of Nellie’s siblings was killed when it was a very small puppy. My guess is Nellie witnessed it. When I went to she her and her siblings Nellie was hiding behind a box. I went up to her and her owner said ” We call her Peek a Boo because she hides all of the time.”  And typical Amy style I chose to bring “Peek a Boo” home with us. Todd and  I are the ones who buy the crooked Christmas tree that is cast out or anything else in need of love.

As I reflected on this I looked up what else Aconite does and it is also an anti inflammatory.  Eureka!!! Her ears were inflamed again last time I cleaned them. Gave her the 30c and the next day at cleaning time the swelling and redness had lessened considerably. Thank God. We are probably on the right track. I hate to see this dog suffer. Lizzy feels the same way. She loves Nellie so much. Nellie and Lizzy will help each other heal and recover. I believe it will happen at the same time. I have always felt these two had some special connection.

Well we finished the room where Lizzy will be doing her music therapy. It has a great feel. No clutter, calm blue walls with white trim plus yellow and orange accents. Our goal is to redo the entire house like this. I feel it will help every one of us. Plus it removes all of the old funky vibe from the previous tenants and the difficult times we have had. All of that tension and anxiety snow balls and all of a sudden the entire house has a funky feel. So new paint in addition to cleaning with mint and vanilla will help to keep it pleasant for everyone.

Lizzy 11/2010

Lizzy’s behavior has been pretty good. I have been talking to her as if she were Todd or one of the older kids. What a difference. I am not sure why I did not do this earlier. I speak to her in sentences but now I am speaking to her more in-depth. I talk and she does not reply but I keep going on about the weather, her sleep, how we are trying to help her and stuff like that.

I feel now that she is in a place where all of these conversations we have with her will be responded to. My feelings also lead me to believe that she has reached a crossroad. She must let go of her old existence and move forward to a new place where she can feel comfortable and part of all that is around her. I feel that she needs to be able to trust us and herself in order to come out from where she has been the last 4 years. Like all of us it is hard to let go of old habits. Especially the ones that keep us from going forward. It can be frightening for all of us. We need to let go of the rock we have been holding on to and see what lies down the road. God will always provide what is needed. It is just a matter of having faith in His will and allow Him to drive.

Let Him drive

What helps me is to envision myself as a passenger on a bus and God is the driver. I am sitting in a seat close to Him and the steering wheel. From time to time I feel the need to reach over and try to steer. I stop myself and remember to get back where I belong and let Him take me to the destinations that He knows will benefit me most.  Not quite so easy sometimes. In time I too will learn to let go of an old habit and be ever faithful. We all have something to learn.

Wednesday 11/24 is music therapy time and prep for Thanksgiving. Plus we will be celebrating Lizzy’s Bday and mine. Another reason is it will be 17 years ago that our precious Amelia came home after being in the hospital with bacterial meningitis. What a wonderful day that was! So every year that Thanksgiving falls on the 25 th we have an extra celebration.

Ever hopeful that tomorrow will bring more changes. God willing we all will see the benefits from this journey and others that are soon to come.

Sweet Dreams To All

One thought on “11/23/10 All In Good Time

  1. Its great to hear Lizzy is talkign more, I know exactly how it feels when our kids are doing better. Alex follows along to cartoons for a little while now and it feels amazing! This Thanksgiving I will be cooking the turkey for the first time ever! I am not having dinner with my mother this year so I get to cook, I will be cooking for my inlaws and my godson. And it will be an amazing day also because for the first time ever Alex will have dinner at the same table with the rest of us! Last year since he was on a very strict diet he was not able to, and also because he would never eat chicken or turkey, this year he will and it will be FABULOUS, UNFORGETTABLE!

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