11/15/2010 Another Fork In The Road

Hello All

Lizzy woke up last night at 2am screaming. Todd went to her and rubbed her head until she fell back to sleep. Very typical of her when she is ready to get on a remedy. Slowly old behaviors surface with less severity. She is definitely ready. Her appointment with Dori Vallis ND is this Thursday the 18th. The third round of CEASE therapy will commence soon. We are very anxious to see where Lizzy is leading us now that we have hit another fork in the road.

Decided to continue to follow-up with the osteopath in addition to the CEASE therapy. Her response is close to miraculous. Osteopathy and homeopathy dove tail each other perfectly. These two therapies do wonders for her and myself. Now that I am comfortable with the CEASE therapy I can get a clear reading as to what is going on and what she needs.

I  feel sooooo much better after seeing him. He is an absolute healer. I feel that Lizzy knows that Dr. Goldman D.O. helps her. She is very anxious to go see him and very communicative with him and his staff. The receptionist Diane is very indulgent with Lizzy. She always allows Lizzy access to their telephone. On her last visit, she was pretending to talk on the phone. Her ability to engage in imaginative play is wonderful to see. We are so blessed that God has brought us to these wonderful people who are helping us on this journey. Miracles abound us. One just needs to keep their eyes open and faithful to His plan.

Lizzy 11 15 10

Lizzy has been using her fork to eat again. YEAH! Her response to her surroundings has been wonderful. She is engaging and willing to be more of a participant and not a spectator. Her maturity is amazing and wonderful. We are all so pleased.

Todd sent Lizzy a birthday card from Jib Jab and she loved it. Jib Jab provides e cards with great animation. She wanted to watch it over and over again.

MacBook Pro

We have been using Todd’s MacBook and she was very interested in using the mouse. I think  Macs are so much better than a PC. Her tactile learning style is perfect for this computer. We need to purchase one for her ASAP. Before we could not get her to place her hand on the traditional mouse. The Mac is her style. What is not to like? Mac’s are great! We would have one for each of our kids if the money was there. Again, patience. God’s timetable not ours.

Katie 11 15 10

Mattie park 11 14 10

All is quiet tonight and all of the “Littles” are fast asleep. The three of them (Lizzy, Mattie and Katie) have been bouncing off of each other. Literally, they are “bonking” one another and playfully pulling or chasing each other. It is very cool to see to them playing together. I just wish they had not chosen to impersonate the Three Stooges. Especially Katie, she is so little but as tough as nails. She holds her own and then some. Where did it come from? I guess watching their older brothers. There is always some battle ensuing or creature to run from in our back yard.

Another challenge is Katie and Mattie have adopted Lizzy’s habit of screaming. Lizzy has not been screaming lately, but she did earlier. These little one’s look up to their big sisters and brothers. Their influence is very pwerful. We have been trying to undo these habits but it takes time.  I pray that it happens soon.  I find myself exhaling out of sheer exasperation.  I am turning in to quite the whale impersonator. With all of my postpartum pounds in place I thank God whaling was outlawed or I would be in real trouble.

Well tomorrow is another day and a fresh start. Thank God for that! May we all rest well.

Sweet Dreams!

3 thoughts on “11/15/2010 Another Fork In The Road

  1. Julie is also picking up things from Alex I think. she is signing no words yet but she is great with signs. I worry that she will think this is the way to communicate, I want her to learn signs so she can communicate with Alex but I dont want that to affect her either, what to do, what to do? since Alex is non-verbal for now, I feel that she feels no need to talk, if he doesn’t why should I? Or what do you think?
    She is 16 months now, some say she will start later, some say theirs alreayd some something, I dont know, all I know is that I am praying that she will begin to chit chat soon. Besides no words nothing worries us about her, she is perfect!

    Alex update: We will begin our 3-4 week or MMR remedies. Today he starts on the MMR 200c, I can not wait to see what comes from this! this weekend was very hard, he was very angry, screaming, just a total cranky boy. but you know seeing this tells us its working. good Luck to you and Lizzy and the rest of the gang, keep blogging so we can share our childrens recovery, I blog everyday so stay tuned!

    • I feel it is completely unavoidable. Siblings mimic each other. If Julie is signing I feel that it is wonderful. She will speak when she is ready. Maybe you guys can sign and say the word at the same time that helped us. All eight of my kids have talked at different times. Early, late, right on time (according to the MD). I remember how I wanted Mattie to speak early. I felt if he did, I could stop wondering if he was autistic. It still creeps back in to my emotions from time to time. You may be correct that she has no real need to talk. I have become so in tune with what my kids need or want that I just deliver. I know that they must be thirsty, hungry, bored, tired. After Lizzy it was even more intense. I had to reprogram the entire household. We were enabling her ability to not speak. With my other kids I required please, thank you, more please, etc. With Lizzy that changed drastically. I still have to force myself to engage her in a conversation instead of one or two word requests or responses.

      Are you using Signing Times? Signing Times was such a blessing for us. It helped us to bridge the gap with Lizzy. I am sure Alex is learning so much from signing especially if he is a tactile and visual learner. Do not worry they will both start talking soon and signing together. The more clearings there are the closer we get. It will happen when they are ready. I firmly believe that when Lizzy and Alex are recovered all of their observations and exposures will come flowing out at one time. I have dreams about her asking me questions about my feelings and her reflecting on her journey. It will happen, and when it does look out. The celebration will be beyond measure.

      Sorry for the difficult weekend. They are tough! My prayers are with you and I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. I love everything you said specially ” The celebration will be beyond measure” I love it! It sure put a smile on my face. and about siging, yes we use Signing Times, it has been the most awesome thing to happen to us since Alex was diagnosed. He didn’t start signing until after chelation though, we started chelation last December 20th 2009 ON December 30th he woke up at 530am asking for food!!!! I was so happy, I ran into the kitchen put a muffin in the microwave ran back into his room and made him sign eat like a million times!!!! I was so happy, that right there told me chelation was working! After that the signs came and came and came, he has the first 2 seasons of Signing times and knows all the signs to each DVD! HE is super good at that, and since he figured it will get him what he needs he loves it! I still dream if the day when I will finally hear his voice, I dream of all the things he will say to me, I know one day my dream will come true.

    and as far as Julie goes, I am sure she is ok. She has not had one vacine in her 16 months of wonderful life, and wont have one anytime soon. She has been eating organic food since she began solids, and was breastfed 14 months. I would of done more but the $80 bucks a month for Donperidone was getting too much for us. So I decided it was time to stop, she is now on coconut milk, rice, almond, and goat. I rotate them each week. No cow milk for her. She is with Alex 24/7 so I figured she must think siging is the way to go, she is amazing with those also. And well I want her to learn sign too so she can communicate with Alex. I am sure she will be his voice till he starts talking. God sent her to help him come out of all of this, and to protect him, and to teach him to fight. Before Julie Alex did not know how to defend his things, anyone could take them from him, now I would like to see someone try 🙂
    Having kids is not easy but its the best blessing ever! Keep blogging and keep recovering that Princess, as I will do the same!

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