Hey Everybody!!!!!!

It’s me Amelia. Mom’s off duty so I’m going to give some small, quick highlights on whats be happening lately. The reason why there hasn’t be any posts for a while is because our computer was down, but as you can tell we fixed that problem.

Lizzy has been a lot more responsive lately. She gave me hug when I asked  for one today. She played with Mattie yesterday and actually playing with him. Lizzy, Mattie, and Katie shared some Halloween candy form Papa Matt. Lizzy also went on a lollypop craze  eating ever single one she could get her hands on. As for Mom she reorganized and painted the TV room  so when Lulu’s therapist comes over the two of them have nice, quiet place to work. It’s not quit finished yet just a few touch ups. The color of the room is a very pale blue. We read that blue in a pale value is very calming and soothing. By the way John came today, Willie helped out, and Mom said it went well. I guess the new room had that positive effect we were looking for. Tomorrow is Lizzy’s birthday, but we’re going to celebrate on Thanksgiving because it’s also on Mom’s B-day. It will be SUPER !!!!!!!!!

Well, it’s my bedtime so, I bid you all a goodnight and pleasant dreams.